Fall guy disabled vet Patrick Chorpenning was doing 2 jobs for Napolitano

The Arizona Republic published an op-ed today from veterans advocate John K. Snyder, discussing the governor’s forced resignation of her Director of Veterans’ Affairs, disabled vet Patrick Chorpenning. Turns out that under Napolitano, Chorpenning, a holdover from the prior administration, was asked to take on the additional job of serving on Napolitano’s cabinet as her military policy advisor – Napolitano promoted him because he was competent. This left him with less time to oversee the State Veteran Home. If there was any lack of oversight by Chorpenning, it was ironically because the governor had dumped an additional high-level policy position on him. Snyder suggests that Arizona’s 700,000 veterans should demand that Chorpenning be put back in a place of responsibility. Since Napolitano clearly has bad judgment, a federal appointment might be the best place for this hero.


  1. Gordon Brown says

    Patrick Chorpenning was the Director of Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services whose mission is … “To advance the interests of Arizona veterans through advocacy, legislation, service, and community relationships.”

    Currently Arizona (my home state) is ranked 50th as it relates to state provided benefits for Veterans. Please tell me specifically what Patrick Chorpenning did to promote the mission for the Department of Veterans’ Services

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