Federal Election Commission Questions McCain Campaign Finance Reporting

Searching on McCain at  http://www.fec.gov/finance/disclosure/imaging_info.shtml yields the following information:

http://query.nictusa.com/cgi-bin/fecimg/?C00341891 or the Friends of John McCain is the committee financing his Senate race.

This committee, McCain’s candidates campaign finance committee,

failed to report complete financials for 2Q09  and 3Q09.

They omitted information required BY LAW and were forced to file amended reports several months later!

Arizonans demand full disclosure and transparacy!

As you can see from this document http://query.nictusa.com/pdf/881/29030171881/29030171881.pdf#navpanes=0John McCain  disclosed one or more contributions which exceed contribution limits.

According to the FEC, ” The acceptance of excessive contributions is a serious problem,” and, “Failure to comply will result in enforcement actions.”

Enforcement actions?!?  We need to demand greater financial responsibility from our elected officials.

Looking at the McCain presidential campaign on FEC.gov, http://query.nictusa.com/cgi-bin/fecimg/?C00453928

His presidential campaign finance committee FAILED TO REPORT REQUIRED INFORMATION in 1Q09, 2Q09 and 3Q09 and were forced to filed amended reports as much as 7 months later!

John McCain, Inc.  http://query.nictusa.com/cgi-bin/fecimg/?C00430470 appears to have multiple reporting problems in 2009.

-According to the FEC http://query.nictusa.com/cgi-bin/fecimg/?C00430470, John McCain’s 1Q09 report accepted excessive contributions and discloses joint fundraising receipts while failing to file the proper forms for joint fundraising receipts.  “Failure to comply with the Act may also result in an enforcement action against the Committee.”

-According to the FEC, http://query.nictusa.com/pdf/919/29030160919/29030160919.pdf#navpanes=0 John McCain 2008 Inc. appeared to have  disclosed uncashed refunds and improperly retained them.

What are Republicans going to do about this?  There are many questions.

Currently, John McCain operatives such as Shiree Verdone and the county Chairman of Yuma county are trying to usurp the Arizona State Republican Party chairmanship position based the very same and similar accusations they are making themselves and via strawmen against the Chairman.

Ironically, their own boss has unfortunately engaged in almost precisely the very same thing!

Is that not ironic?  Is that not inconsistent?  These McCain operatives support the behavior when they do it, but oppose the behavior when their opponents do it.

Sounds more like Senator Al Gore then Senator John McCain.  Is there a difference these days?


  1. Cindy didn’t answer the question as to whether she was aware that a corporate officer is legally bound to the corporation to NOT disclose privileged information.

    (I think she’s ignoring it. lol)

  2. Steve Jaramillo says

    Will cameras be at the bust? If not Sheriff joe will not attend, unless of course he has time to twitter it first to get attention. HA HA, He seriously Twitters when and where he is going for a bust! Who does that? lol.. It’s like highschool kids having a tweet up at chandler mall.

  3. Hey, MadArizonan: Please define “almost precisely” – third paragraph from the end of your screed.

    One nut on here noted that the blogger’s names are opposite of what they really are.

    I believe that MadArizonan has accurately desribed himself. Mad as a Hatter.

  4. Travis, thanks for loaning me your tin foil hat. Or was that a tin pot?

  5. Showing the bank statements to members of the exec committee would not be a violation of any law.

    Cindy, I am sure you are neither a Dem or working for McCain and you have every right to demand full disclosure.

    It shouldn’t matter, right is right. Members of the exec committee have expressed a concern over the finances, people with an legitimate interest have asked for information and been denied.

    Show those with a right to see it the books, the bank statements, and clear this up.

  6. While, technically, they should not show it to exec committee members, they could show it to other OFFICERS, who are exec board members.

  7. Then if the other officers disclose privileged info, that’s on THOSE officers for breach of fiduciary duty and not on the chairman.

  8. what the hell does any of this have to do with McCain in any way shape or form?

    Are you people insane? We’re calling for a fraud audit on Randy Pullen BECAUSE HE LOOKS TO HAVE COMMITTED FRAUD!!!

    Why is this hard?

  9. Um, duh, Paradise.

    Note the topic and content of this SA blog post.

    McCain had to submit campaign amendments and came under FEC scrutiny for incomplete and incorrect reporting.

    The AZGOP has not. The FEC in unconcerned. The auditors are unconcered.

    Where’s the fraud?


  10. >Where’s the fraud?


    This is why we’re calling for a fraud audit. It’s fairly obvious that SOMETHING is fishy here, we’re asking for the audit to answer this very question.

  11. paradise, are you referring to McCain campaign finance irregularities as caught by the FEC and documented in this blog post (scroll to top)?

  12. Anyone still think McCain isn’t divisive? Despite him stacking the State committeemen elections, he will not get a good reception tomorrow. He is a tired bitter old man with a die hard group of has been’s and want to be’s that see their old paint being put out to pasture.

  13. The man is a combat war vet and deserves that respect, this bitter old man bit will not fly. Say that to the man’s face if you’re going to make these types of allegations. He has earned the respect of his detractors being man enough to give him the straight talk front and center.

  14. honest abe says

    Mole, I have a spot way down on the bottom of my behind, my Mama told me it was just a mole…

  15. honest abe says

    Bozoserve, Shoot your big mouth off some more, please. I just can’t wait until tomorrow…

  16. I can’t wait either. McCain is going down.

  17. honest abe says

    JD was removed from the air by Smokey Rivers early this morning. He did not quit he was asked to leave.FACT

  18. dishonest abe is full of ****. FACT

  19. Ponder This says

    Good luck today in destroying the Republican party of Arizona folks. Real grass root Arizonan’s, it is time to replace the incumbent John McCain with a real conservative Jim Deakin or JD Hayworth, Chris Simcox, please, please not the amnesty lover John McCain.
    You cannot expect different results when you continue to vote the same way time after time. Vote the Constitution.
    Allow Randy Pullen to present his case and move on to restoring the republic.
    The Republican Party is going to continue to destroy itself, no wonder the Independent party is growing faster than either the Republican or Democrat parties.

  20. honest abe says

    Bozoserve, Read the ebtire article in today’s Az. Republic, Smokey Rivers asked him to leave you jackoff.

  21. Stephen Kohut says

    I went looking at the state meeting today for the name tags that said “honest abe”, “just a pc”,.. Guess what. All our blogging cowards were incognio using their real names. What a surprise. Gotta love the McWimps!

    McRINO’s reception was frosty at best. Very mixed boos, JD chants and some applause. When a senior senator gets booed at his party’s state meeting and when people call out the name of an undeclared challenger the old boy is in a heap of trouble. Spin away boys as its all McRINO has got. Your boy’s in a flat spin ready to crash and burn!

    The tempest in a teapot regarding the FEC filings and the books was shoved back in the face of the McCainiacs by Tim Lee. No one had the guts to call Lee and ask him anything about this RINO pipe dream fostered on the internet. Books are open. Updated FEC filings are avaiable on line. I loved the part them the vote was taken to approve Lee’s report. Nothing but aye’s. Not a single McCainiac even had the guts to vote nay. What a spineless group. Aren’t you “honest abe”, “just a PC”…

    What I am looking forward to is the sea change this year as all us new Tea Party, constitutional conservative PC’s that enterred the party clean house in county leadership and state committeemen. There won’t be a RINO left in a position of effective power in the party structure.

    All you RINOs ready for us Teapublicans?

  22. IsFECillegal says

    Its time to pull the plug on FEC…it is
    an uncontitutional entity.

  23. Turns out there was no controversy regarding finances. IT was all a fabrication by McCain supporters. LOL

  24. Duh says McCain got 60,000.000 votes? She is talking about all over the country…big deal! We were voting against Obama! We had a choice of a corrupt, angry, senile fool or Obama, an impostor, fraud of a leader who McCain and other Congressmen didn’t have the courage to investigate and check for veracity of eligibility.

    What We the People must do now is to clean house and rid ourselves of all the dead wood before our country catches fire!

    McCain will only get dirty with decent opponents. He was too much of a coward to truly debate Obama. Unless the campaign $$$ from Soros came with the promise to let Obama win.

    Funny that corrupt McCain’s campaign funds were gone and all of a sudden Prince -Soros- Charming came with the millions on
    hand. McCain, we are not fools!

  25. McCain was a hero, in another lifetime. It’s over McCain, you have more than been repaid for your suffering. Time to vow out graciously. Stop your greed and hatred. We
    will not vote for someone like you, and WE ARE
    the majority of Arizonans who know you.

    We told you during your amnesty plans under “closed door dealings”
    “We’ll remember in November”

    And we will!

  26. I have to agree with Angee even though I don’t live in Arizona. When Bush gave his last state of the union address he and Ted Kennedy were caught on camera falling asleep. That stuck in mind along with the McCain/Kennedy amnesty legislation and I was very disappointed when the Repubs shot themselves in the foot by nominating McCain over Romney. Despite the downside of McCain I felt he was the lesser of two evils in the last presidential election.

    At this point I hope Arizonians opt to oust McCain for a candidate who will truly work for the people of this country as opposed to sucking up to the illegal alien crowd.

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