Federal Judges support the right of non-citizens to vote.

dredd.gif      That is not how they put it when they granted this injunction. Let’s follow the logic. If you oppose requiring proof of citizenship when registering to vote then there are two possible options. You allow everyone to register or you do not allow anyone. The second option is absurd but included only for the purpose of logical possibility. 

     That leaves us with the first scenario. Now anyone can register. Therefore someone who entered the United States illegally and does not have proof of citizenship can now register to vote. In fact someone here legally but not a citizen can also register. And the liberals wonder why the right keeps talking about activist judges. They are not activists they are fools. Not only because they are doing everything possible to undermine the very nation in which they live but because they are stoking the fires of a political backlash that will not be kind to them or to the judiciary in general. Judges are supposed to be independent of the other two branches of government but that does not make them independent of and unanswerable to the people.

Thursday 10-5-06, 10:15 pm

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