Does Paul Giblin hate McCain?

A few days ago we noted that Mike Sunnucks of the BJP wrote a not very optimistic article about McCain’s presidential campaign. Now we find out that Paul Giblin of the East Valley Tribune is running a pick the date contest for McCain’s withdraw from the race. If this keeps up Sonoran Alliance might come of as a neutral blog just interested in reporting the news.


  1. Humorous, but nothing new. Columnist Michelle Malkin has been running a McCain Campaign Death Watch for the past few months.

  2. Your truly, had predicted this months ago, even before super conservative goddess started her “death watch.”

    Perhaps us bloggers are more in touch with the grassroots than the local beat reporters and editorial boards? Ya think?

  3. The answer is probably. He definitely hates Hayworth, that was proven in the last election. On the other hand, he LOVES Harry Mitchell (in case you haven’t noticed he’s the former government teacher who is beloved by all.

    One should certainly question the objectivity of a “news” reporter who writes the stuff that he does.

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