Fate of many in the hands of a few – Pullen impaled on the stake of a flawed election

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fate of many in the hands of a few

Pullen impaled on the stake of a flawed election

We value fair play and honesty, and it makes our blood boil when we discover that there are those among us who have been throwing monkey wrenches into the electoral process. Our investigative team has looked at the evidence, and it is now clear that some dark souls have tampered with the normal process of electing State Committeemen for the Republican Party in Arizona. This is an outrage.

We first heard about it on the radio a few days ago – Randy Pullen, the hard-working, selfless, highly-effective Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party was blocked from reelection as a State Committeeman in his own district, LD11. Being elected as a state committeeman is a prerequisite to run for chairman. Therefore, a relatively small number of Precinct Committeemen (PCs) were able to deprive the rest of the state, the chance to reelect this stalwart.  The news is astonishing. Nobody in the entire state has done more and taken less to advance the party than Randy Pullen.

What were the PCs thinking? Since Pullen took over the leadership of the party, in election after election, even when the odds were stacked a mile high against GOP candidates, he led the way to an ever increasing crescendo of victories, culminating in the blockbuster win of 2010 that now gives Republicans a veto proof legislature. Nobody can suggest that Pullen has been anything but very successful, but maybe that is the problem. You have to wonder who in Arizona would thwart the will of the majority by dumping, through manipulation, anyone who advances the causes so near and dear to us – sealed borders, immigration control, tight fiscal policies and more. The perpetrators are so-called Republicans, because only they have their hands of the levers of power within the party, but who is behind them? We the people are already frothing at the mouth from the indignities heaped on us by the Democrats. This skullduggery within the GOP is clearly over the top, and it has to cease.

A track record like Pullen’s is not created by wishful thinking. This man tirelessly works full time for the good of the GOP and the people of Arizona, and continues to do so even after this shameful display of no confidence. Not only does he not draw a dime of salary, he spends his own money to handle expenses. Randy Pullen is a man at the top of his game, and is worth a king’s ransom in private industry, yet he has chosen to serve us for no tangible reward at all. What infuriates us is that a small handful of sinister people can endanger the entire state to serve their nefarious agenda.

This was no accident.  We have to wonder who is behind this. Elections do not occur in a vacuum. Much of what is manifested at the ballot box is dictated by hard work and preparation behind the curtain. To unseat someone of Pullen’s caliber and accomplishment, and to do it under the radar, requires a well oiled machine of dedicated, undercover operatives. They clearly have done the bidding of those whose interests are served by bringing down anyone of a differing political alignment. Why did this happen?

Fellow citizens, we face grave challenges. The extreme hard left wing of the Democratic Party did not evaporate and blow away in the 2010 midterm election. Moreover, neither are the squishy, go along to get along moderates” of the Republican Party rolling over and playing dead. Both of these groups are hell bent on molding this nation in their image, and it is not one that serves us well. As never before, we have had a glimpse of their rotten plans. We want nothing to do with their vision for America, because it does not include us. It’s all about them. Is this what the Founding Fathers envisioned for us? Is this why American soldiers have repeatedly gone to war, giving of their very lives? We think not, and do not intend to sit meekly by the side while scoundrels prevail. If fight we must, fight we will.

Over the next two years, there is an enormous amount of work to be done. Arizona, despite its size, plays a huge role in the national scene. With the 2012 election looming just over the horizon, we need all the help we can get to pull our nation off the rocks, sailing full steam ahead in the right direction. We need people like Randy Pullen at the helm. With campaign hardened experience, proven in battle, Pullen is now forced to the sidelines just when we need our most experienced leaders for the presidential cycle. This is an outrage!

We deserve to know who pulled the rug out from under us and the reasons why.

C O M M O N  S E N S E is determined keep digging until we get to the truth.


  1. Cactus Jack says

    Wait, Randy Pullen was paying AZGOP expenses out of his OWN pocket?! That can’t be legal. Is this true?

  2. This just in .... says

    Pullen is “The One”

  3. Wow this is pure theatre or perhaps more aptly put,a HAGIOGRAPHY on Pullen’s tenure.

    Do these people really believe what they write ? I agree with the title of this piece- “fate of many being in the hands of a few” and it has been just a few and they are still employed at HQ trying to hang on for dear life because they could not cut it anywhere else.

    A writer for a reputable national publicaion once described Pullen as the “Champion of the pitchfork brigade”

    Nuff said

  4. No big mystery. Paid McCain/Kyl staff sold a big bill of goods to residents all around LD11 that they needed a different State Chairman.

    Ballot, proxy and sign-in sheets are all available for inspection. Make a reasonable appointment and take a look. See if any irregularities are apparent. Probably just a lot of crooked salesmen.

  5. How was the election flawed? Just because he didn’t win? This article doesn’t say what the alleged “skullduggery” was.

  6. Former State Committeeman says

    When you are doing your digging, Common Sense, why don’t you do some digging into the state party’s finances and find out why the state party had almost no money and why it has been operating on a shoestring budget for much of Chairman Pullen’s term.

    Oh wait, I’m sure that will be McCain’s fault, too.

  7. FSC, Are you so naive that you don’t know what McCain’s ‘progressive’and corrupt henchmen are doing to manipulate and control the Arizona GOP? For example, in 2001 because JD Hayworth help craft the Bush Tax Cuts, he made sure that his district lines were re-drawn to include the ASU Campus and Tempe, NOT a bastion of conservatism. McCain is NOT a friend of Conservatives in Arizona!

  8. Pullen is out, time to move on.

    And to credit Randy with any of the successes throughout the past two election cycles is an utter joke. Talk about kool-aid.

  9. Arizona Ranger says

    This recent blowup regarding Randy Pullen is very easy to explain. Randy, for all the good he has done for Arizona Republicans, somehow managed to piss off our Megalomaniac Senator McCain. And when our “good ole boy” McCain feels that he has been “dissed”, he takes action! John McCain is the person responsible for Randy Pullen not being elected as a State Representative–pure and simple. This is just one more hatchet job to be added to the hundreds of similar actions. This is nothing more than John McCain saying “How dare you disagree with me–I’ll show you who has the power in Arizona”. And power he has, as evidenced by the political “coup de grace” on Randy Pullen. McCain may think he has gotten away with this, but he hasn’t!! WE KNOW WHO DID IT JOHN-YOU DID! (this was inserted for McCain to read personally as I happen to know that this website is monitored by McCain’s people)
    He may be our Senator, but he does not have our respect or our support. Yeah, he got the votes, but primarily because JD ran a poor campaign and McCain buried him with Millions of dollars of ads! McCain will be NOT be recorded with any warm, fuzzy terms in the history books. No, he will be described in other terms: power-hungry, maniacal, delusional, irresponsible, unreachable, ornery, and a few other four letter words I leave to your imagination. He is kind of like our own little Saddam Hussein–crazy but powerful and ready to use deadly force to overwhelm his opponents! ;
    Randy Pullen will go on to accomplish great things in his life. We owe him a big thank you for a job extremely well-done! We support Randy Pullen for any job-especially if he were to stay with the Republican hierarchy.
    John McCain–pissant politician who just created just one more scar across Arizona. Poor devil–he actually thinks people in Arizona like him!

  10. Steve Calabrese says

    Why does everyone think John McCain controls everything?

    He doesn’t. Pullen has plenty of enemies in his own right, including many who don’t like McCain either.

  11. Most recently we had state chairmen …

    Bob Fannin: “F”

    Matt Salmon: C-/D+

    Randy Pullen: A

    Nolo contendre

  12. Ranger Who? says

    Who are you speaking for when you say in reference to John McCain ?
    “He may be our Senator but he does not have our respect and support”

    You are right, John McCain does alot of things when he gets pissed he survived brutality as a prisoner of war fighting for your country. He fights back against his enemies both foreign and domestic…that rings a bell

  13. McCain only fights against Republicans and for himself. I don’t recall anyone that has caused more division in their “own” ranks and that’s how history will record him.

    He ran a campaign based on lies rammed through with money against Hayworth. He gave the Dem a pass just like he did with Obama. He is an admitted liar who will do anything to win and punish anyone with a contrary opinion. When McCain passes, he will only be missed by the leaches he hauls around with him. He leaves a legacy of hate and treason against his claimed Party. No respect, only contempt.

    It seems very likely McCain and his trolls are behind this. It’s how they operate. We will see how sucessful they will be.

  14. Ranger Who? says

    Geez since when does executing a good strategy while they were caught napping qualify as stealing? I am not a McCain leach and I reserve the right to disagree with him on some key issues but that does not mean I slander him. As a matter of fact the more the knuckle draggers attack him the more I understand what he is up against.

    SHAME ON YOU “Roger” for saying McCain or anyone else for that matter has committed treason and leaves a legacy of hate. Speak for yourself little man and show us your bio. I’ll even provide the tweezers and the magnifying glass you undoubtedly use for your own pleasure.

  15. Pullen was the most competent state party chairman in at least 10 years if not longer.

    He was generous and, yes, it’s perfectly legal for the Chairman to spend his own money, provided it goes through the proper donation channels and is properly recorded, which it was, nor has anyone shown otherwise.

    That said, this is the worst “Common Sense” bulletin they’ve ever put out. They sound like a bunch of whiney sore losers.

    They make Randy Pullen look bad when all he deserves is kudos and thanks.

  16. Former State Committeeman says

    RINO Hunter said:

    “FSC, Are you so naive that you don’t know what McCain’s ‘progressive’ and corrupt henchmen are doing to manipulate and control the Arizona GOP?”

    You’re surprised that someone might use “manipulation” in politics?! Welcome to the real world.

  17. Ranger who – pull your head out. Everything I said is true. McCain does not support the party platform he only supports McCain. He viciously attacks only republicans that oppose him. That’s his legacy. Can anyone deny most of the Party division and fighting is not centered around McCain? If you do you are as big a liar as McCain. Read his book moron, he admits to being a liar.

    When he tried to force McAmnesty down out throats, the backlash was tremendous. McCain/Feingold was an abomination. I can go on, but we all know the rest of the story. Name one piece of legislation he sponsored FOR Republicans or Arizona in his entire career. He himself to voters not to look at his past record, but only to what he could do for us in the future.

    So his platform is:

    I’ll lie to win
    Don’t look at my record
    Spend whatever it takes and
    God help you if you ever cross me

  18. ” For example, in 2001 because JD Hayworth help craft the Bush Tax Cuts, he made sure that his district lines were re-drawn to include the ASU Campus and Tempe, NOT a bastion of conservatism. McCain is NOT a friend of Conservatives in Arizona!”

    LOL! That’s comical! First, JD was a bit player in writing the tax cuts and if anything was on the outs for supporting McCain over Bush. Second, at that time JD and McCain were still buddies. Third, McCain had exactly zero to do with re-districting in Arizona. Fourth, JD won by significant margins in 2002 and 2004.

  19. “He viciously attacks only republicans that oppose him.”

    So he is supposed to be real nice and friendly to those who call him a RINO and repeatedly go after him? LOL!

    The reality is that McCain isn’t picking these fights. He’s freinds with plenty of people who haven’t always supported him 100%over the years. But if you go after him unfairly and repeatedly, he and his supporters will respond.

    Seems like some of you can dish it out but can’t take it when you get it back.

  20. RogerRamjet says

    I say if the McCain/Kyl/Flakes want the thing, let them have it for awhile so they can drive it into the ground. Then we can definitely say they destroyed the Az GOP on their watch – they will. They are control freaks.
    Jon Kyl has turned into a vindicative sob. Cross swords with him and phone calls go out blacklisting.
    They’ll put their Pinal county boy in as state chair and he’ll employ Chris Derose as the ED. The rest of us will move on into the independent voter ranks where future elections will be determined. The Dems will tank, too, because without the GOP whipping boys (because the GOP will become a third party), the Dems will fold their candy stand and retreat to a Starbucks to get drunk on $6 overpriced left wing coffee that has more bitterness than a dumped Hollywood spouse.
    Me, I’m going to eat turkey rather than watch turkeys. I’m tired of watching the McCain bird stuffed with Kyl and topped with Flakes. (oooo, there’s a Kodak thought, Kyl legs sticking out of a turkey bird with a Johnny Mac face and pieces of Flake sprinkled on top).

  21. I like McCain; he makes it easier to find the RINOs and the useful idiots in the party. He is also a great recruitment tool for the Tea Party.

  22. Do you notice how “RangerWho” & the other Mcainiacs, at the slightest criticism of their idol, revert to his history as a POW, even though that history has become clouded. A little research will discover many public statements by other American POWs, reporting their recollections of long hours of torture & beatings while being forced to listen to propoganda tapes made by McAmnesty.

    Also, McAmnesty & John F’ing Kerry (who served in Vietnam and has been enshrined as a friend in their war memorial museum) formed a 2-senator commission to investigate the presence of POWs remaining in Vietnam. They reported that there was no credible evidence of POWs still alive in captivity–and this was AFTER the North Vietnamese government offered to sell back American POWs for $1.5 Billion.

    Maybe the claims of these other POWs should be checked out a little, to see if they sound credible. In the meantime, when we talk about McAmnesty, let’s just talk about his history in the Senate. Let’s see, that would be to oppose tax cuts, oppose funding for the VA, form the Gang of 14 so conservative judges will never be confirmed, McAmnesty-Feingold, McAmnesty-Kennedy, McAmnesty Cap & Tax, McAmnesty bailouts, McAmnesty open borders, McAmnesty “close the gun show loophole”, “Let’s do Amnesty again,” more gov’t regulation required, more federal gov’t required, etc etc etc.

    See, there’s lots to talk about without always reverting to his POW days.

  23. I think I may be able to help uncover who is behind Pullen’s defeat.

    Word on the street is that is was people who were tired of chairman who couldn’t raise any money, neglected any kind of GOTV or voter registration, who had a laughingstock of an ED, who was widely regarded as irrelevant to the 2010 elections, and whose only meaningful action as Chair was to push through a huge tax increase.

    This website’s obsession with John McCain borders on creepy. If he was so all powerful Pullen never would have been elected in the first place, much less re-elected.

  24. The reason the State Party had to live on a shoe string the past four years is obvious.

    Randy Pullen was a key figure in pushing forth Prop 200 mandating that one had to show I.D. at the polls and proof of citizenship to acquire welfare benefits.

    This infuriated the CofC and the Hotel and Restaurant crowd, major G.O.P funders who frankly exist on illegal immigration, especially when the prop easily passed with some 65% of the vote and in the face of staunch opposition from “Chamberpots” Shadegg, Flake, Kyl and the P.P.O.W., McCain.

    When Randy subsequently blew out the establishment lapdog, Fanin for the State Charmanship, the knives were drawn.

    Money from normal sources was cut off, out of state speakers cancelled out just before scheduled events, and Randy was continually badmouthed by above nameed quartet at party gatherings.

    In spite of this Randy managed to expand the Republican presence in the legislature in an otherwise nationally disastrous 2008 and helped to secure a veto proof GOP legislature this time around!

    As many of my R.I.N.O./Banana Republican contacts gleefully advised me, McCain spent a considerable amount of his re-election stash of $22million in District 11 to secure the downfall of Randy and Rob Haney.

    But this is their last gasp! McCain is at the end of his rope and his lieutenants and prodigies lack his ties to the national financial establishments and his ability to con old vets with war stories.

    And the issues are NOT trending in the direction of the bi-partisan “Ruling Class”
    The country is in free fall at home and abroad and these jackasses have been at the helm since 1988.

    Accountability time is arriving, and none too soon!

  25. Steve Calabrese says


    “This infuriated the CofC and the Hotel and Restaurant crowd, major G.O.P funders who frankly exist on illegal immigration”

    Maybe, yeah, I’ve always said the illegals are being exploited by both the Democrats and also by segments of the Republicans.

    But I’ve yet to find a single card-carrying Republican who thinks being required to show ID at the polls is a bad idea. Well, except for Sandra Day O’Connor. Hell, even most Democrats I talk to don’t have a problem with showing ID to watch. It’s only the shrill illegal-alien loving crowd that screams about it.

    Pullen was defeated for many, many reasons. I don’t think the whole ID check thing had much to do with it though.

  26. Former State Committeeman says

    Carlist’s post provides a nice example of someone creating facts to support a theory, rather than creating a theory to explain the facts.

    “When Randy subsequently blew out the establishment lapdog, Fanin for the State Charmanship, the knives were drawn.”

    Chairman Pullen ran against Lisa James, not Bob Fanin, in 2007 and 2009. Moreover, he hardly “blew out” Lisa. He won by only four votes in 2007. The margin increased to about 50 votes in 2009. Hardly a blow-out.

    “Randy managed to expand the Republican presence in the legislature in an otherwise nationally disastrous 2008 and helped to secure a veto proof GOP legislature this time around!”

    The outcome of the state races had little, if anything, to do with the state party. The 2008 results were far more the result of Republican candidates who ran good campaigns (many of which used Constantin Querard), having McCain on the presidential ticket, and a pathetic Arizona Democratic Party that resembled a cash-laden version of the Keystone Cops.

    In 2010, the state party was almost totally absent. If we’d had an organized, well led, and well-financed state party this year, it’s probable that we’d have a Rep. Kelly in CD 8, Gabby Giffords would have retired to Houston, and Grijalva would be drowning his sorrows in tequila and enchilada sauce.

  27. Former State Committeman:

    Let’s hope you keep your designation.

    A review of the facts show that Randy Pullen first attained the State Chair by defeating Bob Fanin.

    He subsequently retained it twice against Lisa James, who the establishment designated to carry its banner!

    Steve: Hate to tell you this, but a substantial portion of our Republican Congressiona delegation opposed prop 200!

    The Tourist Industry is the largest in Arizona and its components account for quite a bit more clout than (a few elements) within the G.O.P.

    McKyl, Shadegg and Flake to be specific!

    Randy Pullen, Rob Haney and Russell Pearce were placed on the “Ruling Class’s” hit list

    On the other hand, McKyl always changes its tune when running for re-election (see 2006 and 2010)

    It’s call placating the “booboisee” a Republican establishment staple.

    Tell those whom they despise one thing leading up to November but shaft ’em in January.

    A tradition but one increasing under rank-and-file scrutiny.

  28. Time to move on says

    Stop crying over spilled milk. History will judge Pullen’s record as Chairman.


  29. Carlist,

    I’m not sure what facts you are reviewing but you may be confused with Pullen’s election as National Committeeman when Bob Fannin was state chair (2004).

    Fannin was chair beginning in 2001, followed by Matt Salmon, then Randy Pullen was first elected in 2007.

    And just in case you don’t believe me…

  30. Ann:

    I stand corrected, but Fanin and Salmon both toed the Ruling Class line re: Illegal immigration.

    The success of Prop 200, along with the accession to power within the party of its proponents sent a shock wave through the financieal establishment which deems cheap, unskilled labor to be an existential necessity.

    Thus the Pullens, Haneys and Pearces have been marked for extinction!

    Another sad, but blunt reality lies in the fact that the McCainiac “Open Borders” elites managed to cop the support of prominent social conservatives (whom they privately despise) to help with their coup plans.

    This was evident in District 8’s leadership battle when Royce Flora was displaced & underlined this year with RTL’s endorsement of John Mccain in a primary where his opponent had a 100% pro-life voting record!

    Politics always makes for strange bedfellows while ‘evil’ and a “stupidity” generated by a craving for “social status and acceptance” on the part of all too many of my fellow conservatives, all too often merge to prevent true reform.

    But any establishment victory will be Pyrric
    since their mindset was shared by their compatriots in California and we’ve seen what that’s brought about!

    So my Ruling Class friends and lackeys, make your fast bucks while you can but the demographic changes you’ve brought about have created the same political,social and financial consequences which have turned our left coast neighbor into America’s Greece.

    Arizona desperately needs a financial “makeover” That requires making the state attractive to the type of industry, which in turn, attracts skilled employees with potential to enhance our growth with creativity and stability.

    But all too often the stablishment views any new, bright young blood as a threat!

    Like the old European aristocracies, they want at bottom, a servile populace.

    Business, which is fleeing California, recognizes this and its re-establishing itself in Texas and Louisiana.

    Hopefully, McKyl, Shadegg, Flake and the Jameses will wake up, but I for one wouldn’t count on it.

    Ruling Class arrongance will always trump commonsense!

  31. "James" the on-going phobia says

    @Carilist- Sad but thanks to you and other paraniods that post on SA about Lisa James all the time have given her more attention/recognition as a result of her challenging & losing 2 x against Pullen then anything she has ever done in her life or career.

    She and husband Gordon (who never seems to get smacked around by anybody) are no doubt too busy trying to figure out how to stay afloat following all the glory years of doing advance work for the Bush family.

  32. “James, the ongoing”

    Sorry to break your bubble, but Lisa & Claude have been quite active behind the scenes following her losses to Pullen.

    Lisa went to work for John Shadegg and lo & behold they imported Jim Ward to run for Congress straight out of California.

    Of course Jim faltered, but he’s been tapped to head District 8 to keep the R.I.N.O. flag a ‘flappin!

    Meanwhile the James duo is busy trying to assist McKyl in reinstalling an Open Borders leadership to the party to placate the CofC
    and the hotel and fast food barons.

    It takes just a bit of “street smarts” and hardly “paranoia” to observe this.

    Otherwise I share your sentiments


  33. Carlist,

    Not only do you have a strange way of viewing the facts (lies to suit your purpose until caught), you are constantly making stuff up or making wild assertions about people that you do not know and have no clue as to what they are or are not doing…all with the intent of proving your positions.

    You are quite simply way too full of yourself (that is not all) for your own good.

    Go ahead…insult me. Call me names…a RINO, a McCaniac, an open borders lib, who the heck cares! You have proven yourself to be a moron.

  34. James the on going phobia says

    Ok “Ann” I get your point but the way you have written comment in response to Carlist post leaves the paranoid further convinced that you are Lisa James.
    We both know otherwise.

  35. No Ann

    I’ve proven myself to be correct.

    You call me a liar but fail to provide anything to back up your charges.

    And what have I made up?

    Please get specific and we’ll answer. After all, that’s what meaningful debate is about.

    As to your preferences within the party, it’s obvious that you support the clique which surrounds John McCain. Should we regurgitate the posts of you and Travis during the last primary run?

    I haven’t called you anything that you haven’t ably demonstrated yourself to be over the past year or so on this list.

    It’s also obvious to those with those who are willing to exercise intellectual curiousity that the immigration issue is the dividing line between those who support Pullen, Haney, Pearce etc and those who support John McCain, Jon Kyl, Jeff Flake etc., This divide became evident in 2005 and has grown wider since.

    And it has been also been made plain that our business elites within the tourist industry support McCain & Co because of their Open Borders stance on illegal immigration. Would you like me to go into depth on the matter?

    I may or may not be full of myself but I have an excellent idea of what you’re full of!

  36. Juan McCain may be AZ’s senator but I did not vote for him nor does he have my support or respect. In my opinion, he is power-hungry, ruthless and a fraud. Why doesn’t he just admit he’s really a dem and switch parties? I’d respect him more if he did. McCain needs to leave the republican party behind and join the dems…that’s who he reminds me of by his words and actions. As far as being a war hero…I’d say, that’s doubtful. When he was taken “prisoner” I’m certain he gave up classified secrets in order to save his life which may have put his fellow soldier’s lives in danger. In my opinion, that’s not something to be proud of. He’s not fooling anyone. I’d hide my face in shame if I were him!

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