East Valley Tea Party Holds “Superbowl of Candidates”

Today, the East Valley Tea Party organization conducted its first “Superbowl of Candidates.” Like the Tea Party movement across the country, it was a roaring success. Plenty of candidates attended including more gubernatorial candidates than I knew were running (Tim Willis, Bruce Olsen, Steven Slaton, Ray Yount, Buz Mills, Governor Jan Brewer and Treasurer, Dean Martin). Other statewide candidates included John Huppenthal, Margaret Dugan, Ted Carpenter, Thayer Verschoor, Barbara Leff, Brenda Burns, Gary Pierce, Taj Oladiran and Congressional candidates, Janet Contreras, David Schweikert, Chris Salvino, Eric Wnuck, Easton Kelsey and Jeff Smith. County Attorney candidate, Bill Montgomery also attended.

State legislative candidates also attended including Russell Pearce, Kirk Adams, James Molina, Adam Armer, Kelly Townsend, Brett Petillo, JD Mesnard, Jeff Vance, John Fillmore and Scott Bergren.

US Senate candidates Chris Simcox and Jim Deakin rounded out the list but the biggest pleasant surprise to appear was former congressman and soon to announce US Senate candidate, J.D. Hayworth.

Hayworth was a big hit with the crowd and he was continually prompted by supporters to challenge John McCain in the Republican Primary. The recent conservative talk show host is planning to formally announce some time in the next three weeks but is raising money in what will be a challenge against McCain’s multi-million dollar political machine. Grassroots supporters are already coming out of the fields asking how to give to his campaign. The campaign website is up and running and taking donations online and the support is coming in from all over the country.

Here are a few photos from today’s event featuring JD Hayworth and Congressional candidate, Janet Contreras, whom we helped debut right here on Sonoran Alliance.

JD Hayworth & Janet Contreras

This photo captures the Smart Girl Politics activists alongside JD Hayworth.

Smart Girl Politics & JD Hayworth

Apologies to any candidates I missed or whose site was missed.


  1. Pseudo DeAnn says

    It was said,” JD reached the $5000.00 limit on contributions already”, he can’t accept further contributions due to campaign laws since he is not a formal candidate .I sure hope he doesn’t violate the law, everyone must be watching him like a hawk…

  2. Recieved this today

    The Senate primary fight between Arizona Sen. John McCain and former GOP Rep. J.D. Hayworth continued to heat up Friday, with both sides firing off dueling polling data.

    Hayworth’s campaign released a polling memo Friday morning showing McCain leading Hayworth 49 to 33 percent among Arizona Republican primary voters. The poll also showed a plurality of primary voters – 49 percent – identifying McCain as a “moderate,” with 50 percent identifying Hayworth as a conservative.

    “John McCain is vulnerable to a challenge by J.D. Hayworth in Arizona’s Republican primary election for U.S. Senate,” pollster John McLaughlin wrote in the polling memo. “His support on the ballot is below the 50% threshold for strong incumbents against J.D. Hayworth, and his moderate political views and Washington agenda are out of step with Arizona Republican primary voters.”

    Not missing a beat, the McCain campaign responded by releasing a poll Friday afternoon showing McCain with a 59 percent to 30 percent lead over Hayworth. The Public Opinion Strategies survey also showed 82 percent of GOP primary voters in the state view McCain favorably. Hayworth’s favorability stands at 60 percent.

    “Senator John McCain continues to enjoy broad support across Arizona,” McCain campaign manager Shiree Verdone said in an e-mail. “[He] is confident the voters of Arizona will again return him to office as they have done in the past and he is working hard to earn their continued support. “

    A Rasmussen Reports survey conducted earlier this month found McCain leading Hayworth by a 53 percent to 31 percent margin.

  3. Could someone explain what the difference is between the EVTP and the GOP? I even noticed on the PR for the event there was a line that said -NO RINO’s Allowed!- . I thought the teaparties were suppose to be some non-partisan movement.

  4. Pseudo DeAnn says

    That poll by Public Opinion Strategies certainly does concern me.

  5. Will DSW finally get paid!! says

    I just look forward to DSW finally getting paid for one of these campaigns. Not just because he deserves it, but because that would mean that as paid campaign worker, Sonoran Alliance could return to its good form instead of an extension of JD2010.com.

  6. I love how DeAnn poses as someone concerned on behalf of JD, then goes negative hoping no one will notice. I’ve been reading her work on several posts on this website and her technique is very consistent. Like in the first comment here where she misrepresents the law in an effort to scare people away from giving money to JD Hayworth’s campaign? Pathetic.

    Once JD reaches $5,000 in contributions, the clock starts on his filing various types of paperwork, but he is certainly allowed to keep collecting. So nice try DeAnn, but go ahead and keep on contributing folks.

    And don’t trust DeAnn for anything. She’s a plant.

  7. JD is already way past $5000 dollars. He got a lot of max contributions right off the bat. He is also getting a steady stream of middle of the road contributions. The base is giving whatever they can and volunteering in record numbers.

    Let’s keep it up!

  8. Pseudo DeAnn says

    I’m the real DeAnn, how do I get my identity back?

  9. Why didn’t anyone tell me that the circus was in town? I would have taken my kids to feed the Hayworth.

  10. Stephen Kohut says


    The tea party movement is made up of constitutional conservatives and is non-partisan. The event was a Superbowl of CONSERVTIVE candidates. Why would a conservative group holding a function for conservative candidates invite RINO (AKA moderate or liberal) candidates? Their supporters, if there are any, can hold their own forum for the moderale/liberal candidates they find acceptable.

  11. Someone has started posting using DeAnn Says to try and make people believe that DeAnn had changed her mind about J.D. Hayworth. I sent an email to Sonoran Alliance to try and get this fixed. They are trying to undermine people who post on this blog. They should remove people who deliberately play games like this.

    • I checked IP addresses and compared to the email received and previous comments by “DeAnn”. The names have been ID’s accordingly.

  12. Thank you.

  13. “The tea party movement is made up of constitutional conservatives and is non-partisan. ”

    Stephen Kohut, saying that RINO’s (Republicans in Name Only) are not welcome means you only wanted real Republicans to attend. Claiming to only want to engage with a subgroup of the GOP hardly makes you non-partisan. In fact, it is quite clear the Tea Party movement has become just an organization fighting an internal battle in the GOP.

  14. It is not quite clear the Tea Party movement has become just an organization fighting and internal battle in the GOP.
    It is exactly what it states, a Constitutional movement, plainly attractive to Conservatives, but has a broad appeal to Independents, many of whom left the Democratic Party as it lurched Left … what are we a week from Scott Brown and already we forget?
    Well, already SOME of us want to forget.

  15. As the organizer of the Superbowl of conservative candidates I only wanted conservatives to attend and there are many Republicans who are Conservative. I also invited some libertarian’s, Independent’s and non-affiliated candidates. The Tea Party movement needs a political party so our candidates can run for office and a third party would be political suicide. Can you say Ross Perot?
    Our “battle” is with the moderate to liberal members of the GOP. I would also submit that our “battle” is with all politicians and groups who advocate the socialist agenda.

  16. Stephen Kohut says

    Thanks Greg. Right on. No third party. We will flush the pale pastels from the GOP and restore its bold colors as Reagan asked.

    For a supposedly conservative site we sure seem to have an oversupply of RINO’s, RINO campaign staffers and the occasional left handed wingnut blogging away on SA. I’m not surprised given how scared the RINO’s are. I had a good conversation with another of the state committeemen who attended all of teh 1/23 State GOP mandatory meeting. His viewpoint was that the RINO’s are in a panic. They see what is going to happen between now and Jan 2011 and they know they have no way to win the numbers game. What a shame.

  17. Superbowl was a fun event. We had a great turnout and funny how many RINO’s want to join the TEA Party now. I think we will have to develope a shirt that says, I was a TEA partier when TEA parties weren’t “cool.

    I have some great pictures of the event I will post on Smart Girl Politics.

  18. I was also misinformed about the tea party movement until I found a great site that made me understand it better. I met many of people there and must say I was impressed with the way they think. I assumed they were all crazy people then I discovered why they are the tea party movement. It was because they care about the United States and the constitution.

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