Frank Antenori Gets Nod from Southern Arizona Conservative All-Stars

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 15, 2012

Tucson, AZ – “I am deeply humbled and appreciative of the support my colleagues from southern Arizona have given me since I announced my run for United States House of Representatives,” said State Senator and Republican candidate for Congress Frank Antenori. “We’ve stood side-by-side as we’ve fought to fix the state’s budget crisis, create new and better jobs, and find tough, but fair, solutions to the problem of illegal immigration. Even as I take this leap from state legislator to U.S. Congressman, I still look forward to continuing to work with my friends and colleagues from southern Arizona as wemake Arizona and America an even better place.”

Senator Antenori released the following members of the Arizona Legislators as official endorsements of his campaign for United States Congress:

Senator Gail Griffin (LD-25)
Senator Al Melvin (LD-26)
Senator Steve Smith (LD-23)
Senator Don Shooter (LD-24)
Representative David Gowan (LD-30)
Representative Peggy Judd (LD-25)
Representative Terri Proud (LD-26)
Representative David Stevens (LD-25)
Representative Ted Vogt (LD-30) 

“Frank Antenori is the leader in Washington southern Arizona needs right now,” said State Representative David Stevens. “Whether it’s health care, budget woes, the economy, or immigration issues, Frank is the experienced legislative leader that will find the innovative solutions to these problems. I’m honored to lend my endorsement to his campaign and know that southern Arizona will make the right choice and send Frank to Washington.”

A decorated veteran, published author, and defense and aerospace executive, State Senator Frank Antenori was first elected to the Arizona Legislature in 2008. He presently serves as the Majority Whip in the Arizona State Senate. He announced his candidacy for United States Congress on January 27, 2012 and is running on a platform of creating jobs and economic opportunity for southern Arizona, repairing the nation’s fiscal crisis, and curbing illegal immigration.

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  1. Wow, how sad—just kinda proves the old adage that politicians stick together. These all-stars are very quick to forget the candidate’s McAmnesty roots, and to forgive his retreat under pressure when he voted against protecting AZ and US. How sad indeed.

    The crystal clear choice in this race is consistently conservative Jesse Kelly. He has no political mentors to whom he will be beholden, his agenda is protect and preserve America, and he will do what he promises. He is a marvelous contrast to the other candidates.

    McAmnesty is still embarrassing US and sabotaging our security. We don’t need ANY of his protégés following in his beer-sodden footsteps.

    God bless America, and all true conservatives who seek to serve her.

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