Finally – A Conviction in the Murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry – Is it Too Little, Too Late?

by Bob Price (reposted with permission of author – original link. Bob Price is the Texas State Director of Cafe Con Leche Republicans)

Nearly two years after U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered by a gang of Mexican thugs in the desert night of southeastern Arizona, the federal government has finally secured a conviction. Yesterday, Manuel Osorio-Arellanes, plead guilty to the murder but denied being the shooter. He pled guilty in exchange for having the death penalty taken off the table during the sentencing portion of the trial, set for January. Osorio-Arellanes faces life in prison as his maximum punishment. Is this conviction too little, too late from an Obama Administration that appears to be up to their ears in the Fast and Furious program that led to Terry’s murder and its subsequent cover-up?

I spoke with Brian Terry’s brother, Kent Terry, today about this news and his reaction. He indicated he was not aware that the defendant was going to change his plea and said, “I am glad justice was served somewhat.” Terry questioned the timing of this plea bargain and its proximity to the election next week.

As do many Americans, Kent Terry believes that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are directly involved in the Fast and Furious program that put two of the guns used in Brian Terry’s murder into the hands of these gangsters. Terry said, “I am ashamed of how Obama handled Fast and Furious and Benghazi.” He feels Obama’s failure to comment on Fast and Furious or pressure his Administration to get to the truth about Fast and Furious and Benghazi are indications of Obama’s direct complicity.

Osorio-Arellanes was part of a gang of Mexican bandits who had come into the United States illegally solely for the purpose of committing crimes. In his plea statement, Osorio-Arellanes admitted he was part of this “rip-off” crew. They sneaked into the U.S. from Mexico about a week prior to Agent Terry’s murder. They had stashed food and weapons (including at least two guns from Fast and Furious) and were searching for Mexican marijuana smugglers to rob when they encountered Agent Terry’s BORTAC team and engaged them in a fire fight. Osorio-Arellanes admitted raising his weapon but said he did not fire on the agents. Osorio-Arellanes was shot during the gunfight and has been in federal custody ever since.

Clearly our borders are not secure. Not only are drug smugglers free to traffic their products into our nation. They also are freely engaging in human smuggling, human trafficking and sex-slavery as they bring their human cargo into America. In addition, rip-off gangs like the one Osorio-Arellanes was a part of, freely come and go across our border preying on their victims and endangering our Border Patrol Agents.

President Obama has failed in his primary duty as Commander-in-Chief – that of protecting our borders from an invasion of an army of smugglers and gangsters who endanger the lives of American citizens every day. Brian Terry’s murder is not the only one attributable to Obama’s failure to secure our borders. Many other Americans have lost their lives to bandits like this.

Our nation deserves to have a president who will take seriously, the dangers associated with our unsecured borders. And we deserve the opportunity to engage in real reform of our broken immigration system that makes it too easy for people to enter our country illegally and much too difficult for many to find a legal way to come here.

While immigration reform and border security have not been talked about very much in this presidential election season, it is an important issue and one where Obama has failed. You can make a statement by getting out and voting for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Send a message of overwhelming magnitude and unarguable force that we reject the last four years of this Lawless Presidency and tell the Democrat party they must re-tool their issues from the ground up if they want to remain a viable party in our nation’s political system. You can do this by not just winning this election, but by getting every single voter you know to the polls. Vote a straight Republican ticket to send your message all the way down the ballot!


  1. C’mon Shane, give it up. Nobody in AZ, except you & your latte-quaffing buddies, wants amnesty. Not even the legal Hispanic residents and citizens. And please tell them that at the office.

    Your Café con Reconquista amnesty poster boys have absolutely NO credibility left. They don’t even know the election was last week. Put them back in the McAmnesty closet, and close the book on this one. Inspire the SA people to try doing something about obamaocare, outrageous judicial nominees, destruction of the military etc and stop trying to push US over the cliff with amnesty.

    God bless America.

    • Cafe Con Leche says

      First of all, Cafe Con Leche Republicans is not Shane. The blog was written before the election, and posted here because the content is very relevant to Arizona.

      As for pushing the GOP over a cliff, not dealing with immigration, and especially the rhetoric, is delivering 3/4 of the Latino vote to Obama. Not only did Obama win the Latino vote 3:1 but he won the Asian-American vote 3:1 too.

      The Hispanic vote will double over the next 20 years. If the GOP doesn’t change tone we will go the way of the Whigs.The recent elections in Arizona should have been a wake-up call, but apparently some here are tone deaf.

      Wake up and smell the ‘cafe con leche.’ Poll after poll show a majority of Republicans, a majority of Americans, and especially Latinos want our immigration system fixed.

  2. What has the Guily Verdict of the trigger puller got to do wtih this Murder. It was Murder at the highest levels of Government, just like Benghazi. So no, it is of no consequence that someone pled guilty, that’s like allowing the illegals the vote, OH they not citizens, but happened anyway.

    • Cafe Con Leche says

      The Obama administration allowed over 2,000 weapons to walk, nearly all of which were bought by the Sinaloa drug cartel. In addition to two border agents, hundreds of Mexicans were killed with these weapons. The Obama administration has sought to throw a shroud of secrecy, claiming executive privilege over Fast and Furious. It’s time to fire Eric Holder!

  3. Jill Arizona says

    Shame on you Cafe Con Leche – Brian Terry would never support the stance you take on Immigration.
    You reposting this story makes me sick.

    • Cafe Con Leche says

      This op-ed is not about immigration reform, and if you had bothered to check the author is a long-term activist in a border watch group, who came to the realization that immigration reform also leads to better border security. Border security and immigration reform are not mutually exclusive.

      We don’t know what Brian Terry’s position was on immigration reform. Some CBP employees support immigration reform while others do not. A majority of Americans including a majority of Republicans share our position on immigration reform. According to a May 2011 Pew Research study the most conservative ideological group, “staunch conservatives” are split 49/49% while main street Republicans and Libertarians support immigration reform by substantial majorities.

      How dare you impute Brian Terry’s stance on immigration reform to take a cheap shot at Cafe Con Leche Republicans!

      • Jill Arizona says

        With all due respect Cafe Con Leche, in my opinion I feel it is your group that that is taking the “cheap shot” by posting this story which is why I came forward to say something. And why have your members joined the LD11 FB page when you don’t even belong to LD11? Are you trying to intimidate me? Maybe you have read JD Hayworth’s book “Whatever it Takes”?

        I think your stance on immigration is dangerous and destructive and not what is best for our Country. And based on the comment sections under all of your stories on Sonoran Alliance, I am not alone in my thinking.

        Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll take my news from the ARLA over yours any day…

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