Ed Ableser’s Charlie Brown Christmas Speech

In the spirit of spreading Christmas cheer, here is the speech that Representative Ed Ableser gave on the floor of the House last Saturday. Charlie Brown couldn’t be any prouder.


  1. James Howell says

    I’m glad we have a true conservative, intelligent Republican in Augustus Shaw running against this clown. This is the very reason why we need to support our State Party 1st Vice Chair Augustus Shaw in his bid to rid us of Ablessor.
    Merry Christmas to all!!!

  2. Whoa. A whole new dimension of pathetic.

  3. HHAHHAAHAHAH This is hilarious! I got an email awhile back that had a similar video of him making a fool of himself in a committee hearing.

  4. Upton Sinclair says

    god bless us everyone.

    including illegal aliens.

  5. The state faces a $1.6 billion budget deficit and the legislature thinks they have solved this by cutting $200 million (if that). People like this guy can give a speech about “no cuts” or “corporate greed” but doing so only gives him (in his mind) a campaign issue. It does nothing to address the very real fact that the State of Arizona cannot pay its bills.

  6. Ableser needs to go represent Whoville and leave Tempe to real leaders.

  7. Seriously?

  8. I Hate Taxes says

    Utterly pathetic

  9. This makes me so sad…

    So sad…

    That these guys get elected.

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