Exploring 26

     The Explorer newspaper has two stories on Al Melvin’s campaign for senate. The first one is a news story on the Republican primary race between Al Melvin and Representative Hershberger. The second story is about Melvin’s 5-point plan for Arizona to excel.

     The Explorer paper was thought to have a slightly left of center slant under previous management. It will be interesting to see how things are under the new editor, Dave Perry. Is the paper writing a positive story about Melvin just to follow up with an equally favorable view of Hershberger? Will the coverage continue in Melvin’s favor? The distribution area is almost a perfect match with the boundaries of LD-26 so it is relevant to the election.


  1. Just Win Baby says

    A newspaper doing a fair and balanced job? Holy Cow! That would be awesome. I am going to start checking out their website to see what kind of stuff they have got.

  2. Good stuff from Melvin in the article. We gotta get him elected. I can’t imagine 8 years of Hershberger/Pesquera.

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