Ed Pastor Blames Bush, Admits he was told to vote for TARP

Wednesday night, both Congressman Ed Pastor and Republican nominee Janet Contreras attended a congressional candidates forum sponsored by Arizona Bridge to Independent Living. Several other candidates were present but the real showdown occurred over the CD-4 race.

When asked about his vote on several issues, Pastor proceeded to blame George W. Bush and then admit he was told to vote for TARP. He also confessed his support for Cap and Trade legislation.

Republican candidate, Janet Contreras, clearly left her impression with those in attendance when she stood up in clear contrast to Pastor’s big government, less jobs approach to governing.

Contreras, who opposes Cap & Trade and would have voted against every bailout and government takeover, also spoke passionately about protecting the most vulnerable members of society.

Here is a brief video expose of what was said at the event:

Thanks to Mike with AgapeMedia.net for putting this together!


  1. Are you kidding me? To even suggest that TARP was NOT started by Bush is laughable. That video was the worst piece of propaganda I have seen this election cycle. Try the truth for once – it will set you free.

  2. John Shadegg voted for TARP so whatever.

  3. John McStain was the architect of TARP.

  4. So I guess AZ-4 is now in play


  5. Did either Shadegg or McCain vote for Obamacare?

  6. Notice how the Democratic Party majority in Congress is invisible when TARP is discussed. Just vooosh, poof. Congress? What Congress?
    With the House and the Senate under Democratic Party control, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was jetting around the world inconstitutionally butting her nose into executive branch business, giving credibility to our enemies like Iran-puppet Syria. TARP helped enable Democratic Party political interests more than GOP, by FAR.
    Bush couldn’t rally this sort of support from the Democrats for something he understood was fundamentally important – the War, but somehow the Democrats “rolled over” for him on TARP.

  7. So, how’s the voter fraud progressing down down Yuma way?

    If these Democrats are so wonderful, how come cheating is the first fall-back position in elections?

  8. Gotta love wanumba and the conspiracy theory rants. They are always good for a laugh

  9. Do you, like have that surperior pompous Oxfordy look down the nose droll chuckle when you make such vapid pronouncements?
    For the effect, and all? In loafers and with a snifter in hand? A Frenchie-type scarf tossed around the shoulders, ’cause intellectual posuers think the French are so smart, even though they are rioting thru Paris, have cut the fuel lines in a running temper tantrum becuase the FRench government just got slapped with the reality that there is no money to pay able-bodied people to sit around for thirty years doing squat? “Smart” and “French” don’t go together.

    Or you mean you DON’T know about 3,000 bogus registrations for early balloting in Yuma and 6,000 in Colorado?

    Mi Familia Vota and SEIU BUSTED in election-stealing cohoots for Democrats. Think of all those who bragged they contributed to a crooked campaign! Ha! Ha! How drool, those Democrats, encouraging law-breaking while asking for donations. ANd people actually GIVE them money!

    Who needs fake conspiracies when we’ve got the real deal?

    Can’t wait for a very very pissed off Juan Williams to detail the trail from George Soro’s $1.8 million gift to NPR and Williams’ abrupt firing. He’s got 100 times the audience now and 1000 times the irate.

  10. Johnny!

    To characterize the long tradition of Dem vote fraud as a “conspiracy theory” reminds me of germs asserting that there’s no such thing as disease!

    Come off it pal!

    The obfuscating liberal condescension shtick is worn out, threadbare and no longer useful!

  11. Who didn’t vote for TARP? Now there is a list of candidates wotrh supporting!

  12. ……………
    johnny Says:
    October 22nd, 2010 at 5:45 pm
    Gotta love wanumba


  13. Carlist,

    I was making a general comment about wanumba…. this guy is notorious for his rants and conspiracy theories. There might be something to this one, even a broken clock is right twice a day..

    Bu overall wanumba is a pathetic fear mongering buffoon generally. I just like giving him crap.

    I was not legitimizing how dems steal votes… We all know that JFK stole the election in 1960 illegally and I wont be surprised when the dems win the senate seat in illinois when thousands of dead people and illegals vote in Chicago….

  14. ………………………..
    johnny Says:
    October 24th, 2010 at 7:07 am
    wanumba…. this guy is notorious

    Can I put that on my business card?

  15. of course! as long as the fear monger part is on there 🙂

  16. Too late! That’s already on Al Gore’s business card.

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