Ed Pastor – Totally Out of Touch

At least that’s the impression one gets when they visit his official congressional website. According to the “Newsroom” section of his website, Congressman Ed Pastor has not issued a press release since May 15th. That’s 89 Days! 

Am I missing something or is Ed Pastor missing in action? He hasn’t scheduled any town hall meetings which is remarkable because he lives in a so-called “safe” Democratic district and should not have anything to worry about from the “angry mobsters.”

If the national trend of voter anger continues, Republicans are going to kick themself for not challenging Mr. Pastor in 2010.


  1. Well, the Republicans ran Don Karg against him in the past three elections so maybe you should blame yourselves.

    The people who post and comment here are very brave to say things under pseudonyms, but not one of you seems to have the guts to actually challenge Ed Pastor in an election, or even try to find a credible Republican opponent for him.

    It’s typical that you would only complain and yet do nothing that could do anything in the real world.

    Will one of you big talkers step forward and be a Republican candidate in the Fourth Congressional District in 2010?

    Or are you just talkers and not do-ers?

    Hey, at least I became a Republican last year and was a write-in candidate for this district. While only eight Republicans voted for me, that’s more than any Republican primary votes any of you ever got running for Congress.

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