Election Count Updates – November 12th

Here are the latest vote counts issued by the Secretary of State’s Office on several close races:

Arizona Corporation Commission
*Paul Newman (D) – 955,941
*Sandra Kennedy (D) – 954,811
*Bob Stump (R) – 860,096

Sam George (D) – 856,231
Barry Wong (R) – 838,389
Marian McClure (R) – 824,913

Legislative District 26 Senate
*Al Melvin (R) – 44,866
Cheryl Cage (D) – 43,513

Legislative District 10 House
*Jim Weiers (R) – 21,259
*Doug Quelland (R) – 20,908

Jackie Thrasher (D) – 20,254
Lamont Lovejoy (D) – 17,108
Scott Gibson (L) – 2,450
Marguerite Dale (G) – 2,137

Legislative District 11 House
*Adam Driggs (R) – 36,540
*Eric Meyer (D) – 36,395

Jon Altmann (R) – 34,395

Legislative District 20 House
*John McComish (R) – 36,771
*Rae Waters (D) – 34,667

Jeff Dial (R) – 34,170

Legislative District 23 House
*Barbara McGuire (D) – 36,716
*Frank Pratt (R) – 35,741

John Fillmore (R) – 35,122
Ernest Bustamante (D) – 34,784

Legislative District 25 House
*Patricia Fleming (D) – 31,733
*David Stevens (R) – 27,741

Richard Boyer (D) – 27,039
Timathy Davies (R) – 22,873

Legislative District 26 House
*Vic Williams (R) – 41,928
*Nancy Young Wright (D) – 41,874

Marilyn Zerull (R) – 40,765
Donald Jorgenson (D) – 37,100

* Denotes current winner(s)


  1. Definitely a lot of single-shotting going on.

    I know many pro-lifers who voted only for Bob Stump because he has been an advocate on sanctity of life issues.

    LD-10 definitely had a spoiler who siphoned votes away from Thrasher.

    As I predicted over a year ago, LD-23 is going GOP as Gold Canyon and Queen Creek/Johnson Ranch/South Anthem bring in more retirees and young families. GOP should take that district back in next cycle.

    Dems did a lot of single-shotting on Republican districts (11, 20 and 26)

  2. DSW,

    Didn’t Jim Weiers give money for the Green party candidate?

    looks like it worked

  3. GOP Boomer Gal says

    What does serving on the ACC have to do with being pro-life?

    Those Republicans, IMO, who did single-shotting were being very short sighted.

    Are the Dems elected as a result pro-life?

    Probably not, but they’re sure to be pro raising our energy costs.

  4. Yes Ron, Weiers did solicit donations for the green party candidate and …it worked!

  5. Well, Big Sis, he kinda owed something to Doug for what happened in 06

  6. Well, Quelland still got his revenge on the big guy by helping oust him from speaker post.

  7. Rep Party Watcher says

    Looks like the Republicans undervoted in LD11 and LD20.
    The “heartland” precinct of John McCain once again could not deliver a second Republican to the state house. Not so much single shotting, but when you add the votes, they fall far short of the Registration numbers.
    Jeff Dial and Jon Altman were good Republican candidates. The Republican Party has no one to blame but itself for cash starving the state party and leaving it unable to deal with $100K plus PAC money attacks in each of those districts.
    Clean Elections is only clean when both sides have PACs with equal or near equal cash ready to battle for their candidates.
    LD20 and LD11 had the Dems running school board members for the house. It worked. Go to the liberal, Dem dominated school boards, find a candidate, and instant name ID. Just add PAC dollars to the clean elections dollars and your candidate wins.
    Republicans are still arguing over big tent versus philosophy vs. who knows what. Until they decided to stop fighting with themselves, they are all talk and no vote delivery.
    The McCain people did not deliver. The ultra-conservatives did not deliver. The votes inside the cities are different than the votes in the outlying areas.
    Conservatives may recover the outlying districts, but the big city votes, where there are more voters and districts bunched together are not going to deliver Republican victories.
    The best Democratic strategy is to keep the Republicans fighting with each other. It won’t take brilliance to overcome them (and Lord knows – and I don’t mean Bob Lord – and Lord knows the Dems are not brilliant). But they are good at starting fights.
    I am one disappointed party member. I send my dollars, yet the big dollar contributors want to withhold because they are mad at Russell Pearce, Rob Haney or someone else. Yet when they have good moderate candidates like Jeff Dial and John Altman, they fail to get them elected.
    And there is no mandate for the surving Republicans in LD20 and 11. A few hundred votes the other way and they’d be in second place or simply displaced.
    I don’t agree that the single shot was the problem. It was no shot at all – Republicans stayed home because they were not excited to vote. The Dems got their Obama wave going and pushed hard – and took advantage of a lack of Republican funding.
    Wake up call. Let’s see who will listen?

  8. Rep P W,

    How come R’s haven’t figured out that the school board is the first leg into the political arena?

    Further when are both parties going to realize that since school boards are the first step in, not to run their elected state officials for the school district – recruit up and coming people to run for the local school board.

    Check out who is on the Phoenix Union Board now?

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