Drama in LD4, as Phil Corbell meets The Bus



It appears that Phil Corbell’s protestations regarding the legality of the LD4 Organizational Meeting being held on December 17th are falling on largely deaf ears.  There was some question whether or not Corbell would be able to hold his coalition together, but his usefulness appears to have come to an end as his second-in-command (or handler, depending on whose version you believe), and former LD4 and MCRC Chairman Lyle Tuttle is now whipping votes for his own candidacy.  It is unclear how many of Corbell’s supporters will be joining Lyle in throwing Phil under the bus, but some still expect Corbell’s name to be placed onto the ballot on the 17th.  In the meantime, there has been no confirmation that Bob Burges still intends to seek the chairmanship or if another name will be advanced by his supporters.



  1. STS:

    I have read your posts concerning LD-4 with a look of wonderment on my face.

    Just for the record w/respect to this latest attempt, I was/am neither Phil’s “handler”, nor his “second in command”…..

    I am curious, however, as to why you have not asked for the DVD of the meeting nor called or contacted anyone (to the best of my knowledge) in Phil’s ‘camp’ for confirmation of what you have reported.

    With the demise of the Repugnant and other such “fountains of knowledge”, I would hope that clear and factual reporting would become the standard to strive for by the blogs…..

  2. Glendale GOP says

    I’m not sure that handler or second in command is right either. I also doubt “sidekick” as the relationship was not of equals. I’m leaning towards “mastermind” since Lyle did most of the thinking and Phil provided most of the emotion. But any claims that Lyle and Phil were not in it together are false. They were inseparable during this process, at least until now. Not sure how Lyle would prefer it be labeled, but he used to be content to sit in the back and pull the strings to get his guy elected. Now he’s taking the office for himself. Whatever you choose to call it, it is what it is.

  3. Glendale GOP says

    Also, I’m not saying it like its a bad thing. Anything that keeps Phil Corbell away from party titles and control is an improvement.

  4. What I’m hearing is that Corbell still wants to be in charge, but can’t attend the meeting because he called it illegal. So Lyle will run for Chairman and then Corbell will become 1st Vice-Chair at their next meeting. Then, Lyle resigns, Corbell moves into the Chairman’s job, and he doesn’t have to participate in the December 17th meeting.

    So beware LD4 PCs, if you don’t want Corbell, you better not trust Tuttle either. There is little difference between them anymore.

  5. nightcrawler says

    Seems to me that a FULL election do over of the entire executive board and state committemen is in order. Anything less flies in the face of democracy. The MCRC and the AZGOP should stay back at arms length. There are a lot of cooks in the kitchen and they have long knives.

  6. Nice try John, but it’s just not correct.

    I am not interested in going through this just to resign……

    The other officers will not be elected until the Feb meeting….anyone wanting to run for office can step up prior to then……

    As for the difference between us — I have lost over 50 pounds since January….and am now a little smaller than Phil — and I AM also a pilot, but not a bomber pilot….

    You guys and your theories just slay me…..remember, they call me “subtle Tuttle’ ’cause I ain’t……I pretty much just say what I think and let the chips fall where they may. I have no “hidden agenda”…..

    All I am asking is that LD-4 PC’s show up and vote…..vote for whoever you feel will do the best job for LD-4……just get off your backsides and participate!!

  7. nightcrawler says

    So Lyle…Shoot us straight..

    Why are the other offices to remain unfilled until February ? Would this have something to do with the MCRC and AZGOP elections in January ?
    The other officers are needed this time of year to insure LD4 is fully represented through tally and credentials at the January elections.

    What about the state committeemen elections/appointments ? They need to be settled fairly before the January AZGOP election.
    Unless ofcourse, a deal has already been made.

  8. Nightcrawker,

    All the LD4 offices are vacant as of Dec. 6 per LD4 bylaws if no valid election had occured before that date.

    If a vacancy in district chair occurs, LD4 bylaws and/or MCRC bylaws say the MCRC chair can call a special meeting to elect a district chair, which is what is happening on the 17th.

    If the rest of the LD4 offices are vacant, LD4 bylaws say the rest of the officers can only be elected at a regular schedule LD4 meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for Feb.

    As for the state comitteeman, the MCRC bylaws say they must be elected by the first saturday in December (i.e. December 6th) or the outgoing district chair can appoint them. When the state comitteeman were not elected by Dec. 6, the outgoing District Chair appointed a slate. It is my understanding that a third to a half of the outgoing chairman’s appointed slate were state committeeman orginally proposed by Phil Corbell.

  9. nightcrawler says

    Thank you for that, but it isn’t the whole story.

    So why isn’t there a regularly scheduled meeting in January prior to the MCRC and AZGOP election ?

    Also, most LD by-laws allow for a meeting to be called by the majority of the PCs for the purpose of electing down slate candidates.

    A small number of people are maneuvering the LD4 ship while the rest of the PC sailors are sleeping in the cargo hold.

  10. Nightcrawler:

    Offices unfilled? I do not know, that is what we are told…and there is darn little written bylaws, etc. to follow…..

    Delegates to County Convention? — interesting story: At the October LD-4 meeting, a nominating committee was ELECTED by the PC’s from LD-4 which, by our bylaws, direct them to nominate officers and delegates to be voted on at the Org meeting…….at the Nov 17 Org meeting that was ‘prematurely/illegally” adjourned, that committee had a report ready and waiting to give, naming those nominated for Officers and for Delegates…..but the meeting never got that far…..nor was their report ever asked for by anyone prior to the names being sent to State & County Chairs, notifying them of the Delegates.

    Of course, both the State and County Chairs received, via certified mail, a list of those nominated and voted on at the “extended meeting” on Nov 17……..the one that was created by the committee that was elected by the PC’s….

    However, it is my understanding that the list submitted by the “chairman in hiding” will be the “official” list….

    Interesting, isn’t it?

    If you REALLY want to see what happened, you should find a copy of the three disc DVD set of the meeting, and the meeting after the meeting….and the first one to ask SHOULD be STS…whoever that is….

    That was a straight shot…did it hit the bulls eye?

  11. nightcrawler says

    Thanks Lyle,

    I have seen those videos (they were posted on a blog awhile back).

    I do agree it appears that the election was conveniently adjourned rather than a compromise reached to move forward with the voting.

    Someone took their ball and not only went home but ran away on a Greyhound Bus never to be seen again. And that smells.

    Bottomline, is the votes weren’t there and the Chairman panicked.

    The point I am making is that if properly coordinated a full election do over could have been done through a combination of a MCRC call and a majority of PCs agreeing to a downslate election. If you have a majority of PCs at the Dec 17 meeting you may still be able to elect the downslate. Check your local by-laws.

    The precious right of every PC to be duly represented at the AZGOP election is at stake.

    So if you are elected Chairman, you need to fight for the real State Committeeman “list” or hold another special election.

  12. Surprise PC says

    Lyle claims that the outgoing elected chair didn’t have a copy of the nominating committee report is just ludicrous. The nominating committee report was printed on the ballots so anyone, include the outgoing district chair, who received a ballot at the November LD4 meeting had a copy of their report.

    Also, when did the LD4 nomination committee become an all powerful being? The MCRC bylaws are pretty clear as who gets to appoint the state committeeman and it is not the LD4 nominating committee.

    Also, a good argument could be made that the nominating committee election was invalid since people knowingly voted proxies of deceased PCs at the meeting and invalid proxies were cleaned-up in the parking lot before the meeting (i.e. people were signing the witness lines for proxies in the parking lot before the meeting, even though they didn’t actually witness the signing of the proxy).

    Methinks the lady doth protest too

  13. So Lyle, I’m worried that you seem so confused as to the rules. The emails that Tom Husband (County Chairman) has sent out set out the sections of the bylaws that apply and I’ve been able to follow them quite clearly. I’m not even a lawyer! But you’re still confused, and that has me worried about the future state of affairs in LD4.

    How about dead people voting. Are you in agreement that that is not allowed and is likely illegal? Would you agree that the same applies even if they vote by proxy?

    Do you agree with Phil Corbell that participation in this meeting makes you a party to an illegal act?

  14. I must respond to the “dead people voting” issue.

    Yes, I understand that Phil had a large stack of proxies, and in that stack was one from a PC friend of his that had recently passed away. As I understand it, he gave most of the proxies to others, but inadvertently picked up the bad one…..and he did not complain nor dispute it when it was found….

    If you knew Phil, you would know that that is NOT the way he would act — he is really a very straight guy…just sometimes a little outspoken…

    As for the rules — have you checked the State Statues? They over rule any bylaws……I think…..but then, I’m not a lawyer…..

    And, if after that, you are STILL worried, don’t vote for me…vote for the other person, whoever that is…..I will not be offended — in this country, you can vote for whoever you choose to — that is, IF you actually get a chance to vote….


  15. As we understand it, he tried the dead man’s proxy twice. Not once.

    And we’re also supposed to believe that his very sick mother, when she was alive, was the witness to other proxies. Hard to imagine Phil was packing her into a car to see a dying man for a proxy. Or was he bringing the dying man to his home and trucking him upstairs to where his Mom was resting in bed? Just to witness a proxy? Seems awfully cold-blooded if its true. I mean, how bad does someone have to want a proxy?

  16. Reminds me of Phil showing up at EGC meetings with Chuck’s proxy. Probably had to go to the hospital to get it. Phil places a very high value on proxies, not such a value on decency.

  17. My observation of all this — it is a mess. I just hope folks put aside their personal agendas and do what is best for LD4 and the Republican Party. The bottomline is we are losing ground fast and something is not working. We better start thinking about how we are going to come together as a Party. Finally, nothing personal, it is hard to listen to someone called “nightcrawler”.

  18. nightcrawler says

    Thanks for the lunch time laugh New PC.

    I do agree with your post.


    I have posted under this handle for years on multiple blogs. It would be hard to change now. The message is more important than the moniker.

  19. Well, what happened in LD-4 12/17 election?

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