Friday Poll: Who has the best daily political/talk radio show in Arizona?

This Friday, we’re asking who you listen to and who you think has the best political/talk radio show in Arizona. We’re trying to cover the entire State of Arizona from Flagstaff to Yuma and Phoenix to Tucson. Arizona has an abundance of politically astute, satirical and entertaining radio personalities. The list (with links) includes:

This is your chance to vote for your favorite daily political radio show and tell us why they have the political news and talk in Arizona. (And if we’ve forgotten someone, please let us know!)

(The poll will remain open for one week and limits voting to one vote/IP address.)


  1. Joseph York says

    Bruce St. James

  2. Tim Thurein says

    The Bruce St. James Show.

  3. Jocelyn Wesolowski says

    Jon Justice!

  4. tony trejo says

    Jon Justice of course!

  5. I would bet the 100 most influential people in AZ listen to none of these radio shows.

  6. Jon Justice all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Without a doubt – Jon Justice

  8. JD Hayworth and Bruce Jacobs, since they are gone I never listen to kfyi. I can stream Rush.

  9. dfvcvbdsfgh says

    What?! Why isn’t the Alexander & Goldman Show listed?!

  10. Broomhead!!

  11. Clair Van Steenwyk cusses on a christian radio station. He lies about people and carries the water for the godless.

    • Jack, don’t you have more important things to do than attack your constituents?! How you continue to get elected is beyond me.

    • Now that the poll is closed I believe I’ll reply to this individual, I certainly have used some of the same words that I actually have found in the Bible. Now as for lying well I suppose that depends on whether you know the Truth when you see it or prefer to defend bad positions and actions you’ve committed. Now as for carrying water well I believe this particular elected official who’s making this comment is referring to my interview and support of another elected official this is what our program is about giving people a forum to speak when most other programs in the valley don’t and he’s been on the show as well and didn’t complain then so I’ll leave it at that. It’s nice to know that he watches us so closely hopefully he may wake up and really begin to serve all our interests soon. God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man

  12. Is the Barry Young here the same Barry Young who used to get whaled on by Jack Cole at WJNO in West Palm Beach? If so, sure as hell not Barry Young.


    • Obamanation says

      I can’t stand Barry either- he must have his family voting for him to even have that many votes. The guy is a RINO and only has the show because he owns the poor radio station.

  13. Chis De Simone and Joe Higgins, wake up tucson. Jon Justice is good, sometimes beats dead horses, and Mike Broomhead in Phoenix is very thorough. So,,,, hate to say it cause I want someone from Tucson to win, but Broomhead does the better job of the three.

  14. Walt Stephenson says

    Jon Justice—-

  15. Main Street Out Loud on KKNT 960AM. Rudi K educates, has timely, provocative topics, notable guests and is truly intelligent, award winning talk-show and the programs are not focused on him!

  16. Broomhead!

  17. GreenAcres says

    Have you tried calling in to Barry Young Toddler’s show? or Jon Justice’s show? If the call screener deems your question or comment to be too deep or just plain doesn’t like the sound of your voice, you get bounced, or just put on hold till Tucson freezes over. At least J.D. Hayworth was willing to talk to everyone. He recognized it as a way to educate all of us, and maybe even change a mind or heart. If you want to give your opinion regarding anything KFYI—-here’s the email address of the program manager: Good luck with that—they have been co-opted by John McCain, et al.
    Show your dismay or disgust by calling, writing, or emailing the station program managers.

  18. MAIN STREET OUT LOUD with host Rudi K…. If you haven’t listened to this show yet, you need to be listening next Saturday at 3:00 pm (till 5:00 pm) on KKNT (960AM). It is insightful, with up to date info, and you can actually get in to speak to the host on air.

  19. I vote for Rudi K of Main Street Out Loud KKNT

  20. Mike Broomhead!

  21. Liz Cairns says

    Van “The Man” gets my vote.

    • Hi Liz; I want to personally thank you and all the others who took the time to Vote for us as well as others in this poll and hopefully this will cause the so called mainstream media to pay more attention to what really matters to most of us in Az. God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man

  22. Jon justice

  23. Abdul Ameer says

    Crossroads with Van!

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