Don’t Let $tupid Voter$ Decide

In the era of the stupid voter, I have to agree with the Senate President on this one.

Here are the key sentences from Howie Fischer and Capitol Media Services:

Senate President Bob Burns, R-Peoria, said Monday he has a “gut feeling” that a proposal for a temporary tax hike would turn into a one-sided campaign, with his personal position against the increase on the losing side. Burns said he believes that every group that hopes to get money from the taxes would pull out all the stops – and spend whatever it takes – to get it approved.

But the governor said that won’t be enough to deal with an anticipated $3 billion deficit. So she asked lawmakers to raise an extra $1 billion a year for up to three years in new taxes.

The governor said lawmakers are free to do that themselves. But Burns said there isn’t the necessary two-thirds margin in the House and Senate to do that.

Putting it on the ballot takes only a simple majority.

“This would probably not be a fair fight if it went to the ballot,” Burns said. “The group that would be loaded with resources to run a campaign would be those who would end up on the receiving end of those increased tax dollars.

“I don’t know we would have the same level of resources and so forth to hold that off. If it goes to the ballot and it’s a one-sided campaign, that’s dangerous.”

The same is true, he said, of a call by Brewer to alter a 1998 constitutional provision that now bars legislators from altering anything that voters themselves have adopted.

The governor said that change is necessary to give legislators maximum flexibility in deciding how to allocate the dollars they have to meet the state’s needs.

Voters also have mandated that everyone below the federal poverty level get free health care. And they also enacted an 80-cents-a-pack tax on cigarettes with the cash specifically earmarked for programs on early childhood development.

Burns said none of those special interests are likely to give up the funding without a fight.


  1. Why do I get the feeling this is going to backfire?

  2. I always love how voters are stupid when things don’t align with how people like it. If it’s stuff like immigration then it’s a mandate.
    I think voters showed in this last election they aren’t stupid and actually do their homework before voting.

  3. Carnelian Saloon says

    How about this?

  4. Am I wrong or did the voters in Az elect Janet Nap – twice!
    Oh boy we are in trouble and a tax increase is coming.

  5. Regarding the tax increase proposal being turned over to the Arizona people, I wholeheartedly disagree with Arizona Senate President Bob Burns.

    The people of Arizona, the citizens in which our freedom belongs to, should be allowed to vote on this issue.

    If this issue is so important, it should go to the ballot and be voted on fairly.

    Our country likes to speak so highly about democracy, but how is it democracy when an issue this important stays in a Republic Congress and cannot be voted on by the taxpayers?

    If the taxpayers will foot the bill for the next 3 years, then we should be able to vote for or against this issue.

    John Paul Mitchell

  6. Antifederalist says

    Gee, didn’t I say voters are stupid and suggest limiting the franchise before? Am I starting to hear an echo? Ole’ Antifederalist ain’t all that looney after all, huh?

  7. Hey, you know what’s a winning strategy to take the conservative movement back to the zeniths of power?

    Calling voters “stupid”!

    Hey, shouldn’t you all be “going Galt”? Oh please, don’t deprive the marketplace of your terribly important ideas!

  8. Shame on you! How can voters be smart sometimes and dumb other times? They were “smart” enough to elect legislators, but they are “dumb” enough to vote for a tax increase.

    Way to go! You now have NO credibility.

  9. Iris Lynch says

    The video showing the ‘stupid’ voters, (actually uninformed), I believe were NOT a sampling of Arizona’s voters. Despite many ill-titled propositions in our state, I believe the voters of AZ. have consistently made the right choices over all. When I was Cochise County Chair for Prop 200, we were quite concerned by the incessant and ridiculous tv ads showing how Prop 200 would require people (for example)laying on the ground bleeding after a horrific auto accident being required to show proof of citizenship BEFORE they would be given first aid. And as was pointed out above, voters did a really good job this last election when much of the country succumbed to Obama’s sweet talk. But as you all noticed, he hasn’t loved us in the morning, as promised. But, I digress.

    I feel comfortable that we have a majority in our state who know the score. They should make their own decisions on taxation and budgets.

  10. If we are indeed “In the era of the stupid voter”, who decides when that era is over and we can return to the open and free elections of our Republic? What test is there or need we develop one that determines who is fit to vote?

    Those words will haunt Burns and minimize the credibility of anyone who partners with such BS (belief system). Subject aside, it is arrogant and elitist…and wrong.

  11. Iris and Ann,

    Leaders think that they have the whole truth and nothing but the truth usually think they know what is best for the rest of us.

    Consquently, they think the rest of us are ‘stooopid’….


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