DVUSD Proving False Savings are Lucrative for School Officials

The State of Arizona approved a plan to allow senior teachers to draw their retirement without having to leave the classroom.  It was to be a win-win solution for teachers and taxpayers.  Teachers would benefit with a lot of extra income and taxpayers would be relieved of paying for insurance, retirement, and payroll taxes while keeping experienced teachers.

However, a higher percentage of school principals and district office officials are taking advantage of the program than teachers.  Examples are the superintendents in Deer Valley Unified and Peoria Unified school districts.

Deer Valley is taking an additional twist on the plan.  Their Superintendent, took a controversial package last October to retire, but stay on the job.  The School Board put every little perk she ever got into her “base” salary.  So, she went to work for ESI (Educational Services, Inc.) at what was listed as about a $172,000 “salary.”  Savings to the school district were reported as near $30,000.

Now she wants to come back to work directly for DVUSD – with a catch.  You see, she wants more money, thinking the taxpayers are a bottomless pit of money for personal use.

At ESI, she had about $34,000 withheld from her checks to cover fringe costs, like matching social security taxes, unemployment insurance, workman’s compensation, sick leave, holidays, and vacations.  She will get that back if the district hires her back as a direct employee.  So, that is an automatic $34,000 raise.  Taxpayers will bear the weight of that addition to her check. 

In addition, she wants a $20,000 raise plus some additional and increased fringe benefits.  That’s about $54,000 plus increased fringe benefits in taxpayer supported raises in one year for a “retired” employee.  Their board intends to approve this at their next meeting.

Why do that when the state is in a huge budget crunch and the Board complains is there is not enough money to pay teachers appropriately?   Their Board president Michael Gregoire can put a stop to this folly.  His phone number is 480-619-0061.


  1. This is outrageous. I have lived in Arizona for more than two decades and always there are people in the schools trying to rip-off the taxpayers. I think this is the second time that Deer Valley Unified School District has had a superintendent that grabbed too much money from the schools. Won’t it ever stop?

  2. Joyful Joannie says

    What is the amount of money she is receiving from ASRS? 20(years in Arizona education) X 2.2% X $172,000 = $33299.20. How much does she really think she is worth?

    Is $172,000 the “salary” that was reported by DVUSD to the ASRS and IRS?


    She comes first, NOT the school districts students, along with her high salary. Everyone pays for her salary in higher taxes.

    I believe that our kids (technically her students) pay for it the hardest!

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