Franzi adds to the list.

     Two weekends ago Emil Franzi hosted a round table about the leadership vacuum in Pima County with Bruce Ash and John C. Scott. They discussed Tucson area events that are folding up and leaving town or are considering it. In his latest editorial in Explorer News adds two more items to the list, horse racing and the film industry. Hopefully the voters of Pima County will have a full choice of candidates in both the primary and general elections so they can select something better than what they have been getting.


  1. Franzi is right now as he was then back in the 80’s and 90’s. There is NO reason to stay in Tucson if you are either (A) Under 65, or (B) wish to earn a living in your peak earning years and do not work for the Big 3 in Tucson.

    That’s why some of us Pima-to-Maricopa transplants call the land south of the Gila “The Land Too Dumb To Die”.

  2. Antifederalist says

    If I’m not mistaken, the Dems largely control Pima and Tucson. Tucson, the engine of Pima’s economy, is tanking. So, looks like Dem economic policies are killing the Pima/Tucson economy. We see the same thing in blue states: the economies are tanking so local Dems flood into red states in search of better opportunity. That’s exactly why Arizona has received more seats in Congress under the last reapportionment. Further evidence of this is that the state has been tilting farther and farther to the left. The end result? Dummycrats will elect Dummycrats to office in Arizona who will impose the same destructive economic controls in Arizona that they did in their home states, thereby ruining Arizona’s home economy just like the economies of the Dummycrats’ home states were ruined. Dummycrats are a virus in that they kill their host. That way, they can’t screw up good things. Just like viruses, Dummycrats will not stop until all possible hosts are dead. To end the destructive effect of Dummycrat voters, they should be disenfranchised for life. This country used to enjoy a limited franchise, and ever since we’ve moved toward a broader and broader franchise, the country has suffered a long, slow slide into self-destruction. Our Founders understood democracy is mob rule: rule by the lowest-common-demoninator. That’s why they set up a REPUBLIC and why Senators were elected by State legislatures and why the President is elected by the electoral college. We need to return to the ideals of our Founders: those who penned our constitution. We need to relimit the franchise…starting with disenfranchising the Dummycrats. If we don’t, we can just watch the country self-destruct.

  3. Listen up……..

    Saturday from 4-5PM on 690 KVOI “The Voice” Franzi will host talk with Glen Goldstein about the film industry in So AZ and what needs to be done now to energize the industry.. Both are very knowledgeable so it ought to be good stuff to chew on……..

    Bruce Ash

  4. Bruce;

    Tell Franzi that Popeye is up to his elbows in the race in CD5. For fun, have him visit and look at all the elected officials…

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