Frank Antenori Overwhelmingly Wins Vote After CD-8 GOP Debate

Frank Antenori

TUCSON – In a straw poll of attendees following last night’s debate in Oro Valley, State Senator Frank Antenori was selected as the preferred candidate for the Republican nomination for Congress in CD-08 with more than 40% of the vote.

The winner of the poll, largely decided by voters who indicated at the beginning of the debate that they had not yet selected a candidate, was announced this morning on KVOI’s Wake Up Tucson program.

“There is a difference in this race,” Antenori said. “The other candidates all say nice things but not one of them has actually had a measurable impact on improving the economy by reducing the size and cost of government like I have.”

Antenori says he has “proven” his ability to “earn the support of Republicans, Independents, and conservative Democrats through his blunt spoken style, relentless advocacy for government reform and liberty. He was re-elected in the last election by over 60% of the vote in a district with only 43% Republicans.

“In America, one earns the right to be promoted based on performance. I am asking the voters for a promotion based upon my performance,” he said. “The other option is to pass over someone who has delivered for one who just walked in off the street.”

The results of the straw poll are as follows:

Frank Antenori – 48 Votes – 40%
Martha McSally – 30 Votes – 25%
Dave Sitton – 22 Votes – 18%
Jesse Kelly – 19 Votes – 16% 

Early voting is underway now and in-person voting for the primary will occur on April 17th.



  1. Iris Lynch says

    119 votes of ‘politicos’ is hardly a sample of the general CD 8 public. Not to say Frank won’t win. But so far I would hardly say it is in the bag!

    • True Iris. But this primary election will probably have really low turn out, so it may be the hard-core followers only that decide the outcome.

  2. Holden McWeiner says

    If that straw poll was a red light – Frank the Tank blew right past it!

  3. Recently in the Arizona Daily Star, it gave a brief breakdown on the four candidates, for Jesse Kellys education it just read “some college” what does that mean? Comparing that answer to the other candidates education background, very puzzling.

  4. Jon Altmann says

    Frank Antenori has been a great Soldier, a supporter of veterans and has worked hard at the Arizona Legislature. There are choices in the race, but Frank has proven himself in more than two decades as a leader of soldiers and a leader on the issues.

  5. The major problem I have with Antenori is his pro-life stance. He’s also just another career politician and the last thing this country needs is electing more career politicians into office. I’ voted for McSally because she’s a moderate and she isn’t a career politician. It’s time to end sending career politicians to Washington. Look at the mess they have made.

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