Don’t get too pumped up on Espresso

As I noted in a comment on the previous post, “Espresso in Tucson,” I don’t question Greg Patterson’s pro-life credentials although his realization of the issue probably came after his 1984 work on the Kolbe campaign. (Heck, at the time, I was oblivious to the life issue and politics as I was training to run nuclear reactors in the navy.)

After EspressoPundit’s posting, “What’s Up Doc?” I felt inclined to respond to Greg with my own insight on Southern Arizona politics. (For those who don’t realize this, I was a conservative candidate in 1994 and 1996 in the then legislative district 13. Yes, I got beat.) Here’s my response to Greg:

I hate to say it but a lot of the social conservatives will probably walk out on Huffman. The only thing that may save him is if Patti scares the hell out of them and/or Steve moves in the direction of social conservatives on some issue. Once upon a time, even Kolbe voted against taxpayer-funded abortion policy.

I am one who holds out hope for a conversion experience in elected officials. I can name two sitting elected officials who have come to realize how important the life issue is and how unreasonable, how nasty and how greed-driven the pro-abortion side can be. Pro-Lifers must continue to be firm in their position (not compromising) but demonstrate love and compassion in how they deal with those who are still blind, lost or indifferent.

I’ve personally endorsed Randy Graf and I hope he wins. But, if he doesn’t, I’ll be firm but compassionate with the victor in demonstrating that the pro-life position is the higher ground.


  1. Oro Valley Dad says

    Maybe what Greg was reacting to was the bitter tone toward Steve. One sore point is Kolbe’s rejoinder “Graf can’t win.” It sounds a little like “Graf won’t win because not all of us will support him.”

    Kolbe and Huffman should make no mistake that Jim’s words about Graf’s chance in the general are not helpful. Kolbe should tone it down and stay in the background. His strong support of Steve serves mostly to remind social conservatives how much Huffman votes like Kolbe. If Steve wins on anything other than a vigorous discussion of the issues he will be seriously wounded. CD8 is a large district and it may be a very lonely place for anyone who is perceived to have not played nice in the primary.

    Gabby is an excellent public speaker and will run a very tight race against any Republican candidate. In such a tight race the small but extremely committed pro-life community could have a crucial impact. So play nice and tell Jim to stuff a sock in it. He had his 22 years (plus more in Phoenix); now let the young Turks have their turn.

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Let’s not assume Gabby wins this thing… Weiess would be the tougher Dem to beat because Gabby has a lousy voting record that Graf could contrast with very well. That’s one of Huffman’s problems… He is, in many cases, more liberal on fiscal issues than Giffords, so he can’t use her voting record against her like Graf can…

  3. Oro Valley Dad says

    Please go to

    and watch the video. Patty thinks that clean elections “is the most impotant issue.” Combine this with some of the other off the wall things that she has said and even Steve (Who?) Huffman might be able to beat her. Patty would be a gift to Graf or Hellon.

  4. Based on her performance in the video, she may not be too far away from the space alien theme.

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