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  1. Lyn Truitt should be a good conservative in Surprise. Shame Altman lost, but a good sign that just being named Pastor isn’t an automatic winner!

  2. Overall, a wonderful day at the polls. New blood in Surprise – a sweep. Pastor loses and Baier would have lost if not for the support from moderate Wish List controlled NE Phx Republicans who support the out of control fiscal and Sanctuary City policies of the city.

    In what could be the dawn of a new era for our public school monopoly, the average voter came out in enough strength to offset the vote of the employee union members. An overall stunning and long overdue defeat of the public school budget increase overrides nearly everywhere west of Scottsdale Road and north of the Salt.

    Give partial credit to Schweikert for the new tax bill that shows where your property taxes are spent.

  3. Boy, those Scottsdale and Fountain Hills people clearly don’t mind paying more, do they? But glad to see most other places say no! Another thing that helped was having these issues settled on a November election day as opposed to March or May.

  4. Maybe that’s why the Scottsdale and Fountain Hills schools are so exceptional.

  5. By GOP’s logic, Washington D.C. must have the best schools in the world.

    Oops, not exactly! Must be more to it than just throwing money at it. GOP, you better change your name to DEM. It would match your philosophy better.

  6. Could it be that GOP is on to something?

  7. Connecticut has one of the highest per capita incomes, student achievement, and dollars per student.

    GOP, I’m with you on this…but then they say ugly things to me, too.

  8. Geez Ann, “ugly” to point out that there is more to the equation than money? That’s a little thin-skinned…

    Parental involvement, nutrition, quality of teachers, etc are all factors that matter when measuring results. John is right that the contention that they do well because they spend a lot is not correct.

  9. Not the money, the DEM part..now that is just ugly to call someone such a terrible thing!

    My point was to the contrary, by using the Connecticut example, that it is so much more than just money as the the Washington DC example would infer. A highly performing system and a poorly performing system; New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island also spend over $10,000 per student.

    Comparing student achievement to dollars is a much better method and one where there is also good and bad.

    I would say the thing Scottsdale and Fountain Hills have that may be lost on others is the idea that the money is a valued investment in their child and community and they believe the return is worth it.

  10. Nutrition, quality of teachers, etc all take money. I know that there are plenty of good parents everywhere, but even though I don’t claim to be an expert, I have seen enough to believe the parents that are willing to pay don’t just vote for bonds. They are the ones utlitizing the school tax credits, voluntering their time ect. Sorry I don’t agree with most tax raises but our schools are underfunded. one reason for that is growth. the districts are supposed to run their schools with funds based on the previous years number of students. What happens to those schools that double in students over that year? Maybe this also goes back to the illegal immigration problem as well.

  11. SonoranSam says

    Ann: I agree that SUSD did a good job of explaining what they wanted to do with the money – and they wanted to spend it on real improvements for classrooms – eg., new technology, improvements to infrastructure, etc.

    BTW Ann: I’m not surprise that you get attacked simply for being reasonable. Maybe they’re trying to tell you something…just follow the lead of Virginia voters and c’mon over!

  12. Sam
    The one thing I can count on is a laugh, that proves some DEM’s have a sense of humor!

  13. There are buildings of data that prove money is not the criteria.

    Check out districts that are adjacent with the same dollars and one is excellent while the other is failing. Union work rules, growth in funding administration instead of the classroom, the number of full school days, etc.

    Check out the AVERAGE salary and benefits combined for school personnel positions (teachers and administrators) with five years experience – then annualize their 42 week work year as if they were working a full work year.

    The money is going to the adults, not the students. Over 80% of Arizona workers make less than teachers and over 95% of Arizona workers make less than Administrators – before annualization.

  14. Most teachers hold Masters’ Degrees and many administrators Doctorates, what is the average income with that level of education and years of services?

    Aren’t the adults the ones doing the work? So… how is the money supposed to go to the students?

  15. Maria was a solid conservative staffer for a solid conservative Governor – Fife Symington. Altmann did a better job of posing as a conservative by opposing things, but he wasn’t for anything. I think Republicans/Conservatives have to define both what they do want to achieve as much as what they don’t. Here endeth the lesson.

  16. John,

    You may be correct that “Maria was a solid conservative.” She tore up that card when she publicly backed Janet Napolitano in 2006.

  17. kralmajales says

    The data on why schools do poorly has a lot to do with funding as it does a lot to do with social class and stratification. There is no question that some school districts right next to others are very good and some are very poor. There is no question that money is not the ONLY thing, but I can tell you this. It is one important thing.

    Texas gets it. The schools around Austin texas are among the best in the country. One thing that they also have is triple the property taxes to fund it.

    Why are the foothills schools so much better than TUSD or Amphi? You can’t tell me that wealth, social class, and the like doesn’t matter…and that tax dollars don’t matter. Even with a small tax base, the property values taxed there are enormous, which means a ton of dollars coming into schools. It is also the case that to live in District 16 and to attend the schools, you must buy that enormously priced property. THAT generally attracts wealthier people, people who are more educated, and generally families that are more interested in the success of the school and their children.

    So what do we do about those who can’t afford district 16 and that can’t move there? The answer I hear from some is typically that more money doesn’t equal better education, calls to cut the funding because of this half-assed truth, and then school choice that doesn’t encompass students from TUSD being able to choose to attend District 16 schools.

    The picture that I have painted, while not complete, is true across our nation in urban/suburban areas. Because schools are locally funded and based on property taxes, the health of the American education system for an enormous number of children is a sorry state.

    Unless you are a libertarian, schools must be funded with tax dollars to educate for this public good. We have to fund it somehow. I would support equally funding from state or federal sources and not little districts funded by property taxes. That solution is clearly not the least bit fair.

  18. “I have indeed two great measures at heart, without which no republic can maintain itself in strength: 1. That of general education, to enable every man to judge for himself what will secure or endanger his freedom. 2. To divide every county into hundreds, of such size that all the children of each will be within reach of a central school in it.” –Thomas Jefferson to John Tyler, 1810. ME 12:393

    “Education is here placed among the articles of public care, not that it would be proposed to take its ordinary branches out of the hands of private enterprise, which manages so much better all the concerns to which it is equal; but a public institution can alone supply those sciences which, though rarely called for, are yet necessary to complete the circle, all the parts of which contribute to the improvement of the country, and some of them to its preservation.” –Thomas Jefferson: 6th Annual Message, 1806. ME 3:423

  19. kralmajales says


    Are you saying that teachers are paid too much? What are you getting at here? That unions are the cause of our poor schools? Are you saying that teachers just aren’t working hard enough? Are you saying that the ancient buildings that people don’t want to pay to repair or update are just fine? Are you saying that we don’t really need all those counselors, when they are often cut and laid off?

    OR are you just one of those angry people that got educated in public schools, or made it through the school of hard knocks, or whatever and NOW you just don’t want your tax dollars going to schools and liberal teachers?

    It seems that most of the solutions that some people say here is that it is not the money…sure it isn’t alone…no question…but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t fund it or even fund it more. Our schools in this state are among the poorest funded in the nation. We are behind most anyone. And at the college level? We are second to last in funding for student aid to go to college.

    It is no freakin wonder that we have one of the lowest educated citezenry in the United States. It is also no wonder that people don’t want to move here, unless they are old, and it is no wonder that companies are unsure about locating to Tucson.

    We need to catch up with West Virginia folks…and that is going to take a little dough…and yes from our pockets to do it.

  20. kralmajales says


    Really well said. I used to know a lot of Republicans that didn’t like most government spending, but always came back to a few places that we shouldn’t skimp. One was economic development (yes…govt. spending on that), another was defense and law and enforcement, and the big big one was education.

    The reality was that to pull oneself up by their bootstraps, to become a creative force, to be a productive member of society that builds things, you need the best education in the world.

    I want to say this. This new proposition 13 or whatever that will cut property taxes or undermine them…

    This is the dumbest, poorest excuse for public policy that I can think of. Until we find some other way to support our schools, we are entrenched in the funds coming from local school tax districts that are funded from property taxes.

    This measure would destroy what is left of our schools in this state.

    Any person here in business, working with the Chamber of Commerce or economic development truly needs to stand up now against this measure. If you thought prop 200 was henious, you had better put up some real dollars to stop this one. This will essentially kill growth in our state for a long long time…and if not…you can bet that your state taxes and user fees will be going up to make up the difference.

  21. Come on people, we should all agree that teachers are some of the most influential people in our children’s lives! They can literally make or break a child. With all they are expected to do these days other than teach, I think they need to be paid more. The good teachers don’t just put in 40 hours a week, they take work home, they work on weekends, volunteering in after school projects, and yes they work on things during the summer when they are not getting paid. Many are also taking continuing education classes. Any money we can direct the way of schools needs to be done. There are so many programs that need to be implemented into our school systems but can’t because they don’t have the funding. I do believe that it takes more than money also but we can’t do it without the money either. I am one of the biggest complainers of taxes but not when it comes to school funding. And don’t say I just want to throw money at the problem, when we are spending as much as other states, our schools are achieving as high, and then they want more money, that’s when it will become wasteful spending.

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