Eckerstrom Resigns!

The Phoenix New Times is reporting that Paul Eckerstrom, recently elected as Democratic Party Chair in what can best be called a coup, has resigned. The article cites the rigor of the job and expectation to relocate to Phoenix as primary reasons for his resignation. The unexpected election of Eckerstrom prompted rumors of no confidence among the party work horses.

Perhaps Eckerstrom got caught up in the excitement of the moment, his ego stroked by the support he garnered. Then when the reality hit and the cost for his commitment became his alone, it was too high a price. Sounds like a bad case of buyer’s remorse.


  1. Ha Ha!

  2. A little off topic but, I hear Lisa James has not held to her “unify” message delivered during her state chair campaign. Are James and her prominent endorsers turning their back on the AZ GOP for another two years?

  3. GOP Spartan says

    Eckerstrom also bowed out of the Pima County Attorney’s race after a few weeks as well. Sounds like someone has a commitment and follow-through issue.

    Lucky for the Dems there’s probably a therapist they can go to get help for this whom I’m sure will help him focus the cause of his problem on someone else.

    “It’s not your fault Paulie, your daddy voted for Nixon when you were a child and your mommy loved Barry Goldwater more than she loved you.”

  4. My oh my, no tortoise it isn’t true. In fact, Mrs. James is busy recruiting PC’s and considering ways to do her part. Given the short time since the election and the need for Chairman Pullen to be at the RNC meetings, it has hardly been timely for much to happen.

    Let things have time to work out and
    hold off on any rush to judgement and broad brush strokes.

  5. Ann you are correct. Whew! We all need to take a deep breath and hold hands for the jump that is ahead of us. If a $ trillion dollars this week plus the $8 trillion already committed in recent past escapades (total expense plus interest)isn’t enough to unite us … nothing will. These things take time. Time is our friend in this instance. We need to collectively aim at the right goals.

  6. Goodyear GOP says

    I suspect Tortoise is right, although the period of time is so short, it really isn’t fair yet. Give Lisa a month or two to get over stuff. Running is hard, you put your heart into it, and losing isn’t easy. If springtime comes and goes and there still haven’t been any confirmed sightings, then you can worry about it.

    As for Lisa being busy recruiting PCs, she didn’t do that before she ran, so I doubt she’s busy doing it now. Unless, God forbid, she’s already trying to get votes for 2010?

    Now back to the Dems. I suspect the new guy didn’t jump, he was pushed. Something to the effect of “if you stay, we won’t raise you any money.” Don’t be shocked, these sorts of threats have been tried before, on better men than Eckerstrom.

  7. Exactly!

  8. if we are lucky, they kept Maria Weeg at least, so we can win again in 2010

  9. Clarification….my response was Diogidog. Goodyear and I were posting at the same time.

    As to Goodyear, respectfully, you are mistaken. In fact, she did recruit PC’s in the last cycle and brought a number of people into the party that are active donors and workers. The claims to the otherwise are false and the entire LD 8 leadership past and present, with the exception of the past chair which they ousted, confirmed it. Her work was not limited to LD 8, but statewide.

    Since the convention she has spoken to the Ahwatukee GOP women, was at the College R’s convention today offering her support with fundraising, is recruiting PC’s (I know she is working with over 20 applicants), and is actively raising money for the Dodie Londen program. She does what she does because it is right not because people notice.

    Can we PLEEEEEASE put this to rest and move on to kicking the Dems out of office and working together toward that very necessary endeavor? Let the Dems implode while we explode!

  10. Well, it could be that he has tax problems. That seems to be the Democrat way. “We need to raise taxes but you guys need to actually pay them, not us”.

  11. While reading these post, I am absolutely amazed at the comments made by tortoise and goodyear. Where is their party unification message? Are they really Republicans? The seem destruction of the party at all cost, and unification is definately out with them. Seems they are intent on splitting the Republican Party further apart. Neither one of them should be representing Pullen and AZGOP, hope they are more cognizant of how they come across before posting such divisive dribble. If they don’t take heed, one might lean to thinking they are Demolishocrat Republicans.

  12. Hopefully there won’t be a two year replay of the GOP state chairman race.

    I got some good advice once from a respected person: if you want to get promoted to a job, start doing it now. Hopefully that’s what’s happening but I don’t think that anyone wants a day by day examination as to whether it is or not. If it has been happening over time then it will be obvious two years from now.

    The Dems and their print media surrogates are locked in a full out assault on our party and our principles of fiscal responsibility.

    The Dems say that they are all about “sustainability” except when it comes to the complete lack of sustainability of their wild and irresponsible spending here in Arizona. Let’s take their “sustainability” buzz word and beat them over the head with it. How about that?

  13. I second what Ann says. So much to do — I’ll let others scrutinize Lisa James’ daytimer.

  14. Ann:
    Two years ago, I made it possible for Lisa to run for chairman. I told Randy at the time and he said it was the right thing to do and she deserved a chance. When she lost, I asked her if she wanted to be first vice chair for LD 8. Prior to that, I had no idea who she was or what she did to help the Party. My actions were based on recommendations from the old LD 8 board and our elected Legislators.
    The claims regarding Lisa are all true. The other LD board didn’t deny them; they just supported her for their own reasons, mostly because of positions on illegal immigration. I still have copies of the emails I sent to her on the subjects including when I asked her to resign so I could get someone to actually do the work. If necessary, I can post them and all the other dirty laundry in LD8 so you can see the type of people some of them are. I have it all well documented and while it might be great soap opera material, it doesn’t serve to move the Party forward. The Dems are starting to self destruct and we have a strong Republican Government with the unenviable task of cleaning up a six + year spending and entitlement party. There will be blood. Let’s stay focused on supporting the fine conservatives we asked to clean up the mess.

  15. Royce,

    I’m not sure what is the most telling? Your first line or the marginalization of others based on your faulty assumptions …

    OK, sure, whatever.

    Movin’ on.

  16. Ann:
    Your comment makes no sense. Lisa could not have run without me appointing her to a vacant State Committeeman slot. I’m not the one making assumptions, you are. Every appointed PC needed to be approved by me. None of the applications came from Lisa. If you want to continue this discussion off line, email me directly and I’ll give you the back up.

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