Friday Poll: What should Republicans do on immigration reform?

Today’s Friday Poll focuses on Arizona’s immigration reform legislation. Within the last 24 hours, the Arizona Senate failed to pass legislation that further tightens immigration law. Thanks to State Senator Kyrsten Sinema, those same bills are likely to be reconsidered early next. Should they fail to pass, the bills will “die” permanently for the session.

Sonoran Alliance would like to know where our readers stand on this issue by voting in today’s poll. As you can see, the poll focuses on the Republican approach to immigration legislation at the Arizona Legislature.

The poll will run through next Friday so be sure that you vote before it closes next week. You can also share it with friends.

The poll limits votes to IP address and cookies so you should be able to vote only one time.

Start your voting!


  1. I agree that immigration is an issue that should be addressed. These bills should have been passed. There are other things that can be done that will also help stem the tide.

    1. In order to receive welfare you MUST put in ten hours a week the first two months and prove you are looking for work and did not refuse any work. Twenty hours a week the next two months and the same work requirements. Thirty hours a week the next two months and the same work requirements. If you don’t get a job because of your own fault, cut off welfare entirely and forever. If you take a job that does not give a living wage, you can receive assistance if you have kids up to four children. There should be certain requirements for special training, ie internships and apprentices, if a person does not have a marketable skill.

    2. Eliminate all federal offices and do not allow federal officers, except the Marshall’s service, to operate in a county without the permission of the Sheriff. The only thing “federal” allowed in a State according to the Constitution are military installations. Also needful “buildings such as Court Houses. Article I, Section 8, Clause 17. The Grand Canyon, forests and deserts of Arizona belong to Arizona and are NOT subject to federal regulation.

    3. Unfortunately the Constitution does not allow us to require a test on the Constitution or VISAS for people coming from California, New York and other communist countries, but that would be my choice. We can require American history and the Constitution to be taught in schools, however. It can be done in a non-partisan way, if you like. Simply require kids to read the Constitution, Federalist and anti-Federalist papers, and other documents written by the founding fathers. English ONLY requirement for schools.

    4. Restore the voting age back to twenty-one and eliminate referendums and initiatives which the federal government is supposed to deny. Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution.

    5. Require all males who come to Arizona and apply for a driver’s license–once they prove they are here legally to get it–to serve two years in the Arizona Defense Force if they have not served in the military or police, or the like, or are not intending to. (There is a difference between a defense force and militia which takes too long to explain properly here.)

    6. End all drug laws, as per Amendment Nine of the Constitution, and you eliminate the money that the federal government and politicians make on it. It would become no more profitable or abused than alcohol and people will more readily submit to help to get off of the drugs without fear of getting arrested.

    Basically return the State of Arizona to a Constitutional Republic as required by the Constitution and do not pay for people’s clothing, food or housing. There are still some illegals who would come here, but they would be the people who left their countries because of our freedoms. They would not be the ones bringing their communist ideals here.


  3. Ruth Hammons says

    Emotions run high, we see so much being attacked that should not be, things are falling apart that we never thought would or could; but they are. To remove emotions, one has to look at the facts on immigration. We are in need for shoring up this nation, not adding to it. It is a priveldge, NOT a right to come to OUR nation. NO ONE has the right to break the laws of America…America is NOT a dumping grounds for whom ever wishes to just walk in…NO MORE than ANY other nation lets people just walk in!! It is plainly outrageous that our governmnet has not stood for our laws…they are in breach of their positions. When did being in government become a joke, a social club or an old boys club? How in all that makes any sense can anyone in this nation say that illegals are not a great big and bad problem. They have cost us billions, they have taken what is not theirs to have from us; who have had to pay for it..outrageous! These same illegals have come here knowingly illegally to have children we have paid for and taken care of with our money!! They say they have a right to all of it…that is not true. The jobs they have are OUR jobs, the language they insist on using is NOT OUR language and we do NOT have to change for them, the school space they take is for OUR children, the education is ours, not theirs or anyone elses that have no right to the benefit, they have a country and a govenment that they will not go to for what they nee….instead they take from us and try to tell our government what they should have and be able to do and the sickening part is that OUR government is listening to illegals and not to American citizens.! It is outrageous and we are sick and tired of the whole situation! They are illegal law brakers who have no right to be here and that is the truth! It is NOT racism. They are who they are so of course we are looking at them, blaming them for what they ARE doing because in fact it IS hispanics who are illegals for the most part…then there are the terrorists. NO ONE has the right to be here if they did not come the way ALL immigrants have and nothing anyone says makes it right otherwise! They are NOT welcome here!…it slaps the face of EVERY other LEGAL immigrant who did come the right way and has embrassed our laws, life style and become truly American. Illegals are not and do not want to be….They just want things their way and that is not or should not have EVER happened! They are thinking wrong ..they think they should just be able to have and take whatever…NO…we are paying their way and we do not want to! There is no reason to be easy on them when they have systematically done what they have to this country. We have every right to expect the government to simply say if you are not a citizen of America, you must leave and now! JUST DO IT and stop the insanity of this problem. I do not care what anyone says that is not of this nation…they must go. Anyone that is not standing for this nation is a trader and that is that..a trader. There is no reason to have them here. We have plenty of Americans to work and we MUST get the industry back into our own nation and stop sending it anywhere else…how insane that is! Just as it is insane to get all of our food from any other nation…we have plenty of grownd to grown our own and should never have stopped doing so! When did the patriotism of our people to our belief in America, our Flag, Our Constitution, the freedoms and liberty fought so hard and paid for with such a price become forgotten? When did it become fashionable to defame, disgrace, disreguard, and blatantly ignore who we are and what we stand for? When was it deemed un-necessary to teach the truth of history, our heritage and be the unique, united nation of Americas we were forged to be? When did In God We Trust become something to laugh at and turn from, or all of the notations of our Christian faith on our monuments when this nation was formed become outdated? How has everything we hold so dear become fodder for those that want to remove all traces of such faith in God or in the power and strength of America? When did the scrifices of our troops in the wars we have fought become in vein and our honor thrown in the trash? When was it determined that our nation’s Flag should ever fly lower than any other nation’s on our own soil and be spat upon, burned and torn in desecration without us taking a stand for her and demand respect? In fact when did we loose the respect, the honor, the strength, the love for and the functioning of America? It is a disgrace, a horrible ambivilance that has taken over and an apathy that is palatable among people….something has been lost that must be found again….we should be ahamed of what has happened, appauled and stricken with remorse and find the honor, the pride,the glory that was America! We have got to get our priorities back where they belong, before we are trounced for being so stupid! Get on our kness and pray to God that He once again Blesses America and shows us the error of our ways…..we are His people and this is His Nation! We have not been the good and honorable stewards of the greatest nation in the world……We have let her down and God too! It is as if when 9ll happened and after the dust settled something horrible took over…a cancer that as been eating at us ever sense……where is the gumption, the anger, the strength, the fight to run the race and get America back where we should be?…iI is going to be too late pretty soon…if it is not already…cancer of the whole of a nation is deadly and we have it! Our Founding Fathers would be SO incredibly angry at what we have done to our nation. Here we let a man that does not have the right to sit in the seat of the Presidency, yet he does…he spews anti-American-ism all over the world and we do nothing, He says one thing and does another ,lieing to us all along the way, taking us down to socialism and communism and we let him…he says that Kadaffi should step down, when in fact so should he. Obama is the worst excuse of any kind of a presidnet that we have ever had! WHAT IN ALL THAT IS RIGHT IS THE MATTER WITH US ALL AND WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?…THE MAN SHOULD BE EMPEACHED, THE GOVERNMENT REPLACED AND WASHINGTON FUMIGATED OF THE EVIL THAT RESTS THERE….WHERE IS LIBERTY IN THAT LOT OF SELF SERVING HYPOCRITES? God help us, for we are going to need it……what a mess we have made and we have to be the ones to save America…WE, THE PEOPLE!

  4. Everything you need to know about why the recent immigration bills did NOT pass is contained in the above posts.

    The rantings above are no different than the bullhorn rantings on the lawn of the capitol.

    No legislator in Arizona is allowed to build a reasonable immigration bill because if they work on it with any moderate Republicans or Democrats, the lunatics and Tea Party radicals will tear them apart.

    All the arm chair politicians, who awoke ONLY after Democrats took over our country, are demanding, after a full 12 minutes of thought, that they have all the solutions and everyone must do things their way.

    You need to figure out that this nation and this state is comprised of BOTH conservatives and liberals, and you cannot bully your way to everything; otherwise, you will be no different than the placard waving liberals, union goons and elitists who want to take over on the other side.

    Make the case for what you want without name calling and irrational ranting and figure out a way to get the votes you need to get the most you can. That’s what Reagan did.

    • Andy Bernard says

      “All the arm chair politicians, who awoke ONLY after Democrats took over our country, are demanding, after a full 12 minutes of thought, that they have all the solutions and everyone must do things their way.”


  5. I don’t like the poll wording.

    What does “Republicans should be more aggresssive” mean?

    What’s “aggressive” about fair and impartial enforcing of existing and reasonable state and federal laws on the books?

    The misleading narrative, created to influence the debate, needs to be challenged. It’s NOT aggression in any form to insist everyone play by known, plainly stated rules. People cooperate peacefully if they ALL know EVERYONE MUST play by the same rules. It is aggression to try to stop that or undermine it or attack it.

    The aggression is on the illegal lobby side, NOT on the Rule of Law side.

  6. Andy Bernard says


  7. An italics key for comments would eliminate over half the CAPS usage excesses.

  8. The laws of this country should be enforced. Illegal immigrants have no place in this country. All immigrants should apply and have the appropriate paperwork to be in this country. In one article it is estimated that 15 thousand illegal immigrant children come into this country every year and remain here. How is this fair to the other people in foreign countries that have to apply and be approved for admission into the U.S.? We have laws for a reason and they just keep trying to push to change our laws and it’s not fair. Some of these illegal immigrants are never going to be law abiding citizens and that is a fact that will have to be dealt with, they have proven that they don’t respect the laws of the country by breaking the ultimate law of being in this country without authorization. Absolutely no welfare benefits should be given to illegals, why should I work as a tax paying citizen to support a criminal (illegal immigrant). No we don’t need reform we need laws that will make illegals think twice about coming into this country illegally. I am for immigrants coming into the U.S. but only if lawfully authorized. These people don’t respect our laws and it is wrong for our legislatures to try and force us to accept this illegality.

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