Dr. Gosar Calls on Congress to Enact Law Limiting Citizenship


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Dr. Gosar Calls on Congress to Enact Law Limiting Citizenship

Flagstaff, AZ. April 30, 2010: Dr. Paul Gosar, CD1 Republican primary frontrunner, has called on Congress to get serious about true immigration reform and finally pass H.R. 1868 (Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009). Introduced in 2009 by Rep. Nathan Deal (GA-9), the legislation would limit citizenship to children born to parents who are (1) a U.S. citizens or nationals; (2) a lawful permanent resident alien whose residence is in the United States; or (3) an alien performing active service in the U.S. Armed Forces. Currently there are 91 cosponsors of the bill including two AZ representatives, Trent Franks and John Shadegg.

“It is difficult to imagine a more irrational and self-defeating legal system than one which makes unauthorized entry into this country a criminal offense and simultaneously provides perhaps the greatest possible inducement to illegal entry,” said Lino Graglia, University of Texas law school Professor and constitutional scholar who supports H.R. 1868.

Dr. Gosar has been traveling across Congressional District 1 discussing the importance of immigration enforcement with Arizona voters. “We can no longer just talk about securing our border; it’s time to get serious,” said Dr. Gosar. “I couldn’t agree more with Prof. Graglia that the system is backwards. By correcting a mistaken understanding of the 14th Amendment we can start to eliminate a large incentive for immigrants to cross our border illegally to have their children. H.R. 1868 would do just that and in Congress I will not rest until this bill is passed.”

This idea is by no means new. Former Arizona Congressman, the late Bob Stump, who represented northern Arizona for many years, was a true fighter for responsible immigration reform. Stump introduced a similar bill in 2001, H.R. 190. Unfortunately the bill never made it to the floor for a vote.

In addition to these efforts currently the U.S., under the guidelines from the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice, does not grant citizenship to children born in the U.S. to diplomats and other foreign nationals. “The 14th Amendment was never intended to be used as a ploy to grant citizenship to children of parents who illegally enter this country,” said Dr. Gosar. “Restoring a correct understanding of citizenship should be a key element in implementing a broader, more aggressive national immigration policy.”

Dr. Gosar also calls into question Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick’s effectiveness as rural Arizona’s representative for once again not taking the lead on an issue of critical importance to Arizona. “Rep. Kirkpatrick continues to let her constituents down.  While our ranchers are being murdered, President Obama and Rep. Kirkpatrick, along with their Democrat cronies in Washington, fail to act,” stated Dr. Gosar. “Rep. Kirkpatrick has had plenty of opportunities to join Arizona in its fight for border security and immigration reform.  As one of her constituents, I am disappointed that she has not added her name to H.R. 1868. We need a stronger voice on immigration reform and I intend to be that voice for the people of our District.”

The 51-year old husband, 25 year resident of Flagstaff, father of three, sports and hunting enthusiast has been traveling all over Congressional District One for the past several months and has enjoyed meeting with supporters who share his belief that his background, and his experience in rural Arizona’s way of life, make him the GOP favorite to unseat Kirkpatrick.

Gosar has been endorsed by the American Dental Political Action Committee, Pinal County Supervisor Bryan Martyn, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and NRA past President Bob Corbin to name a few.  He is an Arizona’s former “Dentist of the Year”, who practices general dentistry in Flagstaff.

For more information please go to www.gosarforcongress.com.





  1. Love how gosar says he is the frontrunner, from what i have heard he is just another Flagstaff Liberal.

    Here is a disturbing fact: democrat ann kirkpatrick called for the national guard on the border.

    Paul Gosar is too afraid of his liberal buddies in flagstaff to take a similar stance.

    Looks like Brad is the real conservative here!

  2. Putting an end to the irrational habit of conferring citizenship to the offspring of illegal aliens is a no-brainer. Just don’t expect the 11th Congress to do it. Democrats are right now trying to push Puerto Rico into statehood and are targeting any soul, dead or alive, with the potential to keep them in power.

    Picking the 112th Congress must be done with extreme care.

  3. Slotback says

    If border security is important to you, Rusty Bowers is the best candidate. Bowers is endorsed by Russell Pearce, author of SB 1070. Recently, Brad Beauchamp claimed to be the only candidate for CD1 to ever have been to the border. The truth is that Rusty Bowers has been to the border dozens of times! Bowers actually lived in Mexico for two years. One of his brothers worked drug interdiction on the AZ border for 14 years. Bowers speaks fluent Spanish, and has spoken to ranchers on BOTH sides of the border. He agrees with what our American ranchers have to say about security. Bowers knows that few ranches exist on the Mexican side that aren’t already controlled by the cartels. Bowers knows that former Mexican special forces are now in control of many of those cartels, and it’s going to take our military on the border to take control of our country! And Rusty is the only candidate who has a record of standing up against the liberal establishment that is ruining our country. Gosar and Beauchamp are lightweights on this issue. Bowers is the man for the job.

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