Does corporate assist for Brewer fundraising plea soil a “Clean” campaign?

A friend forwarded me the below fundraising solicitation on behalf of Gov. Jan Brewer’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign.  She found it interesting that a 501(c)(6) corporation sent this disclaimer-free $5 dollar political solicitation to their entire membership though it’s made clear it’s coming from the former U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters in her role as co-chair of the Brewer campaign.  The provision of the Associated General Contractors’ e-mail distribution list has real value to a political campaign as the mail stamp indicates.

I’m not an election lawyer nor the son of an election lawyer but does the fact that our governor is running “Clean” make this kind of corporate campaign largess particularly squalid? Does this potential corporate contribution warrant a Citizens Clean Elections Commission investigation?  I don’t know but maybe someone in the Munger, Parker, Mills or Graham campaigns might look into it.

Regardless of the legalities of this assist from the road-building Associated General Contractors, isn’t it interesting whose providing the Brewer campaign with it’s five-dollar qualifying contributions?  The fact that Gov. Brewer “will continue her strong efforts to provide funding for transportation upon her re-election” pretty much says it all.  Those with their snouts deepest in the federal stimulus trough are lining up behind their girl for governor.  Just like they did in 2006 when they lined up “unanimously” behind their other girl for governor, Janet Napolitano.


From: Mary E. Peters []
Sent: Tue 12/29/2009 10:17 AM
Important message from Mary Peters

Dear AGC Member and Industry Partner:

As we approach the end of what has been a very challenging year for our nation and for Arizona, it is a time for reflection on what is really important.  It is a time to focus on what it will take to resolve our significant economic challenges.  It is a time when we as an industry need to band together and chart a course to a more prosperous future. 

We have the opportunity to support a Governor who will lead our state out of today’s challenges and a return to economic stability. 

These tough times call for a tough leader – a proven leader who is not afraid to make the right decisions for our State.  We need a leader who will put the people’s interests above political interests.  We need a leader who will make the right decisions for Arizona’s future.  That is exactly why we as an industry need to band together and create a united front to support a Governor who will do just that.  

Jan Brewer is that leader, but she cannot do it alone — she needs our support.

She understands that Arizona’s families and businesses are going through hard times.  She knows that we have to balance the budget today and provide long-term, sustainable solutions to stabilize and grow our economy for the future.  Governor Jan Brewer has made over $1 billion in cuts in order to put us on track to balance Arizona’s budget while still making sure the most critical programs are meeting the needs of individuals who need them most. Her plans for the future include high-paying jobs, investments in Arizona’s infrastructure and a strong education system for our children.

  • As a State Representative and State Senator Jan Brewer supported transportation funding for the State.  Under her watch at the State Legislature from 1983 – 1996, she placed emphasis on transportation projects, such as funding for Prop. 300 freeways. 
  • As a County Supervisor, Jan Brewer helped balance the county budget to provide resources for Maricopa County transportation priorities.
  • As Secretary of State, Jan Brewer supported Prop. 400 to ensure a continued revenue source for Maricopa County freeways to build the critical infrastructure we need to continue to build a business friendly environment in Arizona. 
  • As Governor, Jan Brewer has worked to ensure Arizona receives every dollar due to the state in the ARRA/Stimulus bill, advocated for the Canamex Corridor and designation of I-11. She works diligently to prevent further erosion of transportation funds by the State Legislature, and is working to make sure Arizona receives our fair share of federal funding from both high speed rail funding and the reauthorization of Surface Transportation programs.   
  • Gov. Brewer recognizes the important link between transportation infrastructure and economic development.  She appreciates the significant value Arizona contractors and consultants provide to our economy, and will continue her strong efforts to provide funding for transportation upon her re-election.

Jan Brewer is making, and will continue to make, the tough decisions for Arizona to put our state on a permanent, strong economic foundation. But, she can’t do it alone. She needs you to stand behind her, fight with her and support her.

Please click here now to support Governor Jan Brewer’s re-election campaign.

The time to act is now.  The time to join together to support a proven leader is now.


Mary E. Peters
Governor Brewer 2010 Co-Chair
Former United States Secretary of Transportation


  1. Clean Elections how?? says

    What a company does, non profit or not, on their own has no bearing on Clean Elections. This is from the contractors, not Brewers campaign. If it was from the campaign itself you could run into issues.

    Having Peters on it doesn’t change it.

  2. Jefferson Smith says

    Illegal? Probably not. That Clean Elections thing is so poorly constructed nothing’s wrong… unless you’re the “wrong” candidate… but I’ll let Doug Quelland, David Burnell Smith and others fight their own battles.

    But the ease at which the Napolitano-2006/TIME-Coaltion/Brewer-2010 train keeps chugging along without missing a beat is remarkable. Democrat, Republican, 1-cent for transportation, 1-cent for… er… well, nothing, just 1-cent to help pay the bills. The more the faces change the more the policy stays the same.

    Arizona Republicans deserve a clean shot at winning the 2010 governor’s race. That means a clean break with our accidental governor.

  3. Don’t forget the Coughlin/AGC connection in their last tax hike scheme, the 07’/08′ push for a sales tax for transportation.
    Coughlin was their boy until nappy brought in Zimba Wade.

  4. Just a generality. What monies do contractors hope to get when the state is teetering into bankrupcy, the nation has unemployment of 10% national average, spiking to 15%, 20% even 35% in local regions, housing sales down, foreclosures up, businesses closing, and economic gloom ahead?
    Tax receipts are ALREADY down, at the state, at the national level.

    It’s one thing to be an optimist, it’s another to be delusional.

  5. Yah right. Wanumba does't get it. says

    Once again, epic fail by wanumba.

    I guess he is missing who is getting all of those nice fat juicy stimulus projects.

    Follow the money, or stay a dummy.

    The gov controls the heads of agencies, which control how the contracts are written, and thus who can easily win.

    A lot of fortunes were made during the great depression making concrete.

    Tax receipts at the state will be down until the tax cuts are reversed, which will happen. All the contractors care about is keeping the state doors open so when more fed money shows up they can get in the trough.

    After all, Wall Street is now pretty much permanently out of the housing finance business, and may even lose out on commercial finance.

    As for some of the stupid stuff around here, remember, Shurf Joe isn’t gonna be much help when the feds start taking over state government due to epic failure. Do you think the EPA is kidding? JaNo is going to send a nice person to take over DPS after our stupid is as stupid does lobbyslature screws up and puts us into real default.

    I can hardly wait to watch the amateurs here scream when reality bites.

  6. And the guiltiest party is says

    Not nearly as soiled as Vernon’s Parker simultaneously running a campaign that will take unlimited corporate contributions.

  7. Ah, Arizona ISN’T on the precipice of bankrupcy?

    The point is, pretending all ahead is business as usual, no matter the party, no matter the sector, no matter the profession, is blind nonsense.

    I can promise all sorts of work to the contractor standing in front of me, but if I don’t have the money to pay him, nothing happens.

    Sorry, really. I just read all the post, and the campaign release, and the only thing that kept popping up in my head was “The Unsinkable Titanic.”

  8. ……………….
    Yah right. Wanumba does’t get it. Says:
    December 29th, 2009 at 7:53 pm
    Great nic, by the way. Makes me feel more important than I am, like a celebrity.

  9. Yah right. Wanumba does't get it. says

    Fed money is the only thing keeping the doors of the state open.

    Essentially the state is bk. But hey, those Fed dollars are going out to a lot of contractors. ADOT is still puking money for roads, and ASU is still finishing empty buildings. Notice that Children’s Hospital is still under construction?

    Money is flowing, whether you notice it or not, and the contractors want to ensure that it goes in the right pockets, namely theirs.

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