Even liberal journalists are distancing themselves from Goddard because of the corruption investigation

When you’re a Democrat politician and the liberal media is denouncing you, you’ve got problems. Usually the liberal so-called mainstream media goes out of its way to promote Democrat politicians and candidates and give them positive coverage. If the liberal media is jumping on the bandwagon with the Republican Party criticizing a Democrat, that Democrat must be in some serious trouble. This is the case with Attorney General Terry Goddard, the liberal media appears to have deserted him because the latest investigation by Sheriff Arpaio into allegations of political corruption and bribery by Goddard’s office has got liberals afraid of being tainted by association and going down with Goddard.

On Horizon’s Journalists’ Roundtable Friday night, the liberal journalists hung Goddard out to dry. Tribune Reporter Mark Flatten said that Goddard has put up some “odd roadblocks” by refusing to turn over documents requested by Sheriff Arpaio in the investigation, forcing the Sheriff to subpoena them. Flatten observed that when Arpaio and county attorney Thomas objected to Goddard having his attorney present when AG employees were interviewed, Goddard responded oddly again – he attempted to take the investigation out of the public light by claiming that it should be behind closed grand jury proceedings. A Superior Court judge ruled against him on that. Flatten said that Arpaio is probably right when he says that Goddard is acting like he is hiding something. Flatten then said it was interesting to see Arpaio (who has a reputation for fighting possibly dubious public records requests from adult entertainment magazine Phoenix New Times) becoming Arizona’s champion of public records law. What is Goddard hiding?
It will be interesting to continue watching this investigation unfold, and see whether the Valley’s papers subtly continue distancing themselves from Goddard.
Friday night’s Horizon should be available within a day or two here.

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