Frank Antenori Receives Endorsement of Arizona 2012 Project

Frank Antenori



Tucson – Recognizing the “enthusiasm” of its Tea Party members for State Senator Frank Antenori in his race for Congress in CD-08, the Arizona 2012 Project, a prominent political action committee and tea party organization, today formally endorsed Antenori’s candidacy for Congress in the GOP Primary to be held on April 17th.

“Senator Antenori has played a key role in reducing state spending, shrinking state government, and enforcing laws to deter illegal immigration,” Ron Ludders, the Chair of the Arizona 2012 Project noted.

“Senator Antenori is, by all criteria, a supporter of the Tea Party movement and of a return to Constitutional governance. Above all, Frank Antenori is known for his fierce advocacy in the service of freedom,” Ludders continued.

In it’s endorsement, the organization issued the following statement: “Through its Political Action Committee, Saving Arizona’s Future, the Arizona 2012 Project Board of Directors – having taken note of the membership’s enthusiasm for the candidate- has voted to endorse the candidacy of Arizona Senator Frank Antenori for the U.S. Hourse of Representatives in Congressional District 8.”

Senator Antenori said that he was “humbled and honored to receive the support of so many people who love this country, love our freedom, and want to return to those principles that made America strong.”

Senator Antenori was re-elected to the Arizona State Senate with 61% of the vote in a district with only 43% enrolled Republicans, demonstrating a proven ability to attract support from independent voters.

Antenori is a decorated Green Beret, author, and project manager for a major company involved in developing technology for America’s defense. In his third year in the State Senate he was elected to a Leadership position and has worked to eliminate Arizona’s deficit spending and balance the state budget.

“Southern Arizona and America need results for a change,” Antenori said. “There are too many who run for public office and end up doing nothing or being effective. The challenges we have in this country right now demand people who can get things done. That’s why I’m running and why I appreciate the support from tea party supporters across Southern Arizona. There’s a job to be done and I’m asking for the opportunity to do it.”

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  1. LEO IN TSN says

    Apparently the self-appointed spokes-persons for this group are very quick to forget this candidate’s McAmnesty roots, and to forgive his retreat under pressure when he voted against protecting AZ and US. Like McAmnesty, he was very nimble in leaping across the aisle to vote with the dimocrats in defeating the anti-illegal immigration bills he should have supported. He was quick to forsake his loyalties to his constituents, but has never retreated from his loyalty to Juan McAmnesty. How sad indeed that history can now be hidden behind a campaign façade. .

    The crystal clear choice in this race is consistently conservative Jesse Kelly. He has no political mentors to whom he will be beholden, his agenda is protect and preserve America, and he will do what he promises. He is a marvelous contrast to all the other candidates.

    McAmnesty is still embarrassing US and sabotaging our security. We don’t need any of his protégés following in his beer-sodden, veering-the-left footsteps.

    God bless America, and all true conservatives who seek to serve her.

  2. Mike Triggs says

    Is that the same Ron Lubbers who got busted for bogus mail when Russell Pearce was recalled.

  3. Mike Trotter says

    You’re either not plugged in or a stooge for the Kelly campaign.

    McCain is backing Sitton, along with the rest of the GOP establishment down here in Tucson. There is no way in hell they would back Antenori. McCain ally and long time supporter Jim Click recruited Sitton to run against Antenori. McCain groupie Jeff Vath of course is backing McSally, I guess he just likes supporting Mc’s.

    Antenori is backed by Russell Pierce, I doubt Russell and McCain would be on the same side.

    Your “consistant conservative” has been living in Texas the past eight months, moved the whole family out there with him. Only came back to AZ when the “opportunity” presented itself. We’ve had enough of people running for congress down here that spend more time in Texas than they do in Arizona.

  4. No guts, no glory says

    America has alway been a strong country when it’s citizen warriors have steped up to the plate. Because of Antenori’s military and political service to the nation and the state he is that warrior and is perfectly positioned to be the next Congressman from CD 8.

  5. RE-Run Wendy says

    Jim Kelly should return to Texas. Arizona is no place for carpet-baggers.

    Frank is the the guy to represent Arizona, period.

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