Former Senator Jon Kyl to Endorse Mark Brnovich for Attorney General

For months I have been arguing that the race for Arizona Attorney General was going to demonstrate a change in the modus operandi of this political race. Incumbents rarely suffer a credible challenge from within the party but that appears to be what’s taking place in the nomination contest between current Attorney General Tom Horne and his challenger, Mark Brnovich.

Yesterday, we learned that former US Senator Jon Kyl is set to endorse Brnovich when a letter was leaked to the public between Kyl and southern Arizona’s most influential political kingmaker, Jim Click. Here’s a copy of the letter:



Let’s just say you know you’re in trouble as an incumbent when one of Arizona’s most popular and influential US Senators comes out in support of your challenger.

And Senator Kyl speaks for many Republicans when he infers that a Horne nomination will guarantee that the Arizona AG’s office will fall to the Democrats in November.

What should be most invigorating and encouraging to the Brnovich campaign is Senator Kyl’s personal endorsement in the letter to Click stating, “Mark Brnovich is principled, intelligent and hardworking.”

This is like a shot of adrenalin to the campaign.

Kyl continues,

“He is a talented lawyer and accomplished prosecutor. He understands that the principles of limited government, free enterprise, individual liberty, and the rule of law are cornerstones of our Republic.”

Let me emphasize. US Senators rarely make endorsements in a primary contest – especially one in which the incumbent is of the same political party.

Yes, this is a real political coup for the Brnovich campaign and the campaign can only gain more momentum as Republicans conclude that Mark Brnovich is our best qualified candidate to retain this important seat in November.

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