Doug Little Video. In His Own Words

By Russell Pearce

As most of you know I have endorsed Robert Graham for State Chairman of the Republican Party. I have been quiet as to any position Doug Little has taken.

However here is what, Doug Little says, “People leave the Republican Party because they can’t stand the tone. Because they don’t care about some of the extreme positions that certain people take. We have to change the message…I want people listening to what we have to say in an environment where people are not in their face about something like immigration or something about abortion or some other contentious or divisive issue.”

But, I must express my concerns when he talks about our “EXTREME” positions on “immigration, abortion, or other divisive issues (2nd Amendment, traditional values????). The reason people are leaving this Party is because we have failed to stand for what we believe. We elect folks only to have them violate their promises and their Oath of Office.

Those divisive issues are the same divisive issues our Founders stood for and fought for and they committed their lives, they fortunes and their sacred honor to defend these values and tried to protect those God given rights in a Constitution and a Bill of Rights from those who would attack us for those beliefs, what I call our core values. We have a solemn duty to protect them at all cost. Protecting the UnBorn is divisive? Securing our Borders from those who violate our laws and do harm to this nation and take jobs from Americans is divisive? Protecting honest law abiding employers from dishonest employers who have an illegal, immoral advantage by breaking the law … is divisive? Apparently defense of freedom, moral values and our responsibility to protect law abiding citizens from those who break the laws is divisive!!!

Campaigns are a good opportunity to vet and ask questions about candidates. I have endorsed Robert Graham for AZ GOP chairman. I believe Robert to be a Constitutional Conservative who stands up for what he believes in. He get’s attacked by the left which means he must be doing something right. I look forward to serving with him on the Executive Committee for the next few years, as we serve you,as I currently serve as 1st Vice Chairman.

Doug Little seems like a good man, but I was shocked to see him say in a debate this week, that Constitutional Conservatives should not stand up for what they believe in for fear of turning people off. I don’t see the point of having a party if it doesn’t stand up for its principles. Watch Doug Little for yourself and ask yourself if this does not concern you. These comments come right out of the left wing media’s pages attacking our core values.

Also, in a debate this week, Mr. Little shows little concern for President Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders in regards to the second amendment 23 executive orders in one sweep!! Mr. Little has also stated that he would not withdraw the United States from the UN!

Let’s elect someone who will stand up for our values, regardless of the consequences. Please vote for Robert Graham on Saturday.

Now, more than ever, we must take a stand to support our core values, against an administration undermining what this nation and this Party was built on and we must do these things together, as one nation, and one people. My fellow Patriots/Americans, this is why I belong to this Party. I believe we are the best hope for this Republic and in restoring and defending our core values. We cannot retreat, we must not surrender to the left. We must stay united, we must stay vigilant as a Party as Patriots as Americans.

“The basis of our political systems is the right of the people to make and to alter their Constitutions of Government. But the Constitution which at any time exists, ’till changed by an explicit and authentic act of the whole People, is sacredly obligatory upon all.” –George Washington (1796)


  1. Atilla's Hunni says

    I can tell you right now, there are only a handful of people I ever, ever listen to on candidates and this wonderful man is one of them. I admire Russell more than almost anybody in politics, he stood for us against all others. He makes me proud to be an American and and Arizonan.

    I think this man has chosen this time because of the robo calls going out that are a farce by the Little campaign. Russell Pearce has fought the lies and divisive politics for the past three years all against himself, he knows exactly what he is talking about. The Little team has been the most hate driven political race in the Republican Party in my lifetime and I am not young. How can people hate and destroy another over a unpaid position? Ask Doug Little, Lynne Breyer, Sparky Smith and Jim O’Connor they are the haters.

    I already decided to vote for Robert Graham, and with this I will hang up and or spam any new emails from these vile nasty people.

    Thank you Russell for all of your service to us the people of Arizona. I know more is going to be asked of you, I only hope we can convince you to run for a wider office to garner more support for you.

  2. It must be sad to go through life with your head stuck in the sand as recalled former Senator Pearce has, and clearly still is.

    But, I must say there are many of us who appreciate it and encourage him to speak his mind the way he has in this piece. We all see how well it worked out this past November so I figure between 2014 and 2016, with Mr Pearce’s continued help, the electorate will be much the wiser, and our elected leaders much more sane.

    • I cannot support the Robert Graham / Andy Tobin / Kirk Adams ticket.

      • Tell The Truth says

        Give me a break. You obviously haven’t spoke to Mr. Graham as I haven’t, done your homework. Too bad. If you haven’t done the above then yes, YOU BELONG with the other GROUP. NOONE sits down to talk, listen and get ALL the facts from BOTH sides first before making a decision. People go by “hearsay”. I feel sorry for you and I would NEVER want to be a part of a GROUP like that.

        • No, I DID my homework, I researched which candidates Robert Graham gave money to:

          Kirk Adams
          Ben Quayle
          Andy Tobin

          The info is available on the FEC website.

          So not “hearsay” but actual HARD FACTS…

  3. Atilla's Hunni says

    Ahhhhh, Jeff, we see the sad sad problem. It’s peopel like you who want to give our Country away like Western Europe has. Maybe you are so foolish your history means nothing to you, that is sad. You must be one of the few pathetic Paraz followers who thinks he should be the arbitor of life.

    Russell Pearce has been there protecting us, unlike the Democrats who have given guns to the Mexican Cartels to come into our Country to kill us. You foolish man. Or one of the wise men who think by giving the Arizona lands to Mexico we will be safe, make me choke. You and your ilk have been cowards in the war agajinst the drug use killing our children and the violence killing theirs and ours.

    • Why gosh, Atilla, your eloquent words summed me up better than I could have myself.
      Because, clearly, my distaste for sleazy politicians like Pearce equates to every thing you list.
      Only, it’s not just the “Democrats who have given guns to the Mexican Cartels to come into our Country to kill us”, it’s also the Republicans who were in office prior that did the exact same thing.
      Of course, a lifelong Republican like me should never acknowledge something like that, should he?

      As for our history, well, let’s just say one of us deals in the reality of our history while another lives in the Tea Party abridged version of it. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out who is which.

      I’d pass the same advice along to you as I did with recalled former Senator and lost in a landslide this past September to a political nobody Pearce….keep it up! With help from people like you, sanity will be restored.

  4. Through Sleet and Hale says

    I am curious and perhaps someone can answer some of my questions regarding the up coming GOP State Chairman Race and all these RUMORS that I keep hearing from Lynne Breyer and her AFA:

    1. Just who is the AFA “TEAM” she blogs under? or is it really one person (Lynne Breyer herself) projecting Saul Alinsky (“Rules for Radicals”) Rule # 1… “Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.”

    2. Perhaps you or the “team” ought to live by the standards you have set forth as listed on your website.

    3. How have you verified the “rumors” you are reporting as fact or are they just unbridled attacks on those you oppose?

    4. Is it true Lynne Breyer you had to be removed as Chairman of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patroits and when you refused to leave the police had to be called??? Oh, my….

    5. Do you really think you speak for ALL the Tea Parties, or are you just giving the impression you do as the moderator or the “team” of the AFA?

    6. Is it also true you are a candidate for Secretary of the AZ State GOP? Glad we got to vet Lynne Breyer before Saturdays important vote.

    I find it rather sad when Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” are being attempted by a supposed conservative Tea Party member against people in our own party. Forget about your nasty tactics we won’t fall for your negative behavior.

  5. Atilla's Hunni says

    Ahhhhh, another McStuid. Only a self-appointed R.I.N.O. like youreself can judge all others and give you an execmtion from the idiotic policies you support.

  6. Jeff needs to get his head out of that dark place he and his kind keep it. Pearce was the target of a nationwide attack by those who wish to destroy our constitution. It took all the resources of people like Jeff and other liberals to defeat him in a very small legislative district. The AZ Repubic spent the equivalent of a couple million dollars attacking him. The unions spent more than I can even begin to estimate. The dollars per vote proably surpassed McCain’s purchase of his senate seat.

    Pearce is still one of the leaders in the successful movement to help stop illegal immigration and all the ancillary problems that go with it. Because of his work many states have passed laws to protect Americans against illegal invaders.

    Pearce was willing to lead the charge and the guy out front is always the target. They got him out of office not out of the fight. His legacy lives on and is growing. I wonder about Jeff’s legacy. Is it support of illegal invaders, support of drug cartels, the destruction of the constitution, the loss of the American work ethic or will he just die and take up space in the ground instead of traffic.

  7. Tiny Elvis says

    This thing just keeps getting stranger and more awesome by the day! This has truly been one of the strangest races I have ever witnessed in my life. They say politics makes strange bedfellows, but Robert Graham gives a whole new meaning to the words “coalition-building.” I’ll be watching tomorrow. Whoever wins, I hope we can move forward and put the rifts behind us.

  8. “I want people listening to what we have to say in an environment where people are not in their face about something like immigration or something about abortion or some other contentious or divisive issue.”

    Well said Doug Little.

    People like Russell Pearce hurt the GOP with their divisive talk…

    You can stick to Constitutional Principals without coming across as a pompous ass.

  9. It seems that there is no distinction between the national GOP and the local, Arizona GOP. The local GOP will continue to lose members who will defect to the ranks of the Independents. The national GOP is the darling of the Fortune 500 and the avowed enemy of the middle class. Moreover, the state legislature has no time to deal with the problems that Arizona cares about mostly. The State Legislature is irrelevant having turned over the control of state government to the judiciary. The general reputation of the state legislature is a group of low IQ business operators that argue endlessly about social issues and immigration while the Judiciary runs the state for fun and profit.

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