Flatt Attacks Munsil

Joanie Flatt

I don’t take a subscription to the Arizona Republic and the community-mini-version that was tossed on my carport this morning is a good reason why.

Joanie Flatt decided to write a column on Len Munsil and JD Hayworth titled, “Munsil, Hayworth make me glad I’m an Independent.” With great curiosity, I anxiously began to read about some new breaking revelation on the demographic psychoanalytical reasons why Ms. Flatt needed to profess partisan independence. Instead, to my great disappointment and anger, I got some old, reheated, regurgitated gossip  column about a push poll that occurred before the Primary Election. In essence, it was another hit piece on Len Munsil.

If you recall – and I put myself at risk in falling into the same mudpit as Ms. Flatt – there was an illegal push poll conducted prior to the Primary Election which revealed a very personal story about Len and his family. The Munsil campaign went public about the story only after it was made an issue. Regardless, it was on the scale that anyone could relate to.

So I have to wonder why Ms. Flatt would take up the pen and revisit this story? Could it be that Ms Flatt Van Winkle awoke from a long slumber and felt she needed to comment on the story? Could it be that she had nothing substantive to write on other than some political gossip? Or, could it be that she simply holds great disdain towards cultural conservatives that she is trying to keep the story alive in order to keep taking shots at Len Munsil?

I would assert the later given her history of writing columns against cultural conservatives.

Remember the recent column in which she attacked Colette Rosati insinuating that Rosati was an anti-semite? I know Mrs. Rosati and Mrs. Rosati is anything but an anti-semite. What Joanie Flatt didn’t tell you is that she and her other RAPAW’s (Rich Anglo Pro-Abortion Women) held a fundraiser for Carolyn Allen who was Colette Rosati’s opponent in that senate race. Did I mention that Planned Parenthood of Central and Northern Arizona co-hosted that event with Ms. Flatt?

No the real motive here is that Ms. Flatt wants to keep the story of Len Munsil’s personal business alive in the public arena. The mere revisit and mention of the story is meant to serve as a media-sponsored attack on the Munsil campaign. I’d venture to say that it may even trigger matching funds by Clean Elections.

Imagine that I hypothetically brought up a story about Ms. Flatt’s addition to prescription drugs or that she has had three abortions or that CPS took her children away from her during her youthful years? Of course, I don’t know if these incidents are true and they are certainly none of my business, but the mere mention of them in the public arena now casts shadows and doubts as to Ms. Flatt’s reputation and credibility. It serves as a hypothetical attack on Joanie Flatt and the unwary reader will walk away with a certain impression of Ms. Flatt.

My point is this. While certain columnists feel the urge to linger on the personal life of conservative candidates like Len Munsil, the readers don’t care. They are smart enough to know when the old liberal media is tossing red meat and seeking to agitate readers to respond.

Fortunately, their are blogs like this which will point out what’s really going on in the press room.


  1. The “readers” whom you presume to speak for *do* care.

    Newt Gingrich and his 3 marriages- people, dare I say readers, cared and now his power has largely been stripped.

    Henry Hyde and his “childhood affair” he had in his 40’s, people cared and he’s history.

    Bill O’Reilly pays untold amounts of money to settle a lawsuit accusing him of sexual harrassment, now everybody calls him “loofah Bill.”

    Helen Chenoweth has numerous affairs while preaching family values, and even her fellow Republicans state that she’s “living proof that a person can indeed f$ck their brains out.”

    Pat Robertson also copped to impregnating his spouse before marriage, but he blew that off because it was *before* his religious epiphany.

    Neil Bush is mysteriously accepting of the prostitutes that knocked on his door during business trips to the far east. Crikey.

    Bill Bennett played slots in his pajamas with money he made excoriating the rest of us to be moral. Like him. $8 million in gambling losses for Mr Virtue.

    John Fund miraculously survives career intact despite dumping his lover for her daughter, who he physically abuses.

    Men of the cloth rape little boys for decades. Believe me, a LOT of readers cared about that.

    So yes, readers do indeed care about such things, and Len Munsil’s hypocrisy makes the list. He couldn’t keep it in his pants any more than your presumed nemesis Bill Clinton, who has managed to hold his family together and raise an incredibly intelligent and productive daughter.

    This is a common character flaw among right-wing authoritarians. They are remarkably adept at forgiving the trespasses of their political allies, and themselves, while ignoring the virtues of their opponents.

  2. Shrimplate,

    What’s your point? My point is that everyone is prone to slip up in their personal lives and because of that, most people can relate to it. How may people do you know that didn’t screw up? If the answer is none, you must be in a monastery or on a desserted island. My point is that the voters of Arizona are going to not care about Len’s personal life before he got married over 20 years ago. Len has far better ideas and more integrity than the current governor. Many people question Napolitano’s sexuality but Len has spoken up that it is no one’s business. This blogger also takes the high road and won’t pry into Napolitano’s sexual orientation. It’s none of our business anyway. What is our business is what agenda either candidate will pursue. I happen to believe that the institution of marriage is important enough to protect as it has been for over two millenia. WIth all it’s imperfections and the fact that people are imperfect within the institution, its the best thing we got and I for one will fight for it.

    I also believe that killing our children is wrong. Anyone like Joanie Flatt or Carolyn Allen who believe its OK to look the other way while someone mutiliates a baby is guilty of the same. I for one, will go to my grave on my last breath fighting to stop the slaughter of the innocent.

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