Partial Birth Abortion

The US Supreme Court has upheld the ban on Partial Birth Abortion and the nation takes a step in the direction of protecting the rights of ALL Americans, born and unborn.

As many of you know, I have been involved in the pro-life movement for over 17 years pushing toward recognizing the unborn child as a mutual member of our society, deserving of all the fundamental legal rights that we, the born, already have.

At times, it has been very disheartening and discouraging as the abortion industry has used its deep pockets and slick lawyers to twist the truth and exploit women. We’ve seen this occur at the Arizona Legislature, through a handful of governors, the Congress, the President (Clinton, especially) and through the courts.

Today is a huge victory and brings forth a bright ray of hope as those of us who have stood for those who have no voice, finally sense justice is on the horizon. It is also particulary poignant as we witness the justices, who we’ve worked so hard to be confirmed, render a decision that hopefully turns the ship of state away from a path of destruction.

In this incremental approach of bringing a point of life to fruition, I and many others are ecstatic to see the high court finally do the right thing and hand the pro-life community a victory.

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  1. For all my pro-life jewish brothers and sisters…we might be small but today we stand tall!!!

    Praise G-d and our unborn children!!!

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Not sure why it isn’t spelled God, but oh well… One small step at a time!

    President Bush seems to have lost so much of the goodwill that the country and especially conservatives had for him. With his failures on controlling spending, securing the border, etc. there are certainly reasons why.

    That said, his legacy on the courts would seem to be secure. Alito and Roberts are likely to serve our country well for a long time, and that is a very good thing. He should continue to nominate judges to the remaining vacancies on our federal courts.

  3. b/c jews only use G-ds name in full when we know that that document would never ever be destroyed. So nunless you can guarantee me that this blog and article will last through eternity then his name will always be used with a dash.


  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Hmm… Interesting… You learn something new every day on Sonoran Alliance…

    Of course now I want to get a feel for what things are considered so eternal and indestructible that His name can actually be spelled out on/in it? Does it appear in full in the holy books, even though the books themselves are subject to the ravages of time, fire, flood, badly behaved children, etc.?

    You got me curious Eph!

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