Every time gas prices rise above $2.50, Napolitano and Goddard grab the spotlight and do nothing

Have you ever noticed that every time the price of gas goes above $2.50, Governor Janet Napolitano has a press conference?

Attorney General Terry Goddard just complains that he doesn’t have jurisdiction, yet starts an investigation anyways. His investigation always goes nowhere, and he concludes that we need a price-fixing law.

Isn’t this a waste of taxpayer money funding their thinly disguised campaign commercials? Napolitano is becoming a professional press conference campaigner. Yesterday, with her lackeys at Horizon giving her free video coverage featured on the show later, she gave a speech to grandparents who stand to benefit from Rep. Leah Landrum-Taylor’s proposed taxpayer-funded giveaway for taking care of their grandchildren. There were about 15-20 grandparents total in attendance! Probably 100 chairs had been set out that were mostly empty. Can you imagine Horizon covering some equally dull topic by a conservative where only 20 people showed up?


  1. …Pullen should have a press conference too….Arizona has the distinction of having the highest gas pump inaccuracy rates in the nation. So when the price of gas goes up, we’re getting cheated even more. The governor has done nothing about this and, more importantly, her challenger didn’t even raise this issue in the last election–an issue that would have resonated big time. But Randy Pullen should nail her on this.

  2. Jan Brewer is our only hope to beat goddard next gov race. Let’s hope she runs.

  3. ms coyote says

    Does our gov really have much control over gas prices?
    I would imagine national politics has more influence in seeting policies that directly impact the price of gas.

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