Doug Ducey Makes the Case to Protect Arizona Taxpayers on AZPBS’ Horizon

Watch as Arizona State Treasurer Doug Ducey reveals the truth about Proposition 204 and why Arizona voters should vote AGAINST this initiative.

This is a permanent and forever annual $1 BILLION sales tax increase to Arizonans. This will do NOTHING to guarantee help to students and teachers in the classroom.

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  1. @ 12:52 …”keep the penny for the kids”…

    Gee, I’m surprised the AEA union goons have required their goonettes to tatoo this snazzy catch phrase across their foreheads. I’m sure Eddie and Nadine Facist would be more than happy to set up needle booths at all their supermarkets. At the risk of viral infections, the goonettes could even go to Food City and walk out with “Mantener La Centavo Para La Ninos.”

    • Clearly, the apocalypse is upon us! Perhaps for the first time in history, zoo, Conservative American, and I are all in agreement!

      It’s a horrible, poorly-conceived ballot measure and it’s frightening what this could entail for future budgets and any flexibility we may need to adjust to changing times.

      I give credit to Ducey for staying composed in the interviews I’ve seen with Ann-Eve. She’s mean-spirited, lies, and she’s a bully.

  2. Conservative American says

    Proposition 204 is, of course, a classic Socialist style proposal in the great tradition of tax and spend liberal Democrats. I oppose it and will vote against it.

    There is nothing preventing those who support this from attempting to become part of the state legislature. Let them run for office on a platform incorporating the ideas in Proposition 204. If elected, they can then legislate it into existence. Why is it that they don’t want to take that approach? Could it be that they know that they couldn’t get elected to the state legislature by running on such a platform. ‘Ya think? 😉

  3. Conservative American says

    “Hi! I’m Jerry Brown, the Socialist “progressive” Liberal Democrat Governor of California and I support Proposition 204. You people in Arizona need to get with the program. While California surges ahead in a “progressive” way, Arizona is falling behind. Why you people don’t even have any oceanfront properties! We get huge amounts of tax out of those suckers! So get with it, Arizona! Tax, tax, tax! Spend, spend, spend! By the way, did I mention that California is going on the auction block in a bankruptcy sale? Don’t forget to put in your bid, Arizona. Why you could have Hollywood for your very own!”

    The preceding message brought to you by Socialsts United to Bring Down America.

  4. At 11:30, Ducey tries to define insanity. He should have just pointed across the table. I’m also a little surprised to be agreeing with Conservative American and zoo. Maybe the AZ GOP can get back together.

    • First Steve Gallardo and Bill Montgomery are named Chairs of No on 121. Then Kirk Adams endorses Matt Salmon. Moderate and constitutionalist Republicans agreeing on 204. What is going on here people? I swear to God if Klute gets on here and agrees I’m buying a years supply of water and burying food in my backyard.

      But don’t you fear – Give us until about January and we’ll all be fighting again I’m sure. Until then, let’s kill some ballot measures!

    • Conservative American says

      I suspect that we would agree on most things, John. 🙂

      I’ve had enough, however, of lying politicians who don’t keep their word and who attempt to legislate illegal alien amnesty! That, of course, would be Jeff Flake. I simply will not vote to put a person like that who supports an agenda like that into the U. S. Senate! Enough is enough! Republicans are BETTER than that. We can do BETTER than that. I’m sick and tired of having to “hold my nose” and vote! That stops this November with Jeff Flake. Had we been offered what I consider to be a decent Republican candidate for U. S. Senator from Arizona, you bet I’d be voting for that candidate!

  5. It is truly strange bedfellows indeed that unite in opposition over a 1-cent sales tax, but are seemingly opposites on the laws (or the people legislating / enforcing them) that have been trying to address the annual $1,000 per Arizona household in extra taxes we have been paying for years directly resulting from illegal immigration.

    To me, it is indisputable that had we not had the people with balls to pass the laws, not had the people with the balls to enforce them, and not taken the steps the state did when it did, we would be in California quicksand this very minute. That is my biggest frustration. All I should have to do with any reasonable challenger is point to the west and say… “see?”

    • Conservative American says

      You know, zoo, I just realized that most people are probably not aware that Jeff Flake’s STRIVE Act included within it the DREAM Act. The DREAM Act has, of course, been brought up countless times and has never passed in Congress. Obama recently implemented it, probably illegally, by executive order. But the text of the DREAM Act of 2009 is word for word the same as the text of Title VI, Subtitle B of Flake’s STRIVE Act. In fact, it’s even called the DREAM Act in Flake’s STRIVE Act!

      So those who support Flake are supporting someone who supports Obama’s DREAM Act, opposed by Republicans, which Obama just shoved down the throats of Americans by doing an end run around Congress! 🙁

  6. Here are Arizona total K-12 and pre-K enrollments 2005-2011. Look at fluctuations of total enrollments from school year to school year.

    2005-06 1,004,009 (****) George W. Bush: jobs Americans won’t do, family values at border, etc.
    2006-07 1,120,610 (+116,601) GWB continues Hispandering and calling for C.I.R. [amnesty]
    2007-08 1,148,448 (+27,838) C.I.R. Act of 2007 – defeated 06/07/07 / Legal Arizona Workers Act (sanctions) takes effect 1/1/08

    2008-09 1,078,697 (-69,751)
    2009-10 1,086,047 (-7,350) Arizona SB 1070 signed by Governor Brewer 4/23/10
    2010-11 1,078,939 (-7,208)
    2011-12 1,083,348 (+4,409)

    In my opinion, these enrollment numbers and the trends are reflective of White House immigration “policy”, defeat of amnesty, and passage of enforcement measures. George W. Bush’s constant stumping, encouraging, emboldenment of illegal aliens, and hints of amnesty after his re-election triggered an invasion surge in 2006 and 2007.

    When the Bush/Kennedy/McCain amnesty was defeated in June 2007, and Arizona employer sanctions takes effect in January 2008, an enrollment decline surfaces for three straight years.

    Federal lawsuits against Arizona and SB 1070 may have temporarily interrupted the trend for 2011-12. Now that the heart of SB 1070 was approved by SCOTUS, another enrollment decline – perhaps significant – can be expected ongoing in the 2012-2013 and fully in the 2013-14 year.

    All of this should be considered for the 1-cent FOREVER tax, and also reflects the damage that pro-amnesty politicians (McCain, Kyl, Flake, Lewis, Worsley, etc.) can do to taxpayer burden to provide cheap labor for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce.

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