Does Kyrsten Sinema Agree with Her Party’s Efforts to Protect Solyndra-Like Solar Company’s Ability to Get Taxpayer-Funded Loan?


Washington Dems Chooses to Continue Reckless Gambles Over Fiscal Restraint 

WASHINGTON — Recently, Kyrsten Sinema’s party voted to ensure her party could continue to give middle-class families’ tax dollars to solar companies like SoloPower that are structured eerily similar to now-bankrupt Solyndra (Roll Call #6231, 9/14/2012). Will Sinema also ignore the signs and champion all the same, reckless policies that waste hundreds of millions of struggling families’ hard-earned tax dollars?

“Even with their record of failure, Kyrsten Sinema’s Washington leaders are prepared to throw more taxpayer dollars at now-bankrupt Solyndra sister companies,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “Arizona families need to know if Sinema knows fiscal restraint when it comes to being presented with another way to spend their taxpayer dollars or if she supports companies like SoloPower who are fated to join failed companies like Solyndra?”

There are several red flags about SoloPower but nevertheless, under Washington Democrats’ watch, it’s getting closer to receiving a government loan guarantee:

“A tiny solar company named SoloPower will flip the switch on production at a U.S. factory Thursday, a major step toward allowing it to tap a $197 million government loan guarantee awarded under the same controversial program that supported failed panel maker Solyndra.” 

“Still, there are several similarities between SoloPower and Solyndra…” (Nichola Groom, “US poised to hand over $197 mln to another solar panel start-up,” Reuters, 9/24/2012)

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