FISAbility study

The last few weeks have featured competing ads in CD-5 and CD-8 over the FISA bill. The Republicans claim the Democrats are holding up important national security legislation. The Democrats are standing firm with the ACLU in their lawsuits against certain telecommunication companies.

If the GOP was counting on this as a key strategy to win congressional seats they had better re-tool their approach. Retroactive immunity for telecom companies that did a warrantless document dump so the administration could go a fishing expedition with citizens phone records is not the ticket to attracting swarms of Independent voters. Likewise the far-right is not impressed with the immunity play. The New American made this the lead story in their latest issue. This play on security comes after 7 years of the administration overlooking a porous and insecure border.

I think the ads were a dud and one Tucson blogger wrote that the ads backfired. Mitchell and Giffords both specialize in looking busy while accomplishing nothing and thus make difficult targets. In order to win back the seats the Republicans will need to be more focused in their efforts. Maybe a feasibility study would be a good idea before spending all that money on an ad campaign.  

If the Republicans want to spy on someone maybe they should focus on the people running the NRCC. Think of all the money that could have been used against solid conservatives in the primary if the treasurer had not embezzled so much money. Sure I want this crowd to have unlimited warrantless access to my private information – Not!


  1. Kralmajales says

    yeah…this spying business is disgusting. FISA was broken and the Patriot Act was the fix…whether I like it or not. The Patriot Act does not allow blanket, without warrant spying on our brothers and sisters. It just doesn’t.

    The administration blatantly broke the law, enlisted its corporate pals to help them do it, and are now only upset that they have gotten caught. They protect their corporate buddies and dare us to punish them.

    They should be so arrogant.

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