Fix Arizona Now Takes Swipe at Sonoran Alliance

One of our astute readers pointed out that the WordPress Fix Arizona Now blog took a swipe at Sonoran Alliance in their recent post, “Other things that need to be fixed.” The quote came as:

Sonoran Alliance
Once a great blog full of really interesting information, the site is now bloated with hack writers and full of Republican bashing and attacking their own.  Since when did they start letting lobbyists pipe off about their paying clients – gambling clients no less.  Which is it Sonoran Alliance, do you hate lobbyists or love them?

Let me set the record straight.

While there are a few novice writers who contribute to the blog, the majority of our writers are seasoned politically astute consultants, insiders and activists who have worked in government, on many political campaigns and/or been involved in the political process for years. I would even venture to say that the combined political experience of our writers far exceeds the entire staff of consulting firms such as High Ground.

(By the way, we are always looking for talented conservative writers so please feel free to make a request to contribute.)

Since its beginning, Sonoran Alliance, has been a forum for conservative thought and activism of diverse conservative opinions. Not all of our writers agree on issues of immigration, education, taxation, style, messaging, etc. In fact, without naming names, several current high profile Arizona blogs got their start right here on Sonoran Alliance.

While we were not the first conservative blog in Arizona (Greg Patterson’s Espresso Pundit earns that title), we have developed a large following over the years. One could say that that our longetivity, style and content has certainly qualified us as one of the mose read and influentual blogs in Arizona (even by outsiders).

To the question of “loving lobbyist.” If Fix Arizona Now is who I suspect it is, a statement like that would be the “pot calling the kettle black.” Some of Sonoran Alliances are or have been lobbyists but that is beside the point and irrelevant.

The link associated with Fix Arizona Now’s most recent post, ““Racino:” A Key Budget Option for the Arizona Legislature” was a commentary written by Jay Heiler submitted to Sonoran Alliance for reprint. It actually went out in the form of a press release but we decided to post it as a discussion item anyway. Sonoran Alliance does this all the time. In fact, we oftentimes post the Governor’s press releases or press releases of candidate campaigns. The last time I checked we still had a First Amendment and a right to free speech. We don’t take any tax dollars so we are not subject to any government censorship. We can post anything we want within the spirit of the blog. 

If the writer(s) or Fix Arizona Now does not like what we write here on Sonoran Alliance, too bad. He/she/they can go start their own blog and write what they want – and they obviously have.

In addressing the swipe at Sonoran Alliance, I have clearly given some credence and search engine exposure to Fix Arizona Now. More importantly, I hope I have cleared up the inaccuracy presented by our fellow blogger(s) who seem to think we are all lock step inexperienced shills for the political hack of the day.


  1. New Handle says

    Biasness. That’s a good one.

    Anyway, do you still beat your wife? Are you or are you not a holder of strong opinions?

  2. I am happy to disclose that I am not working for Mr. Schweikert nor any candidate in the CD-5 race at this time. And even if I was, I would be more than willing to disclose that fact. I would also be willing to allow equal time to any of the GOP candidates in the CD-5 race. However, I would not be willing to allow any of the Democrats equal “time.” This is a conservative Republican blog and anyone can go out and start their own blog regardless of party or ideological persuasion.

  3. Chuck Coughlin aka Fix Arizona aka Roger says

    Chuck Coughlin of High Ground took the low ground when he set up the fake anonymous blog Fix Arizona to pretend there is more support than there really is for Governor Brewer’s tax referral hike. He posts as Roger on this website to attack any SA contributor who dares criticize Brewer’s tax hike. Coughlin has become irrelevant, the new Nathan Sproul.

  4. Fix Arizona Now is a classic example of what is great about blogs. Any fool can spend 10 minutes and set one up and then spout off about whatever they desire.

    Have you read this blog – it’s 10 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. It’s nothing but a bunch of drivel.

    Shane, you are being too kind in even responding to this blog. It’s completely irrelevant and useless.

  5. Brendan Doback says

    Shane –

    Can you clarify why you use the handles DSW sometimes versus Sonoran Alliance?


  6. #4 I’ll extend the same invitation to you as I have to everyone else. Email me any time.

    It’s funny what people accuse you of when you disagree with them. You’re welcome to email me any time and we can have an offline conversation by phone.
    Unlike others on here, I hide behind no alias.


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