Drive-by Community Organization, Subprime Crime: Andrew Thomas is Looking Large

by Gayle Plato-Besley

The Arizona Republic reported Sunday, October 19, that Maricopa County Attorney, Andrew Thomas, is looking into fraudulent activity in connection with the subprime real estate crisis.  Thomas’ statement noted that financial fraud of profiteers will be researched.  As typical of the AZ REP, quotes from liberal cronies and local politicians gave the story it’s slant.  From Thomas opponent, Tim Neslon, to State Attorney General Terry Goddard, both complained that this is all a ploy and out of Thomas’ scope as the county AG.

Democrats are in bed with illegal advocacy, and woo their votes like a bad drunk date. Yet, the La Raza love isn’t calling. Donkey wonks will rue the day they went limp on illegal activity.  It is a known fact that Housing and Urban Development along with private banks, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac administration, and national hispanic activists pushed hard for weak rules on mortgage qualification.  There are powerpoint presentations, federal agency manuals, and pet project notes online discussing how to help immigrants without documentation nor social security numbers get mortgages. Some of the biggest pilot programs to seek out and sign up immigrant borrowers were in Maricopa County.

From the ACORN Annual Report 2004:

“Citibank and ACORN Sign Historic Agreement
In September, ACORN and Citigroup, the nation’s largest financial institution, announced a landmark partnership to eliminate barriers that hinder minority and immigrant households from becoming homeowners and accessing quality credit and banking services. As part of the agreement, Citibank agreed to: create a new mortgage product that will allow more immigrants, regardless of legal status, to become homeowners; create checking, savings and remittance products designed to serve immigrant families; provide low cost starter bank accounts to low-income families to help them access the Earned Income Tax Credit quickly and affordably; and improve their subprime lending practices, including reductions in prepayment penalties’ cost and duration and capping points and fees at 3% of the loan amount.”

This quote above is only visable by going to the cached remnants of an ACORN website, and local reports from KFYI evaportated as they supposedly misquoted an active HUD employee who was really retired.  That man said that there are over five million illegal immigrant mortgages.  So acknowledging the lack of current employment, I ask–Was He Wrong?  Tax ID numbers and vague history recordings were used by banks, were encouraged by federal programs.  Now whether illegal aliens have a house payment or not, there was an extreme push to get anyone with a socio-economic classification as a minority into a home beyond one’s means. That said, what about the average Joe with no good credit and a job offered crazy ARM loans, negative amoritization, down payments, and no document balloon payments on mortgages valued at 120%?  What about the average, normal loans  cobbled together with absolutely false appraisals?  Mucho re-financing was done with desk-top appraisal, not even a property drive by included?  This activity is questionable.  All of the above contributed to the houses on every street  in greater Phoenix Metro that are empty, deflating crashed air bags, all coming a cropper like a Countrywide strip mall satellite office.  Implosion is here and we are ALL getting blow-back. 

Worst of all, the advocates for minority people used the people they are supposed to love,  and dumped them out at the corner, never to be seen again.  Drive-by community organization took out it’s own, stole their money, and left their children homeless and broke.  It is a crime, and it is violent.

So the County Attorney Thomas wants to look at it all… and the AZ Attorney Terry tells him to go back to his office and be quiet?  Our governor is out at a rally for pro-abortionists of Planned Parenthood, in another state, hitting the mental mute button, awaiting the Barack Rapture.  In the Rapture, Janet will be swept away in a blink of an eye. She’s trying on Janet Reno’s old flat pumps right now, clicking her heels saying, “There’s no place like Waco.”

So let the Tim and Terry Show keep up the Donkey talk. Let’s have more analysis of the links between illegal immigration, violent crime, and financial fraud.  Help us find out who took advantage of many innocent buyers, relying on financial ‘expert’s advice’.  Let’s see who knowingly signed off on fraudulent valuations and highly subprime shell games. Let’s really look at the multiple layers of political cover-up regarding profits made in the name of equality and civil rights.   Criminal indeed, and if that isn’t in the MO of the MCAO, then what is?

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  1. Iris Lynch says


    Well written and so right-on!

    I long lamented the misery that was being foisted on the ignorant illegal immigrants, while the perps well knew that the only ‘winners’ would be themselves. Of course the average American citizen also gets screwed, perhaps for years to come, while the ‘at least’ for the illegals is they can go back to the poverty they are accusmtomed to. Some of OUR new found poor will have a hard time coping in our new third world environment.

  2. “It is a known fact that Housing and Urban Development along with private banks, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac administration, and national hispanic activists pushed hard for weak rules on mortgage qualification.”

    Is it a known fact of what the results of these mortgages are. Is it a known fact if the default rate is higher than others. How many mortgages do illegal aliens have. We know who took advantage of the buyers and it isn’t ACORN or other low-income advocacy groups. Do you have any facts at all? This post is devoid of almost any content.

  3. SonoranSam says

    Instead of competing for political points – which simply wastes scarce resources by duplicating efforts – why doesn’t Andy Thomas concentrate on criminal activities within his purview, and let the Attorney General’s Office pursue fraud allegations?

  4. Mike Kelton says

    How much money did Citi give ACORN? They, along with the Rainbow Coalition and other groups, are shakedown artists.

    If a company gives ACORN $50K, they are good corporate citizens. If not, ACORN organizes against them. Its a mafia tactic.

  5. Sonoran Sam. Having worked at the AG’s Office in the Criminal Division, I know that the AG’s Office does not actively pursue a large number of criminal matters that are within their purview. I also know that the AG’s reputation in this area is known throughout the law enforcement community. Maybe the MCA wants to see that criminal matters are actively pursued.

  6. It is a myth that the Attorney General has any special jurisdiction over fraud cases. The County Attorney has always had the ability to prosecute such cases and has for at least the 20 years I have been practicing. The idea that the AG has some unique jurisdiction shows that Nelson had no clue how criminal law is practiced.

  7. Wait – I can see what Andy is going to come up with – he’ll prosecute illegal immigrants for committing fraud against themselves.

    You know, it is absolutely disgusting to see the scapegoating of poor people and immigrants for this financial crisis.

  8. Todd. Nice try at attempting to malign Thomas’ use of the conspiracy laws to prosecute individuals illegally in the U.S. Unfortunately, the Arizona Court of Appeals disagreed with your position and upheld Thomas’ use of the statute.

  9. No, what is disgusting is the USING of the poor and the trust manipulated. Many people we conned into thinking they could buy a home. They did not understand the hidden fees, balloon payments, ARms and cost of fake appraisals. Or they wanted to beleive even though they knew it was too good to be true.
    Many people cannot keep the homes now going upside down. Tell me, how did any of the community organizing and programming HELP THE POOR when after setting up lousy paper, Franklin Raines takes 90 million? He was shafting the common man and using the poor; heck he used the organizers working in good faith too.

    There is clear fraud in with a murky trail — but let’s follow the money anyway.

  10. Gayle – Yes, Franklin Raines, bad guy. But the rest of what you have to say, about ACORN for instance, is completely irrelevant to this crisis. You are just stringing words together.

    Look here are the facts – the vast majority of subprime loans were given to Whites and upper-income borrowers. To even talk as if illegal immigrants had anything to do with this is sheer nonsense.

    What is true is that black and hispanic borrowers were much more likely to be steered into subprime loans, however, they still received higher-rate loans than white borrowers with the same qualification. What in fact happened is many minorities and people with low income were steered into subprime loans even though they were in fact eligible for prime loans but these subprime loans made more money for those involved in the process.

  11. Comments Off on above?! No Tuttle Rebuttle?

    Also, I’m sure TonyGOP appreciates your cooperation very much.

  12. Sal P. Andy is doing a good enough job maligning himself. I hope he keeps pulling these stupid stunts, along with “raid the library” Joe. They are doing a great jump of demonstration what petty men they are.

  13. Todd. Again, your rant fails to accept the fact that the Arizona Court of Appeals uniquivocally stated that Thomas’ use of the conspiracy law in conjuction with the human smuggling law was constitutional. I can’t see how enforcing Arizona’s laws can be called a “stupid stunt.”

  14. There is a mother lode of mortgage fraud to be uncovered at Chicanos por la causa. Investigate CPLC linking up with Bank of America and the loans those two produced together.

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