Friday Poll: The Race for Phoenix Mayor


This Friday’s poll is now up and we’re asking who you would vote for as Mayor of Phoenix. You can vote via our sidebar or by clicking here.

The poll will be up one week and will limit voting based on cookie/IP address.

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  1. I’d like to nominate Anna Brennan to be included in the poll. She is as “real” a candidate as the rest of the six of us.

    • Thanks you so much Thane I miss you, where have you been? There was a place set for you at the Moon Valley Country Club luncheon. You were seated right next to me, missed you!

  2. I see a picture of Austin Powers but no place to vote for him…

  3. Oberserve says

    52 votes for Wes Gullet, are you #@#$%^$ing KIDDING ME?!?

  4. Oberserve says

    Out of this group of clowns, no joke I think John Horozanskyj would do the best job, as he would be the least corrupt and do the least damage.

  5. Observe, Does 52 know that Gullet not only supported Napolitano, but also hired her political guru, Barry Dill?

    • Oberserve says

      Or that his wife was chief of staff for Phil Gordon, or that Wes was chief of staff for McCain?

      Or that his campaign is an Arizona Corporation Commission and APS lobbying play for the mayor’s office?

  6. Oops, I thought that 52 was the name of the one person that could have voted for Gullett. Apparently 52 knows how to spoof his IP address so he can log in and vote over and over again.

  7. Jennifer Wright says

    My campaign website will be up soon, but if you know anything about me, you know my views. I humbly ask for your vote in this poll, and your support on my campaign.

    Find me on Facebook at:
    Sign up for my Newsletter or to Volunteer:

    Thank you for adding me to the poll!

  8. Peggy Neely will NEVER be elected Mayor of Phoenix. As a trusted representative of District 2 she violated her fiduciary obligation to her electors. She has “sold out” to commercial interests like Westcor. She has a clear conflict of interest by having Paul Gilbert, a zoning attorney for Westcor on her campaign staff helping to raise money for her failed bid for Mayor. As head of Transportation for the City of Phoenix as a City Council member, Peggy Neely gerrymandered Sonoran Blvd, a road that was supposed to link the new 303-loop east to Route 51. Upon information and belief she was paid off by Westcor with the help of attorney Paul Gilbert to not only change the name of Sonoran Blvd but to actually build the road so that it aligns with Westcor’s property in Northern Phoenix and NOT Route 303. This, of course, enhances the value of Westcor’s 80 acre commercial parcel of property. Why is this important? Because now motorists who are traveling on the new extension of 303 won’t be able to travel east of I-17 to get to Route 51. Peggy Neely for political purposes “broke” the loop and has caused motorists irreparable harm. Not only that but because of her blind ambition to become Mayor, the road Peggy Neely is building, the NEW Sonoran Blvd., will dead end in a Phoenix residential community causing massive traffic and confusion for NOT only the local residents but for the folks who will be traveling WEST from North Scottsdale, Cave Creek Road area, and Carefree who think they are going to I-17 or 303. They will dead end at the intersection of North Valley Parkway and the NEW Neely Sonoran Blvd. This is called the Road To Nowhere. However, there a simple solution, build the Road To Somewhere. The Road To Somewhere is where the road was originally supposed to be built. This road is ONE mile south of the Neely-Westcor Freeway and perfectly aligns with the new Route 303. In fact, there is funding for this road and not for the Neely-Westcor Road. I am President of the Sonoran Citizens Improvement Association. My name is Clif Freedman. See

    • Lou Lagrave says

      Mr. Freedman- Your remarks are incorrect with regard to the Sonoran Parkway and Peggy Neely’s involvement. That said, I am happy to hear that councilman Bryan Jeffries has become involved in working out a solution at the west end of the parkway.
      As a member of the committee which was charged (by Peggy Neely) with arriving at a satisfactory solution for the eastern alignment I understand the frustration that local residents feel when they are not included in the process. It was Peggy Neely who was behind finding a solution at the eastern end.
      Peggy Neely had nothing to do with “breaking the loop,” as you state. The lack of funds to complete the loop is the problem, and that goes far beyond Peggy Neely.
      I have actually found Peggy Neely to be very receptive to finding solutions to problems in the years I have been dealing with her as president and board member of my HOA.

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