English Translation

There’s nothing like an English translation to an American crisis:


  1. Well, we can see Sonoran Alliance takes its marching orders from the democratic socialist enclaves of Europe. We real Americans feel differently.

  2. ThinkRight says

    Loved it!!

  3. Richard,

    Daniel Hannan represents South East England for the Conservative Party. In the Parliament, he currently sits as an independent.

    I would venture to say that he more closely resembles the Republican and conservative voice in America.

  4. Kenny Jacobs says

    This is a speech a Republican in Congress should have made while President Bush was still in the White House.

  5. bodiddlie says

    Before we crown this guy the reigning conservative from the UK, take note that he actually is an Obama supporter. Check his website shown at the end of the clip, a few articles down he has a post addressing people asking him to denounce his support for Obama now that he’s had the stimulus, budget, etc. He criticizes these things, but won’t say he doesn’t think Obama was the right choice. This guy is no different than the rest of the fools out there who thought that Obama would be any different than any other highly partisan, ultra left-leaning democrat canidate.

    Even an idiot can sound smart once in a while.

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