Donald Trump says, “Hillary Clinton is a terrific woman.”

The top headline on Drudge today was “Shady” referring to this breaking news story on Hillary Clinton’s possible criminality with regards to her email and email servers.


But you don’t hear anything about it on the mainstream news.  What do you hear?  You hear about the “feud” between Megan Kelly from Fox and Donald Trump.  In fact, that’s just about all you hear about with regards to the presidential election: Trump, Trump, Trump.

In the process somehow he has captured the hearts and minds of some people who call themselves conservatives.  Why?  For no other reason than Trump providing a few conservative sounding quotes on immigration.

Does that make him a conservative?  Sure people change over time.  Change can be good.  Even Ronald Reagan was a Democrat once.  He changed.   He became a Republican.  He delivered campaign speeches for Barry Goldwater, energizing an entire generation of conservatives.  Then he ran for president – TWENTY YEARS AFTER he became a Republican.

Donald Trump?  Well, let’s let him speak for himself.  Regardless of whatever you think about the candidate who put out this video, you cannot deny that Trump, in his own words, is a liberal who loves Hillary Clinton.

What’s WORSE than that is he is purposefully providing cover for the Clinton email scandal, which in the absence of the Trump conservative fake-out and media circus, would allow the Republicans to focus on the real adversary…… Hillary Clinton.

But Trump’s and the complicit media’s goal seems to be “ABH”, “anything but Hillary” in the media, something that Trump is only to happy to oblige while he rakes the millions into his Presidential Election Committee from many well-meaning but gullible supporters in the most massive Republican/conservative fake-out campaign of all time.

“The Donald Sez” – You can see him say it for yourself in this video:

  • I identify more as a democrat.
  • The economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans
  • Liberal on healthcare.  I love universal health coverage.
  • I’ve known her and her husband for years and I really like them both a lot.
  • Hillary Clinton is a terrific woman.  I think she does a good job and I like her.
  • She’s a really good person.

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