FRC Values Voters Poll: Romney & Huckabee Big Winners

The prestigious Family Research Council has released the results of a straw poll gauging its supporters on the Presidential candidates. A total of 5,775 votes were cast.

Coming in first place was former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney, with 1,595 votes. But the real winner was the former Governor from Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, who captured 1,565 votes or 51% of the in-house votes. The former Baptist pastor from Hope, Arkansas actually finished first place with those in attendance but because of online voters, Romney managed to slightly edge out Huckabee by only 30 votes.

Shockingly, Ron Paul rallied to finish 3rd place with 865 votes followed by former Senator Fred Thompson with 564 votes.

Former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, finished in 8th place behind recently departed Sam Brownback but ahead of last place finisher, Arizona Senator John McCain (81 votes).

Issues ranking most important to participants included, abortion, protecting marriage, tax cuts and permanent tax relief for families.

Poll Question/Results:

Which of the following candidates for President would you most likely to vote for?

Mitt Romney 1595 27.62%
Mike Huckabee 1565 27.15%
Ron Paul 865 14.98%
Fred Thompson 564 9.77%
Undecided 329 5.70%
Sam Brownback 297 5.14%
Duncan Hunter 140 2.42%
Tom Tancredo 133 2.30%
Rudy Giuliani 107 1.85%
John McCain 81 1.40%
Not Voting 67 1.16%
Barack Obama 9 0.16%
Joe Biden 5 0.09%
Hillary Clinton 5 0.09%
John Edwards 4 0.07%
Dennis Kucinich 4 0.07%
Christopher Dodd 2 0.03%
Bill Richardson 2 0.03%
Mike Gravel 1 0.02%
Total 5,775 100%

Onsite Straw Poll Results

Mike Huckabee 488 51.26%
Mitt Romney 99 10.40%
Fred Thompson 77 8.09%
Tom Tancredo 65 6.83%%
Rudy Giuliani 60 6.30%
Duncan Hunter 54 5.67%
John McCain 30 3.15%
Sam Brownback 26 2.73%
Ron Paul 25 2.63%
Undecided 11 1.16%
Not Voting 7 0.74%
Barack Obama 5 0.53%
Christopher Dodd 2 0.21%
Dennis Kucinich 2 0.11%
Joe Biden 1 0.11%
Hillary Clinton 0 0.00%
John Edwards 0 0.00%
Mike Gravel 0 0.00%
Bill Richardson 0 0.00%
Total 952 100%


















  1. If the entire election were held online, you might have to take Ron Paul seriously as a candidate! 25 in-house votes is lousy, but let ’em vote online and he comes on strong!

  2. Mr. Conservative says

    Uh, Huckabee was the “real winner”? Put down the Kool-Aid, Huckabee is a Baptist Minister, he should have “cleaned” Mitt Romney’s clock… this straw poll helps to blow a huge, big hole in the MSM’s narrative that Evangelicans are too prejudiced to vote for a Mormon. Looks like they voted for this Mormon, Mitt Romney.

    Take a look at for more on how Romney is doing with the Evangelicans.

  3. I wouldn’t pop the bubbly for 27%. That means that 73% didn’t vote for him. Moreover, a pro-family group like that probably has a large LDS contingent already. We have no way of knowing if Romney’s vote was mostly LDS or not. I appreciate the pro-Romney spin and he may in fact get the nomination. But Huckabee gets credit for a very good day here. As his numbers continue to improve in the early states, his potential as a VP selection also improves.

  4. I’ll go you one better. Tim, as I think Huckabee could win the nomination. He is gaining strength in Iowa (where there are a lot of FRC-type voters) and will be a factor in South Carolina, too. He won’t be as competitive in New Hampshire, but could pull a second or third place finish there if he wins or comes in second in Iowa.

    The main reason I think he has some juice is because he is the most sincere and articulate candidate on the stage in any debate or forum. The doubts that surround him have to do with the popular notion that this is now essentially a fight between Rudy, Mitt and Thompson; they are not based on Huckabee’s many qualities as a candidate. But, there are doubts in many minds about all three of them on a personal level that Huckabee does not confront because it is not felt that he has “re-invented” himself for this race. Huckabee stands to capitalize on that fact, especially given the underwhelming early performance by Thompson, who many social conservatives wanted to embrace.

    The horse race mentality perpetuated by our media often makes it sound that voters have the same narrow vision as reporters. I don’t think that is true on either the GOP or Democratic side of the race. Voters make up their own minds in their own time and candidates like Huckabee, who speak proudly and forcefully about who they are, what they’ve been and what they hope to do, can surprise many a pundit when ballots are actually cast.

  5. Some more thoughts on the Huckabee vs. Romney vs. Paul voting behavior.

    Romney’s people are very organized in the way that the campaign can get their people to pull the trigger on command.

    Paul has a message that resonates with conservatives who want to return to a time when government was a lot leaner and meaner. This is the protest vote.

    Huckabee is probably the most sincere candidate on the campaign trail and it comes off that way when he speaks and interacts with voters. He is also the most on-target religious right candidate that evangelical conservatives have to vote for.

    The real struggle taking place among evangelical conservatives is self-assessing how strong they really are in 2007-2008 and if they will have the strength to take on the presumed Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

    Evangelicals who are enlightened about Mormon theology and whose faith is integrated with their political ideology, are having a hard time commiting to Romney at this point, but that could change if the danger of a Clinton Presidency outweighs the hope of electing an ideal evangelical conservative Republican. Many still believe that it is still early and that there is enough time left to influence the course of the 2008 election.

    In the meantime, other evangelicals conservatives are going to toy around with the political process by throwing votes away on Ron Paul.

  6. I don’t think Huckabee can win the nomination because even if he wins Iowa AND New Hampshire, which remains unlikely, he will be broke and virtually without organization in the February 5th states. There are simply too many delegates up for grabs on February 5th and when he misses out on those, he’s done.

    If you can see Romney dropping out after Iowa and New Hampshire and turning his organization and donors over to Huckabee, you could see a way forward, but Romney isn’t going to do that. He has the money, the organization and the staying power to remain in the race through the 5th.

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