Drivers irritated with Gov. Napolitano’s spending start a website to track movable speed cameras

We just found out about a new blog that’s been started to alert the public to the location of movable speed cameras on our highways. Its description:

This blog was started to track the locations of movable speed cameras in Arizona on our highways. We hope to eventually expand it to cover immovable speed cameras and movable speed cameras on the roads. Our Democrat Governor Janet Napolitano has given our freedom-loving state the dubious distinction of becoming the first state in the nation with movable speed cameras all around the state’s highways. State officials admit the cameras are not there to protect public safety, but solely to generate revenues. This is evident in the fact that the cameras will not add points to a driver’s record, but will only collect a large fine – having zero effect on the driving habits of wealthy drivers.

Our state is facing the worst budget crisis since the 1980’s, and the governor’s efforts to paper over our $2 billion deficit caused by her bloated spending using gimmicks isn’t working. Next year’s budget looks equally in the red. The responsible way to resolve this crisis would be to cut wasteful spending. Not provide another source of revenue so Napolitano can continue growing the size of government.


  1. It’s too bad they’re not interested in the fixed radar locations at this time. I would think this information would be much more valuable than the locations of the movable cameras since they’re, you know…movable.

  2. Antifederalist says

    I guess since this is a swipe at Napolitano, the story is fare for SA. Usually, all I see out of the SA crowd is a pro-law enforcement love fest. While I too favor forever encarcerating robbers, rapists, child molesters, murderers, etc., I remind all you so-called conservatives that cops, judges, and prosecutors are all GOVERNMENT employees. Conservatives should be every bit as suspicious of that unholy triumvirate as they are of any other government agency or program. Our Founders were smart enough to enshrine certain protections from law enforcement in our Constitution and we’d do well to remember that they didn’t trust law enforcement 100%.

  3. I can wholly get behind this. It is a unconstitutional grab by the state and city government to do these robo-camera tickets.

  4. Antifederalist,

    This has nothing to do with law enforcement as was made abundantly clear by the decision to remove a “points” penalty if you are ticketed. This is a revenue grab pure and simple, and isn’t worthy of your attempt at hyperbole.

    The bigger question is what are they going to do with holders of CDL’s where it is illegal to bypass the points system? I would suspect that this hasn’t even been considered.

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