Dr. Chris Salvino to Host ObamaCare Town Hall

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Tempe, AZ – Today, the Dr. Chris Salvino for Congress campaign announced that Dr. Salvino and a panel of healthcare experts will be hosting a town hall meeting tomorrow April 7th to discuss the recently passed healthcare legislation.
The town hall is open to the public and will take place on April 7th at 7 p.m. in Vista Del Camino Community Center’s Yaqui Activity Room. 7700 E. Roosevelt St. in Scottsdale, AZ.
The panel will include:
Chris Salvino, MD
Brent Cope- CEO, Arizona Regional Medical Center
Ross McArthur, MD – Canadian Doctor
Pablo Prichard, MD
Harris Deitch – Health Insurance Agent
Jeff Matura – Legal Expert and Small Businessman
Dr. Chris Salvino is seeking the Republican nomination for Congress from Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District.




  1. Is Dr. Salvino a practicing physician?

  2. Practicing Physician says
  3. Why is this guy still around? says

    No one has ever heard of him, no one knows much about him other than a few random press releases, and his history of bankruptcy involving his business and those involved is appalling. Why is he running, to pay off his debt? What a joke.

  4. He is probably Mitchell’s dream candidate. How can he claim to be fiscally responsible, he went bankrupt and has shielded himself from paying his creditors. I would avoid this guy at all costs.

  5. Dr. Chris Salvino (Dr. Christopher K. Salvino for
    google internet search purposes) is running for congress. I had the misfortune of being one of his patients by default when
    I was taken to JC Lincoln Hospital where he is the director of Truama. I think anyone who is taking into consideration voting for
    him should take the time to do some research on the internet, everything from his Dr. ratings to the Maricopa Recorder’s office
    public records (under Dr. Christopher Salvino. North Valley Medical Center, North Valley Surgical Associates and others), and
    the US Bankruptcy Courts (http://www.orb.uscourts.gov/).

    Yes, Dr. Salvino has a very impressive resume, but he is not a good hearted person.

    To make a very very long story short here goes:

    I had a horse back riding accident and I was rushed to the hospital. I had multiple pelvic fractures, and required 2 surgeries,
    blood transfussions and a 12 day stay. It was serious. I have great Health Insurance, but I do have a deductable and a $5500.00
    out of pocket to meet before I get 100% coverage. Dr. Salvino’s first bill was very high and the insurance company advised me
    not to pay right away they were still reviewing the claims. Dr. Salvino only accepts AZ Access and other government funded
    insurances at the time not Aetna, therefore he was out of network but I was not given a choice in the emergency nor did I ask
    because I thought I was going to die.

    After receiving a bill from Dr. Salvino’s office North Valley Surgery for $600.00+ after the insurance payments, I made payment arrangements which
    they accepted. My husband had just lost his job and on unemployment and I had many other doctor bills to deal with not just his, payment arrangements
    with each Doctor was the only way to go. Two months after making the payment arrangements I receive a summons from Dr. Salvino’s attorney. He
    was taking me to court for $600.00 plus attorney fees. I responded to the summons and his attorney got a judgement on me even when I showed up
    for court on the date I was told because he had canceled it behind my back. I can give you all the details if you want but this was horrible.
    Dr. Salvino could file for bankruptcy for 525K plus but I could not pay him $600.00 in monthly installments or walk away paying nothing unless I was
    an illegal or someone on welfare. I do not agree with Obama care but it is Doctors like Salvino, the insurance companies and hospitals that drove
    us to all this. The illegal that had a brain tumor that shared my room and was there for longer than I was got away with paying nothing and I was treated
    like a criminal by Salvino and his attorney! I did nothing wrong and made an honest effort to pay and do the right thing, my credit is ruined while he
    walks away from it all in bankruptcy. I am still not over the suffering they put me through.

    He is not a just person or honest person, he is a greedy selfish animal and while I am a conservative, he is not for the best interest of the people of Arizona.
    This is why I am no longer a Republican either. I do not feel its about parties anymore, I am so tired of the greed. I am an Independant but requested a
    Republican ballot for the primary.

  6. Anyone but Dave says

    The above sad story was repeated in the Cactus Alliance smear piece. They used a different “victim” than poor “Cristi”. What these slick meisters did was change the first and last paragraphs for the Cactus Alliance postings, which were back to back! That and many of these posts are obvious disinformation and smears. But it has not just been Salvino, no these slickmeisters have carried out such frauds against Susan Bitter Smith and Jim Ward and before he dropped out Mark Spinks. Dave Schweikert- to quote Lincoln: “You can fool some of the people all of the time…” Looks like just more sleezy smear campaigns that we have come to know from the Schweikert boys.

  7. Smearbuster says

    Smearbuster Says:

    Anyone but Dave is right on- Dave’s fellows have reprised his 2008 campaign scheme. This whole piece is full of vicious smears against Salvino, Smith and Ward. Dave– how low can you go? Call Schweikert’s office and tell him to stop the lying smears.

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