Frank Antenori

Best rating of any candidate in the race 

Tucson – State Senator and candidate for U.S House of Representative Frank Antenori touted the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) “A” rating of his candidacy for Congress today. Senator Antenori is the only candidate to receive a true “A” rating from the NRA. His rivals in the GOP primary race all received an “AQ” rating.

The NRA describes the “A” rating as: “Solidly pro-gun candidate. A candidate who has supported NRA positions on key votes in elective office or a candidate with a demonstrated record of support on Second Amendment issues.”

The “AQ” rating is described as: “A pro-gun candidate whose rating is based solely on the candidate’s responses to the NRA-PVF Candidate Questionnaire and who does not have a voting record on Second Amendment issues.”

“This is another instance where results matters, and I’m the only candidate in the race that has stood up for Arizona’s gun owners, hunters, and sportsmen throughout my time in the Arizona Legislature,” said Senator Antenori. “While my opponents may be able to fill out a questionnaire the correct way, I have a proven record of sponsoring and supporting legislation that is Second Amendment friendly. I’m also an avid hunter and sportsman and a Life Member of the NRA.

“If the people of Congressional District 8 send me to Washington, I will be a staunch defender of the right to keep and bear arms and fight the Obama Administration and the left on any attempt to infringe upon that right.”

While the NRA does not award “A+” ratings in open seat races, such as this special congressional election, Senator Antenori was rated “A+” by the NRA as an Arizona State Senator.



  1. Frank Antenori is a pretty good State Senator, however he makes a horrible congressional candidate.

  2. Didn’t the NRA endorse McCain in 2010 solely on the fact he was “the incumbent”???????

    How about that 6000 pound projectile that went through a red light?

  3. Senator Antenori’s record on 2nd Amendment rights has been excellent. In the 2010 race, AzCDLPAC gave him an A+ rating endorsement.

  4. LEO IN TSN says

    The NRA, as stated in this release, has given Jesse Kelly the highest rating possible for someone who has never held political office. That is the only distinction in the ratings described here. Jesse Kelly supports the Second Amendment and American gun rights (as the NRA notes), and in fact has used one to protect US in battle.

    Jesse Kelly has never voted on a gun rights bill simply because he has been a soldier and businessman. He has not been a politician. Also note that Jesse Kelly, unlike Mr. Antenori, has never voted AGAINST a Republican-sponsored anti-illegal immigration bill, in betrayal of his constituents. Mr. Kelly, unlike Mr. Antenori, has never voted AGAINST a Republican-sponsored bill designed to keep illegal aliens and non-natural born citizens from running for the highest office in the land.

    ANTENORI VOTES WITH DEMS TO SHOOT DOWN IMMIGRATION BILLS (to allow illegal aliens to beat the immigration system and be paid by AZ taxpayers to take up residence here)

    ANTENORI GUTS BALLOT REQUIREMENT BILL (to allow illegal aliens and non-natural born citizens to run for public office on AZ election ballots)

    And, Jesse Kelly, unlike Mr. Antenori, does not (and never has) endorsed and supported Juan McAmnesty against a conservative Republican patriot.

    We need someone who will walk the walk in Congress, not just give lip service to the talk.

    God bless America.

  5. Iris Lynch says

    Thank you, Leo, for setting the record straight. Now that there is a real chance (after decades of this seat being held by a Democrat) for a true Republican to win this election, has Frank decided to elbow his way in? I am very sorry that self-interest has become more of a problem than looking out for the voters in AZ. I hope that this ego-ing does not allow for another Democrat win…AGAIN.

  6. Iris and LEO, wow just wow. I mean I can understand you backing some other candidate. I can understand you not liking some votes by Antenori, or some of his comments, but I really think your arguements against Antenori are weak.

    Iris, the seat has only been held by a Democrat for 5+ years, and over the past year it was not really held at all. So you have that wrong. Next you mention a chance for a true Republican, what does that even mean? Then you say that Frank is elbowing his way in; and you mention self-interest and ego. What are you talking about? Frank ran for CD8 back in 2006, then ran for (and won) state races in 2008 and 2010. Who is Frank elbowing out? He has been involved in southern AZ politics (and getting results) longer than the other 3 candidates combined. Why should he not be allowed to run for the open seat? Should we gift the seat to Kelly because he ran last time?

    As to the link LEO posted (yet again) about Frank’s vote on 2177, read the comments to hear Frank’s response. Again, you may agree or disagree, but calling Frank a Benedict Arnold (as the other SeeingRedAZ link indicates) is over the top.

    You like Jesse Kelly, I get it. Great. If he wins the primary, I will definitely support him in the general election. Then if he wins the general, and when he actually has to put his vote where his perfectly scripted comments are, we will see how he holds up to your unattainable standards for a politician. But what if Kelly loses the primary (and if straw polls and internet polls are any indication, he could be in last place), are you going to support the Republican nominee, whomever it is? Or will you not vote if Frank gets the nominee? Will you instead vote for Mr PlaceHolder?

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