Fire? or Just Smoke? AZGOP

I’m angry.

What the h – e – double hockey sticks is going on here?

We’re not even through our county conventions yet and we have this going on…Senator McCain skipping the Maricopa County Republican meeting.

Now we have this…..

Apparently a high-ranking paid person on Senator John McCain’s staff is preparing to stage a coup d’etat against the state party chairman?!??!?!?

Didn’t we all just last year hear all of his people talk (at length, ad nauseam) about unity?

Again I have to ask, what in the WORLD is going on here?

Even on this very blog, there are bloggers and commenters who appear to support Senator John McCain taking conservatives to task for criticizing the Senator, while at the same time preaching “unity”?

Who’s unity? Theirs?  Guys (and gals), by definition, the quashing any and all dissent or criticism is  NOT unity.  It’s totalitarianism.  

    Down the Rabbit Hole

Not one or two days ago, one of the blog commenters posted a link to this.  If you whois the DNS on the site, of course, like a coward, it’s privacy protected.

Now we have a PAID Senator McCain staffer organizing a coup d’etat of the state party, while simultaneously telling everyone we have to be unified.

Is this a pattern? What seems to be a random series of seemingly-unrelated “events” or “media leaks” is shaping up to appear to be a coordinated campaign against the Republican Party of Arizona coming from an elected Republican!

Does it have to do with the fact that, less than 1 month ago, the executive committee unanimously voted down the GOP Victory Plan 2010 that seemed to be slanted rather McCain-ward?  

I’m flummoxed. Anyone who isn’t flummoxed at this point is suspect in my book.

I’m angry. I’m MadArizonan and I want the state of this party to be straightened out.

Like roto rooter, it looks like there’s some rooting out to do and I think it’s going to be the teapartiers, Project 2010ers, and new conservative grassroots precinct committeemen and state committeemen who are going to be doing some RINO rooting.



  1. Steve Calabrese says

    I wouldn’t get so worked up over a pretty bare-bones, unattributed report.

    McCain is a problem. Quite frankly, he’s a true conservative – he veers off on a few things (McCain-Feingold is an abomination), but his voting record seems to reflect that although he tries to position himself as a moderate, he’s really very conservative. He did run the worst presidential campaign in recent history, and I wanted to throw stuff at the TV screen when he voted for the bailout, but the fact remains that he is an old, established senator with a great deal of seniority, knowledge of Senate procedural rules, and sheer power. In other words, he’s just what we need in the Senate at this time, when every single vote counts to hold back the destruction being wrought by the Obama/Reid/Pelosi idiots. And, if he can survive the Republican primary, he’s a cinch for relection.

    Nonetheless, from all accounts I’ve heard, from many people who don’t want to use their names, he is a thoroughly nasty piece of work as a human being. I’ve heard it said, “We call him a maverick on the Hill because in the Senate we can’t use the term a-hole.” I wish we had someone better to take his place. But politics is the art of the possible, and I reluctantly feel that McCain in the Senate is our best bet to stop some of the stuff being pushed.

    Still, even though I’m not a big Randy Pullen fan – I supported Lisa James – I feel that if this report is true – if McCain is truly trying to take over the state party for his own purposes – well, then I think that might just push me over the edge because I think he should be focusing on what’s going on in DC instead of causing further divisions in our local party. I’d like to see Pullen offer more support to a broad base of Republican local races – we lost several races last time around that we would have won with a bit more local party support – but McCain is NOT the person to lead a reform of the state party. Too many people have strong feelings against him personally, largely as a result of his bullying and arrogance.

    Like I said, I feel this report is too flimsy to be taken very seriously…but if I’m wrong and its accurate, we may be in for some more intra-party civil war at a time when we can’t afford it.

  2. James Howell says

    Randy Pullen’s office is not up this year. So how are they planning to “take him out?”

  3. Unity to McCain and his apostles means, do as I say or be destroyed. He is trying hard to do that now. While preaching from his unity pulpit, he attacked both County and State leadership. The leadership elected by the grassroots, so by default he attacked us. The he expects us to his his ring?

    He is a tired cranky old man and should retire. Even if he successfully buys the primary, he could lose the general, if the democrats are paying attention. But then again, they don’t really need to run anyone do they?

    It would be a sad end to his reign of terror to ultimate lose to a democrat in a year republican elswhere are likely to do well.

  4. kralmajales says

    yahhhhhhhhhh hoooooo!

    Circular firing squad. Come on folks…don’t you get that the business backed, chamber of commerce led GOP will NEVER let you control it. They think you are mindless drones that they can control like they thought they did the Christian Coaltion.

    The tea party has real might…real power…no question. I couldn’t disagree more with it. But those of you in its fold or wing need to get it through your thick skulls that the GOP establishment wants your votes, wants your effort, wants you support, but could give a hot dam about you leading it.

  5. I want McCain out. It is ridiculous that he is using his power to hold the state party hostage. Have you all thought about what happens if the Republicans get control of the Senate again? Guess who is in power. McCain and Kyl. How long do you think it will take to get amnesty through with those two in charge? Not long. McCain will finish off the Republican Party. A third party will be formed. People are sick and tired of politics as usual and if we don’t stand up to McCain now, NOTHING will change in Washington.

  6. You people are only helping the Democrats. All of your anger is coming across as rabid insanity.

  7. I assume “you people” means McCain, right Joe?

  8. Even if a Democrat beats McLame in the general, the AZ republican party wins.

  9. McCain looked old and tired during the presidential campaign. If he was as reliable as he claims, he’d move aside and let fresh blood in – the political battles the next decade are going to be epic, stronger, younger people are needed.
    All his Senate and Washington knowledge could be applied to an advisory role. He’d be relevent and useful and connected. But NOO. The treatment of Sarah Palin spoke VOLUMES. She was fresh, energetic, postive – McCain transformed from Senator McCain to Gollum.

    Yeah, it was that bad. And that from someone who had no strong bias for or against McCain up to that point.

  10. You'll be sorry says

    … and you’ve all heard his radio ads? He alone stands as the defense of freedom and will save the Republic.

    His ads are enough to make you puke. As if his lackluster presidential campaign wasn’t enough, he wants us to believe that its him alone who stands against Obama…

    Cap-n-Trade? Oh yeah, he forgot about that one.

  11. Roger, your comment is truly idiotic. I sincerely hope you don’t mean that with Republicans kissing 40 in the Senate.

  12. I think this post speaks volumes about those who are rabidly opposing McCain.

    Is this immature, namecalling, cartoon-making rant what passes for intellectual discourse?

    Tomorrow is going to be interesting and the 23rd more so. Can’t wait.

  13. Travis, weren’t you on staff and got fired? lol

  14. No Oberserve, I would include you in “you people”.

  15. Joe:

    Is the fellow who you’re implicitly backing, John McCain, the same guy who sat down with Tom Daschle after the 2000 elections and sought to negotiate a transfer of caucus allegiance?

    And isn’t this the same guy who approached Kerry about a spot on his ticket in 2004?

    It seems that in the name of unity, you’re supporting a Fifth Column!

    Kral: For the first time I’ve encountered you on this blog, we’re in perfect agreement!

    The Tea Partyers and all conscientous conservatives have been used, manipulated and ditched by the GOP leadership. Especially by John McCain and his “moderate” cohorts.

    But just as the mainstream media, who John has always given his first allegiance, is sinking into the sunset, so will our carpetbagging PPOW!

    Again, “Flush the John”!

  16. nightcrawler says

    This is a total set-up by the libertarian sect of the party by attempting to divert attention of their own AZGOP coup d’etat plan by instigating a fracus between conservatives and moderates. MadArizonan is either complicit or a stooge.

    The AZGOP has more than two camps under the tent. Some more under the radar than others.

  17. McCain is no moderate. He’s a leftie. Always has been all the way back when he carpetbagged it to AZ in the early 80s and decided to register and run as a Dem before the state party convinced him to run as a Republican.


  18. Carlist,

    My concern isn’t about McCain. I’m concerned about the state of the AZ GOP and what’s going on with our finances and the behavior of one of our employees. A lot of questions have arisen and I want answers. It disappoints me that there is a faction in the party whose hatred of McCain blinds them to anything else. Like I said before, this only helps the Democrats.

  19. AZGOP Supporter says

    re comment 2) vote of no confidence

    re Joe comment 18)

    Joe is not concerned. Joe will do or say whatever his boss tells him to so he can keep his either all or partially taxpayer financed job!

    The state party chairman is a volunteer position. (duh)

    As Joe like to “say before”…. McCain in office *is* a Democrat in office.

    Opposition to McCain aids Republicans.

  20. Miss Tomato says


    Am I to believe that you’d rather have a Democratic majority in the Senate because you don’t want Sen. Kyl and McCain to be in leadership positions? Just for the sake of no amnesty?

    That has got to be the silliest thing that I’ve read on this blog to date! Of all the issues currently facing our nation – health care reform, national security, the economy – you think that amnesty is the first thing on the agenda??

  21. iDriod – It would to a McCaniac. He acts like a dem and we are sick of him. We need to take back the seat and make it republican again. McCain is a traitor to the Party an needs to go. He is the most divisive person in our state and our party.

    He is our Kennedy. I don’t want him to go the same way, but I want him to go.

  22. AZGOP Supporter,

    I’m talking about problems with the paid staff of the AZGOP. They are paid employees, not vounteers.
    By the way, I have never had a job that was taxpayer financed in any way. I think for myself and make my own decisions. I don’t need Haney, Pearce, Arpaio, or McCain to tell me how to think or vote. Can you say the same?

  23. Miss Tomato:
    After your posts in the past, I’m not concerned about what you think of me.
    The Republican Party loses when liberal Republicans are in power. John McCain will go back to reaching across the aisle and not caring about the party platform. If he hadn’t spent his career arrogantly being the maverick and ticking off his base, he wouldn’t be in the position he is now.

  24. Joe and others:

    Why do you think McCain is necessary to keep the Dems at bay!

    Hell, they’re having trouble holding on to Massachussets and this state is not trending left!

    What you fail to realize is that McCain was a boon to the Dems insofar as they didn’t have to contribute to his efforts and he backed a good portion of their agendas over the years!

    Conservatives always got John’s rhetorical attention (except regarding illegal aliens) while Liberals were beneficiaries of his actions.

    If he had represented a Northeast State he would have outdone Spector, Collins and Snowe!

    It’s about time his seat is once again held by a bonafide Republican!

  25. AZ Truth Squad says

    So how did that coup d’etat end up? Oh, wait, it never happened. Great truth gathering Sonoran Alliance. But then it’s par for the course in posts like these.

  26. AZGOP Supporter says

    Duh, truth-squad, the state convention is next weekend.

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