Driving Down Expectations

Elections have consequences and here’s one more consequence for those who voted for Barack Obama.

Meet your new government-issued automobile. Within the next decade, expect to have one of these beauties parked in your garage.

Don’t be fooled by the fancy glossy brochure though. These new Obamacars will come in two colors: grey and black.

Here’s what MyWay.com is reporting:

DETROIT (AP) – Some soccer moms will have to give up hulking SUVs. Carpenters will still haul materials around in pickup trucks, but they will cost more. Nearly everybody else will drive smaller cars, and more of them will run on electricity. The higher mileage and emissions standards set by the Obama administration on Tuesday, which begin to take effect in 2012 and are to be achieved by 2016, will transform the American car and truck fleet.

Of course, developing the technology will cost money – billions of dollars – and automakers will pass that on to their customers.

The Obama administration says the changes mean the average vehicle would cost about $1,300 more, although some private analysts say the increase will be much heftier.



  1. Progressive says

    Other nations have had these MPG requirements in place for quite some time. The cars they drive can actually be quite colorful, and aren’t necessarily SmartCars (as shown in your pic.) Furthermore, no new technology has to be developed to meet these standards. The tech may just need to be licensed from foreign car manufacturers. (Unless the company is Chrysler, in which case the tech comes from Fiat.)

    Hulking SUVs won’t have to be given up; They’ll still be sold because the MPG standards are an average of all cars a company is sold. If one car sold gets 50 MPG, the company can sell another that gets 21, to meet an average of 35.5 MPG.

    Also, if this is all a problem, just buy a used car.

  2. Annie Hoyle says

    I’m going to stick with my Suburban! I have to have something big enough to haul at least my 4 kids (more when carpooling), horse gear, a stroller, a boat and sometimes luggage! A Minivan just isn’t accomodating! Please don’t automatically think badly of us SUV drivers… some of us are driving around precious cargo that will be paying your Social Security (as if there will be any) and all of this fabulous debt! My SUV is worth it’s weight in gold! They will have to pry it out of my cold, dead fingers!

  3. GOP Boomer Gal says

    America is supposed to be about free choices; not a lifestyle dictated by one who believes himself to be our Messiah, so, Annie, enjoy your SUV and, most of all, your kids!!

  4. The millions of dollars spent will pay engineers and designers and mechanics and assembly workers and buy capital equipment and help advance the current state of the auto industry. And people will buy the cars they want or keep the cars they have. And the impact of this effort won’t be known or seen for a decade or more. The arguments being made in this post are the same as those made against seat belts, air bags and bumpers capable of withstanding 5 mph collisions.

  5. Techno Cat says

    Technology can surpass the challenges offered in so many fields, why not autos?

    There are several hybrid SUVs on the market today. The Prius has sold extremely well and easily gets 45mpg.

    Tesla motors will be shipping their roomy, all-electric sedan in two years for < $50K.

    Other all-electric cars are on the way.

    The technology to meet 2016 goals is here today. Just think how much better and cheaper it will be by then.

  6. This is starting to remind me of an era when a certain European state created a car for the people.

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