Former Show Low Mayor Rick Fernau Endorses Jonathan Paton

Rick Fernau, a community leader who served as the mayor of Show Low for eight years, released the following statement in support of Jonathan Paton for Congress in Arizona’s First District.

“We need a Representative who will fight for us in Washington. I’m supporting Jonathon Paton because he is a true conservative leader. He will fight to protect our Constitution, and will get things done for the people of rural Arizona.”

About The Candidate: Jonathan Paton is a lifelong and native Arizonan who learned the value of hard work from his parents. After working his way through college as a roofer and dishwasher, Paton graduated from the University of Arizona summa cum laude and with honors. In 1999, Paton enlisted in the United States Army Reserve. In 2000, he was named “Soldier of the Year” for his battalion, brigade, and eventually for the entire 104th Division in 2000. A state representative and senator from 2005 through 2010, Paton made international news after he voluntarily enlisted for service in Iraq in 2006.

About Congressional District 1: The new First Congressional District stretches from northern Pima County all the way to the Utah border, and encompasses many diverse communities including Marana, Oro Valley, Saddlebrooke, Casa Grande, Maricopa City, Globe, Safford, the White Mountains, Flagstaff, Sedona, and the Navajo Nation.



  1. I’ve been Sailor of the Quarter, made chief, and decorated, so what. Talk about Paton’s legislative record, like how he was the lead guy for the payday loan industry or his lackluster record on tort reform, that is, he simply did not do a good job of backing it as a GOP member in the Legslature.

    Doug Wade served in the Army during Vietnam, came home, went to college on the GI Bill and worked while doing that – went onto lots of business accomplishments. He’s running in CD1.

    As for the “voluntary service” in Iraq … here’s a news flash, just about everyone in the Reserve force has been called to serve in Southwest Asia – whether they “volunteered” or not. Paton is a young junior officer – he was sure to go. In fact, the entire U.S. military is an all volunteer force. Did he earn a Combat Infantryman badge as a result of service? Has he been awarded a Meritorious Service Medal?

    I want to know what his legislative record says – what did he do when he wasn’t serving in the Army Reserve – what jobs did he do, besides working in the Legislature or being a paid lobbyist?

    Gaither Martin has been working in business, volunteered to go to Iraq as a civilian in government service – no weapon, just going into harm’s way.

    Not to throw cold water on the parade, but the substance is missing.

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