Espresso Pundit: A Must Read!

Greg Patterson at EspressoPundit has an excellent summary of Janet Napolitano’s history of gaffes, missteps and various other assorted political faux pas that have been covered up by willing local media over the years. With all the recent attention and seeming surprised reaction by national media of Napolitano’s supposed out-of-step statements, we really should not be surprised after all. Patterson’s dilligent historical accounting of Napolitano’s exploits is a good reminder for those of us with short memories.

Here’s an excerpt:

That astonishing piece of self deception by the Republic’s Dennis Wagner sums up a decade of non-feasance by the mavens of corporate media. That’s why Janet is in trouble–with a decade of protection from a deluded and sycophantic press, Janet was lulled into thinking that she was made of Teflon and that her frequent gaffes would be ignored on the national stage as well.

Many of the individual reporters–to their credit–wrote about some of Napolitano’s abuses and frequent gaffes, but the corporate media management was so busy fawning over her that no one ever bothered to put all the pieces together and write a comprehensive report to expose that Janet was ethically challenged, heavy handed and clueless.

This piece definitely deserves national attention!

When you have a moment, click over to EspressoPundit and read Patterson’s take on the fiasco Napolitano finds herself in.

Great job Greg! Unfortunately, you’ve moved up on the watchlist!


  1. On the whole, I agree with Greg’s blog

  2. Iris Lynch says

    I agree too and I always referred to her as the Dominatrix. Another item not well known is that when she was angrily against Prop 200 and it passed despite the ridiculous claims against it by her opposition that she and her cohorts never enacted ALL of that legislation. To my knowledge, it still has not been done. I suspect that Jan Brewer will get around to it when the pressing mess left by her predecessor gets cleaned up.

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