Frank Antenori: The Best Choice for Arizona’s CD-8? Compare the Candidates

The latest from the Antenori for Congress committee:


  1. Veritas Vincit says

    Frank is the best and most qualified candidate in this race by a country mile!

    Kelley is a carpetbagger back from Texas just in time to run again…. who can’t win.
    Sitton is the darling pick of the Pima County Moderate GOP establishment sure to continue the footsteps of Jim Kolbe.

    Seems like “The Clickster” wants the Dems to win the District …

  2. Lori Oien says

    In a earlier article Frank and Jesse both were described as right wing flame throwers… To win this seat back we need a more moderate candidate. Being new isn’t a bad thing and McSally certainly has experience in DC and Capital Hill.
    My $$$ is on McSally a woman, that has an opinion and guts and isn’t afraid to play ball with the boys, as she has proven in combat and DOD.
    Frank never ran in CD8 before and what worked in LD 30 won’t be a R win, if he’s our candidate.

  3. Lori, Actually Frank did run in CD8, back in 2006 when Kolbe retired. That race had Randy Graff, Huffman, Mike Hellon, possibly more. Frank was a new comer to politics back then (if I remember correctly). Obviously Frank didnt win. Graff ran against Giffords and lost, mainly because the Republican establishment sat on their hands cause their guy didnt win the primary (similar to 2010 when Paton lost to Kelly). But Graff also lost in a Democrat heavy year (unlike Jesse Kelly in 2010).

    I am surprised anyone would support McSally. Where has she been the past 2+ years? She comes out of no where and expects us to vote her right in? Come on. She doesnt have a clue about Southern AZ (and isnt even that bright on federal issues). And you want a moderate for this seat? Why? Why in the world would we want a moderate?

    No one is better for CD8 (and CD2) than Frank.

  4. Lest we forget how it went down in 2006 (although I realize this is before the actual election, it shows Antenori ran in CD8), here is an editorial from the Daily Star in 2006 (note I had Randy Graf’s name spelled incorrectly above, sorry about that sir).

    Frank has proven he can learn from 2006, as he then won the AZ House and then Senate seats in 2008/2010. He has done an amazing job in the AZ legislature for southern AZ. And he is everywhere, getting his message out. You might not always agree with him, but you will know what his stance is, and why it is what it is. And you probably wont find another legislator who knows the workings of state/federal government than Frank (okay maybe, but Frank is awesome).

    Obviously, I am for Frank (although not working on his campaign):

  5. LEO IN TSN says

    The campaign chefs can re-write history to fit their new recipe, but they cannot change the facts that make it a bad meal. Mr. Antenori is at best questionable in his conservative loyalties. He is a stubborn supporter of Juan McAmnesty, and look where that has delivered US. And what do the two have in common?? Amnesty!

    ANTENORI VOTES WITH DEMS TO SHOOT DOWN IMMIGRATION BILLS (to allow illegal aliens to beat the immigration system and be paid by AZ taxpayers to take up residence here)

    ANTENORI GUTS BALLOT REQUIREMENT BILL (to allow illegal aliens and non-natural born citizens to run for public office on AZ election ballots)

    Jesse Kelly is the crystal clear choice for a conservative congressman. He went to Texas to work—to support his family and protect the family business. He never turned his back on AZ as Mr. Antenori falsely accuses. Jesse Kelly has never changed his positions on issues, nor has he said one thing and done another.

    We do NOT need another Son of McAmnesty in DC.

    God bless America.

  6. Leo in TN, thanks for the links. I encourage everyone to click on them and read the comments there. Frank responds to the articles and some comments. Like I said before, you might not agree with everything he says or does, but you always know where he is coming from and why he does what he does and votes the way he votes.

    I think its great that Jesse Kelly is supporting his family. Very commendable. But tell me one thing he has done for Southern AZ (or in Southern AZ) in between runs for congress. I think he was part of a radio show locally for a bit (I may be wrong).

    As to the McAmnesty comments, well that stuff is a joke and really does nothing to serve your argument.

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