Evan Carl Rowan* kept a gun in his house.

     Daniel Scarpinato has an excellent look at the firearms issue as it relates to the CD 8 election. The article correctly portrays the reality that Tim Bee is a stronger supporter of the right to keep and bear arms but Gabrielle Giffords has been careful to not come across as anti gun despite some of her past actions and statements. The difficulty in defeating Giffords is encapsulated in this sentence.

Giffords is also in the early stages of drafting legislation that would require the U.S. Forest Service to set aside federal land for public shooting ranges.

     Giffords has accomplished nothing on the issue but she is working on writing some legislation. How do you peg someone as anti-gun when they are kind of, maybe, trying really hard, definitely thinking about helping on the issue? This is her modus operandi. She is always working on the issue so her opponent can never completely define her as for or against something. She has perfected the method with her approach to a permanent checkpoint along I-19. She is still putting together public forums on the matter.

     Many Republicans say this is the best year to defeat Giffords. With her style it may take a little longer than 22 months for the voting public to catch on to her look busy while doing nothing approach to public service.

     While well written, the article in the Star would have been more interesting if it had added the view of Independent Candidate Derek Tidball of the issue of gun rights.

     *Carl Rowan was an out spoken supporter of gun control who kept a gun in his Washington D.C. home. He used it to shoot a teenager who jumped the wall and was swimming in his pool.


  1. kralmajales says

    I guess it is just hard to peg her as anti-gun when she is not.

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